Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Kangeroo Courts

How Cool Am I ?

This is not a court, members of Parliament are entitled to express views

John Whittingdale
Committee chairman

Then why do you act as if you are the Judge, Jury and Hangman ?

Tom Crone acting for News International objected to Tom Watson sitting on the select committee panel yesterday in what was another piece of political abuse by this Rotten Parliament trying to get some payback against the media for the mauling they have received over the last few months.

There is a nasty habit developing amongst Politicians and their acolytes to presume that they are the arbiters of the Law. One thinks of Harriet Harman citing 'The Court of Public Opinion' (A lynch mob), as a lawyer she should have been struck off for bringing her profession into disrupte.

Side stepping the Courts ie the speeding tickets farago, and discounted 'sentencing' if you admit your 'crime' without going to Court is the Nu Labour way.

The State does not like people or Organisations that stand in its way, and certainly does not like uppity Lawyers telling them to their face that what they are doing is against natural Justice.

Inside their heads they are protecting us, the reality is they are oppressing us all.


Shibby said...

That picture is just...well...not cool.

The Beast of Clerkenwell said...

Everybody hates that fat twat, even members the Labour party.
How the fuck did we end up with such a shower of shite?
I know and really like some members of the Labour party, but how shite like this dense and obese cunt get elected is beyond me.

?*&£$%^ said...

Just seen Ed Balls on the news saying youths caught carrying knives should be threatened with

'non-negotiable support'


Anonymous said...

'non-negotiable support'

That'll teach em! At last, Labour are getting tough.

Anonymous said...

Who eat all the pies....

Well, obviously, this fat bastard!

I'm surprised this contraption could take his tax payer funded heart attack disposed lard arse cunt.

Westminster is a shambles and, of course, the BBC loved building up this non-story - Zzzzz!

charcoal said...

complete twat shows how he gets around now that he's too fat to waddle any more.

Fausty said...

He kept repeating the same questions because he didn't get the answers he wanted. It seems he thinks in much the same way as the EU. Totalitarian tendencies from a prime twat.

NotW did well in the hearing, I thought.

James Higham said...

Forgive this OT promotion but please support Man in a Shed’s “Silly Week” next week. Logos are available at his site.

The Economic Voice said...

'non-negotiable support'????WTF?

Policemen should rub themselves down with lavender to create a calming aura?

Anonymous said...

You're far too generous Guthrum. Inside their mean minded little heads they know quite well they're opressing us - and they enjoy it.

caesars wife said...

low carbon vehicle project to the pie shop ,

Anonymous said...

He'll need an LGV license for that.

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