Monday, 6 July 2009

Islam, the BBC and young children

A guest post today from Paul Weston posted at Gates of Vienna

Although the BBC has a reputation for bias, dishonesty and the promotion of cretinous infantile ideologies designed to destroy civilised society, they appear to have surpassed themselves in their attitude to Christianity and Islam on their GCSE Bitesize revision website which is so fantastically biased, so hatefully anti-Christian and so perversely pro-Islamic that when one considers it is aimed at the unformed minds of young school children it must surely be tantamount to child abuse.

The BBC religious studies page, which can be found here has various sub-divisions, but for the purpose of this article I am going to concentrate on Prejudice & Discrimination and again, for the sake of this essay I will ignore Judaism, Hinduism and Sikhism, and centre only on the attitudes of Christianity and Islam.

For those readers who do not wish to read this article in its entirety, then the four links in the paragraph above will take you to all the relevant pages, but be sure to do the Christian test as well as the Islam test at the end of each revision section. A word of caution however; if you suffer from high blood pressure or have a dicky ticker I would advise you to steer well clear.

Opening with Christianity, the first BBC page reverts to Marxist type as it explains that discrimination can only occur when prejudice is combined with power. As no minority race or religion in Britain is deemed to have power, so they can never discriminate against an indigenous British Christian. And so the scene is set for the evil BBC propaganda that follows their publishing of the UN Declaration of Human Rights:

Article 1: All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

Article 2: Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.

We are also told:

All forms of discrimination go against the first two articles.

Page 2 informs us:

Christianity teaches that everyone is equal in the eyes of God and so all forms of prejudice and discrimination are unacceptable and against God’s will.

Leaving aside the small matter that we discriminate every day on any number of things, such as a preference for good wine over Bulgarian wine or holidaying in Tuscany rather than Arkansas - both examples one would imagine are outside the remit of God’s will - there then comes the inevitable however:

However….there are occasions when Christians are guilty of prejudice and discrimination.

In South Africa, for many years the Dutch Reformed Church supported apartheid, the system which meant that black people were separated from white people and treated inferior (sic).

When Europeans were colonising other countries around the world they often killed the native people there and treated them as slaves.

John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, is from Uganda and he has done a lot to raise awareness and put a stop to racism in the Anglican Church, and in wider society.

Sexism is still a problem for the Christian Church – women are not always treated as equals in roles within the Church.

Page 3 informs us:

Many people think the Christian Church is sexist. It does not treat men and women equally.

So although Christianity teaches that everybody should be treated the same, this doesn’t always happen.

Page 4 is a revision page where you have to match up the end of a statement with the beginning. If completed correctly it reads as follows:

Discrimination = Prejudice + Power

The Roman Catholic Church does not allow women to be Priests

Article 1 states that all humans are born free and equal

There is neither Jew nor Greek slave nor free

The Dutch Reformed Church supported apartheid

Paul (St) said: women should be silent in Churches

You shall love your neighbour as yourself

Native people were treated as slaves

If you get all the above correct on their interactive site, a little message pops up stating:

Congratulations, you remembered all the facts about Christian prejudice and descrimination. (Spelling mistake courtesy of BBC educationalists.)

The test bite concludes this section on Christianity. You are presented with an interactive statement to which you have to answer true or false. It mimics most of page 4 so I will draw attention to only 2 out of the 10:

Christians believe most people are equal in the eyes of God.

If you answer TRUE to this, then you are admitting that Christians do not believe all people are equal in the eyes of God, which means Christians discriminate, which means Christians simply by existing as Christians are in contravention of article 1 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, so artfully inserted by the BBC propagandists on their opening page.

If you answer FALSE, as most unwitting 16-year-old schoolchildren will, having been repeatedly bludgeoned around the head with instances of Christian sexism and racism, then the BBC propagandists’ job is done. As it happens, FALSE is the correct answer, because Christians believe everyone is equal, as opposed to most people are equal. Very clever. One wonders what regimes recent BBC employees once worked in.

The second statement reads:

John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York is trying to reduce racism in the Anglican Church.

Another clever question, to which the correct answer is TRUE. Notice there is no argument as to whether there really is racism in the Anglican Church, it is just presented as fact, and provides the BBC with the opportunity to subliminally brainwash whilst promoting the only Christian they admire based solely on the fact that he is an African, an enormous positive that far outweighs the inconvenient fact that he is far more hard line than the liberal rank and file excuses for the British Clergy epitomised by the Archdruid, Rowan Williams.

Islam, as I am sure you have probably guessed, is treated in an altogether different way.

Page 1 is identical to page 1 for Christianity, detailing the meaning of discrimination and quoting the Human Rights act.

Page 2 informs us:

The Qur’an (the divine book revealed to the Prophet Muhammad) teaches that everyone was created by Allah and that everyone is equal.

Therefore there is no reason to treat people of different races differently. The Prophet Muhammad showed how important this teaching was in his last sermon, when he said…

…All mankind is descended from Adam and Eve, an Arab is not better than a non-Arab and a non-Arab is not better than an Arab, a white person is not better than a black person, nor is a black person better than a white person except by piety and good actions. Learn that every Muslim is the brother of every other Muslim and that Muslims form one brotherhood.

Page 3 informs us of Islam’s attitude to women:

Islam also teaches that men and women are equal in the sight of Allah. They are individually accountable for their actions, and will be judged equally by Allah.

However, although men and women are equal, they are not the same. They have different purposes. It is part of Allah’s design and purpose for men and women to have different physical characteristics; likewise it is the duty of a man to provide for the financial needs of his family, and for the woman to look after the home and family.

Although the rights of women are different to those of men, they do have the right to choose whom they marry, to divorce, to study, to own property, to conduct business and to take part in politics.

The Prophet Muhammad stressed the importance of women and the respect that should be shown to them when he said – paradise lies at the feet of your mother.

Page 4 is a revision page where you have to match up the end of a statement with the beginning. If completed correctly it reads as follows:

Discrimination = Prejudice + Power

The Qur’an teaches that everyone is equal

Article 1 states that all humans are born free and equal

Women have the right to take part in politics

Men and women will be judged equally

All mankind is descended from Adam and Eve

Paradise lies at the feet of your mother

Sometimes men have the final word

If you get all the above correct on their interactive site, a little message pops up stating:

Congratulations. You have understood all the arguments about Islamic prejudice and discrimination.

Notice how the BBC uses the word “facts” in relation to Christian prejudice and discrimination, but replaced it with “arguments” with regard to Islam.

The test bite concludes the section. There is nothing surprising in it; just a continuation of the BBC’s overt propaganda suggesting Islam is divine, pure, non-racist and non-sexist.

There is a different section on Christian and Islamic attitudes to fighting and warfare. It is worth browsing in its entirety but the general thrust of the propaganda is that Christians and Jews are warlike and Islam is a religion of peace.

That the BBC should peddle such overt and dishonest propaganda is obscene in itself, but to whitewash Islam with its arranged marriages, honour killings, global violent jihad etc whilst painting Christianity as a religion of racism, sexism, colonialism, enslavement and murder leaves me struggling for a word stronger than “obscene.” And to peddle it to innocent school children? Words fail me.

The BBC hate the Britain our fathers and grandfathers fought and died for. They realised many years ago they needed to eradicate Christianity if they were to destroy Britain from within. And they have virtually done so.

The Rt Rev Paul Richardson penned a recent article in which he argued that Christian Britain was dead, destroyed by multiculturalism and heading for complete extinction within 30 years. He did not mention the part the BBC has paid on their long ideological march to economic, social and moral ruin, but as you can see, they have certainly played their part. Perhaps the BBC felt it was only possible to select a Muslim as the head honcho of its religious affairs department now Christianity is powerless in its death throes.
I suppose there must come a day of reckoning with the genuinely evil apparatchiks of the BBC, and when that day comes I will gladly watch the bastards swing from the lamp posts such is the rage they ignite in the soul of a pacifist man.


Anonymous said...

Now you know why so many people are Home Educating both here and in the United States. The state run schools are pushing this brainwashing down the throats of all the students; the only way to get away from it is to Home Educate your children, or, if you can afford it, send them to a private school that agrees with your philosophy. That is why the UK is trying to ban Home Education as we speak; they do not want hundreds of thousands (yes, that is how many are Home Educated in the UK) of citizens running around and voting without their programming swirling and clunking in their heads.

Oh yes, and DONT PAY YOUR LICENSE FEE obviously.

Outside the box said...

Great article. Thanks to Gates of Vienna and OH. It is hard to see how anyone could deny the evidence of cultural bias here.

The worst thing about this propaganda is that it is successful. I am surrounded by people who believe that Christianity is to blame for racism and hatred, that Islamophobia is rampant, that the problem with New Labour is that they're not left-wing enough and that the BBC is fair and balanced. I wish I could do something to get through to people, but they've been trained either to not care, or to recognise me as the enemy and not listen. Maybe I should start a blog about it, could do with a good rant.

Anonymous said...

In raising the names of Uganda and Sentamu in respect of slavery and discrimination, the Beeb do their Muslims masters no favour. Slavery in East Africa was the province of Arabs and they were far, far more brutal than any Virginian plantation master ever dreamt of.

They shipped millions of blacks from Uganda to the Middle East to be castrated as eunuch guards and homosexual playthings or to be worked to death in mines - and they were doing so nearly a thousand years before Columbus discovered America and before some bright spark hit upon the idea of buying black slaves from West Africa to work in the New World. Google Zanj (Arabic for "black") for more information; in particular, google Zanj Rebellion and Zanj Emirate.

There is a reason why the Dutch South Africans traditionally used an Arab insult ("Kaffir") to describe black South Africans. That reason is that Arab Muslim racism has been raping Africa and murdering Africans since before Charlemagne was a glint in his daddy's eye.

Anonymous said...

At my office we get some books left on a monthly basis together with an order form. Normally there are a some childrens books,travel and cookery books etc. This month there were several books about abused kids and some religious books aimed at children. In the back of the islam book there was a glossary of terms. No mention of abrogation or jihad. What a load of bollox.

Anonymous said...

Good article but very disconcerting.
The whole state of affairs surrounding our education system is starting to make me feel physically ill.

My son will be going to primary school in a year or so and I am dreading it..

Shrewd Mammal said...

Great article GoV.

I just posted this morning about the BBC and and a not un-related issue and then you bring me more vomit-inducing BBC propaganda masquerading as education.

"And to peddle it to innocent school children? Words fail me."'s hard to articulate isn't it??

And to think, we pay for the garbage the BBC pour out.


Balding Nobhead Party said...

My partner's kids (aged 4 and 5) brought home a My First Christian Mindfuck book home from school a month ago. It basically told them that literalist bible-ism was absolute fact using pretty pictures. Would you rather this bullshit instead of Islamic bullshit? Bullshit is bullshit and right now many groups are fighting to fill our kids heads with their own special brand of it.

Dave said...

Good post.
No-one has mentioned that the practice of female circumcision is carried out in Muslim East Africa.

Religion of peace my arse.

If my kids were still at school and taking this exam, I'd consider it a matter of honour that they failed with the lowest score.
More Ministry of Truth bollocks.

wordver= numbili

Anonymous said...

Never mind Islam.
It's ZioNAZIsm and it's followers, the "Israel ueber alles" brigade who pit us against Muslims for their own ends who are the biggest danger. They pervade the media, banking, politics and brainwash you into hating Muslims and being scared of them.

Newgates Knocker said...

In my Local paper today, in the wall of shame (benefit cheats, drink drivers etc) there was a whole section of people who have been convicted and fined for non payments of TV lic. looks like they are starting to try and get tough with the non payers.Bastards.
Anonymous 12.32
You should be worried. The indoctrination starts early. Never a negative word about Islam. I consider myself lucky. Our Pre-school teacher is brilliant.She told me that she has advised to look out for 'toddler racism'to watch out if any child says they don't want to sit next to an ethnic minority child and report incidents. You can see where this is heading can't you. She thinks its all bollocks and let the kids come home with St Georges flags on cereal box shields. However, if ofsted get to find out, she will probably be removed as cultrally insensitive.

Anonymous said...

Islam versus women's rights is one of those lovely conflicts which can totally break political correctness.

* Should we support the oppressed women, forced into arranged marriages with no education, made to dress like ninjas, and isolated from the real world? Not doing so would be sexist.

* Or should we support the rights of the oppressors to oppress, because it's their religion and their culture? Not doing so would be Islamophobic/racist.

Catch-22. Whatever you do, you are sexist, Islamophobic or racist.

Although, according to the BBC, it is apparently ok to admit that in Islam:
"Sometimes men have the final word"
"However, although men and women are equal, they are not the same. They have different purposes."
"the duty of...the woman [is] to look after the home and family."
Which is not sexist at all.

EUBanana said...

"2. Muhammad (pbuh) in his first sermon said there is no reason to treat different races differently."

Ugh, they are even doing the (pbuh) thing, what crap.

RobW said...

I'm no Christian, but I did the tests and the difference is ridiculous.

I'm convinced schools are no longer about education but simply propaganda.

Kishmein Tochas said...

Anonymous 13:07

Wow - those ZioNAZIs are clever folks to be so influential and powerful.


Ivor Bigot said...

@Anon 12:32 + Newgates Knocker

Same here, our daughter will be entering the fray soon enough, and I am getting very worried. All I can do is try to keep on top of it, counter this bullshit in any way I can think of. Oh yes, and teaching her to read, write and add up ourselves, because the UK State system can't quite manage that either.

Field Marshall Watkins said...

Chapter 9 of the Koran is the last 'revelation' Mohammed had before death. Keeping in mind the principle of Abrogation,(that chapter overrules 124 verses of peace in the book). Specifically 9:5 and 9:29.

Fuck the rest of the stupid book and just read that chapter if you want to know the 'real' Islam. Here's a tasty hint:

9:5 Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

9:29 Fight against such of those who have been given the Scripture as believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, and forbid not that which Allah hath forbidden by His messenger, and follow not the Religion of Truth, until they pay the tribute readily, being brought low.

Fight all non-Muslims, convert them or kill them (unless they pay the Jizya but you must still make the know they are scum).

Also, if memory serves me, isn't the Arabic word for black (Abeed) the same as the Arabic word for slave?

Anonymous said...

Just to revert to first principles for a moment, can anyone explain why the BBC is in the religious education business?

Man in the Street said...

Good stuff. o/t but heard someone on LBC (Nick Ferrari's show) who hasn't paid his telly tax for 7 years and is appearing in Exeter crown court soon.

He's refusing to pay citing the BBC's sucking up to the governments of the day with respect to unwavering support of the EU and partial reporting of anything EU related.

someday said...

My fucking brain just exploded.


Field Marshall Watkins said...

You mean like this Man In The Street?

BBC gets £141m in EU loans

Anonymous said...

Anyone know the names of the BBC gits who wrote the stuff?

I bet I'd find some or all of them bloody hard to pronounce.

Wouldn't be another little step in the process would it ?
Like taking over newsreading and weather quessing --and not just on BBC either. Followed by writing the news bulletins and deciding the items of interest and editting the film reports and------We're fucked .

Anonymous said...

Any of you ever seen cbeebies?

good god. there are frequent "trailers" stuffed throughout filled with ethnic propoganda.

eg - one is a song with some kids learning about "saying hello" or something like that. however, they do it by flying from country to country - africa, india, china, everywhere - with the kids saying it in their own language with no subtitles and i don't even recall anyone english saying "hello" - in english.

or some stupid "zen" program where they teach kids as young as three or four "yoga" moves and have them sitting on the floor in what look like bhudda positions.

and of course any and all kids programs from the BBC quickly becomes "spot the white kid", who is invariably stuck at the back behind muslims, indians, chinese and everyone else under the sun.

Anonymous said...

Try Q6 on those tests and aswer the same - TRUE. See what the Christian test says...

I've written a rather long letter of complaint to the BBC trust, I've written to my MP and tonight and the board of governors meeting I will be proposing to put BBC Bitesize as out of bounds. The minister from the local church is also on the board of governors and I will therefore be bringing this matter up with him to put to the Diocese to make a complaint too..

Oh, and I've c encelled my BBC Direct Debit :-)

SIck to my back teeth of the Brown Broadcasting Corporation....what with Harpie saying marriage is a sham - before long this country will be awash with single parents breeding feckless youths.

Oh wait...

JamesW said...

The BBC's website is leading on Scores killed in China protests. The main body of the article makes no mention of the M word. Only in a bullet point box is it mentioned that the protesters are Muslims. The only other use of the word is in the links from other news sites. Even the Guardian mentions the protesters are Muslims in their sub-headline. Why is the BBC so reluctant to mention this?

phoebe said...

For the record, I would be grateful if you would credit this article to Paul Weston. This is the hyperlink:

Another very good article of Paul Weston's has appeared on Gates of Vienna recently:

Harri said...

To cut to the chase, if you are white, Christian and English and living in Great Britain, and happen by chance to work for a living !

You are pretty much fucked?

captainff said...

I did the two discrimination tests and couldn't help noticing something dodgy with question 6. Go look for yourself .. .. .. ..

Anonymous said...

If we take a step back, is it at all possible that they are attempting to create anger against Muslims in this way? We're all angry, right? So maybe it's working.
Perhaps they want to create some kind of backlash, or division?
Any thoughts?

JPT said...

This is very important.
Very bad.
I've emailed it to Peter Hitchens (I'm not sure that will do any good actually but some mainstream media people need to get a hold of this).

Wesley Groves said...

Sala'am Shalom Hi there. I got 8 outta 10 for X-ianity & 7 outta 10 for Islam. Must spend more time at masjid. Yours, Khaled ibn Yusug (W.G).

Anonymous said...

Not bad! I am liking this blog and you are getting an awful lot of hits, so obviously popular with the general public and probably the thought police..

keep it up.. Fuck the self serving twats who try to control our every move and thought.. I will spread the word..

Dazed and Confused said...

This crap could be seen as either, Islam and Muslims are being set up to take the fall, in a similar way to that of the Jews in 1930s Europe, but this time for the all inclusive and Soviet in style E.U. "Superstate".

Or the way the BBC seemingly portray it here - If the left can manage to politicise the Ayatollahs and Grand Muftis into taking a Socialist view of the World, then Islam could be seen as the most agreeable, "One size fits all" religion for the coming era, as the followers of Islam heed rigidly to their religious leaders teachings of the Koran, and therefore to question the judgement of their esteemed scholars would be roundly frowned upon.

The second option didn't work in pre revolutionary Iran though, as the left were quickly snuffed out by a glorious Khomeini.

Paul Weston said...

Hello Old Holborn.

I am the author of this article and I am also the same Paul Weston who emailed it to you!

I would be grateful if you could provide the original link to Gates of Vienna and acknowledge me as the author.

I have sent 2 emails asking you to do so but have received no reply, nor indeed received a reply acknowledging sending you the article in the first place!

You have a fantastic site which I read every day. Please reciprocate.

sconzey said...

Possibly scarier than the flagrant pro-Islam, anti-Christian bias (which could charitably be put down to ignorance of a complex and controversial subject) are the massive and glaring spelling and grammar errors!

FFS, I heard kids these days couldn't read or write but I was skeptical -- I though "I'm only 21 and I turned out okay" but...

Jaw-dropping fail.

I suppose spelling and punctuating correctly is "elitist" eh?

Anonymous said...

Maybe this explains a few things:

"BBC appoints Muslim to top religious post in controversial first"

12th May 2009

Anonymous said...

This page is worth a read. "The Fall of Europe to Islam" -

Anonymous said...

@ Kishmein Tochas who said:

Anonymous 13:07

Wow - those ZioNAZIs are clever folks to be so influential and powerful.


06 July 2009 13:52

Yes Shlomo, they sure are:

Kaygee said...

Seeing as we're all posting links, have a look at these as well - general goings on and information about the latest atrocities - maintains a list of muslim terror attacks commited worldwide since 9/11 - title says it all. WARNING! Do not click unless you want your blood to boil!

Anonymous said...

Our friends the Somalis.....

Anonymous said...

School should be about facts and the tools of reasoned analysis - not peddling made up bollox, regardless of the particular flavour. Religious education in schools and the funding of related courses at institutes of higher educatation will be banned. The money is better used elsewhere.
My daughter did extermely badly in he mock GCSE in religious education. I was delighted - without any encouragement from me she treated it with the utter contempt it deserved.

caesars wife said...

Nice article Gates of vienna , you have outlined some of the little mental tricks used to create the bias.

as for cbeebies i have been wondering for some time whats been going off , its quite mind bending stuff. Do you notice the complete lack of parents and the kids interacting with them . Look at the screen listen to big brother , your parents are errors , the state is perfect !! ITV does little better , remember the pester power adds .

the box in the corner of the room isnt benign or innocent .

just hope torchwood is about the arrival of blinky on earth !!

piggy kosher said...

Oh dear anonymous 17:46
Indeed, what a wanker! (pbuh)
Great site, by the way!

Anonymous said...

Never mind Islam.
It's ZioNAZIsm and it's followers, the "Israel ueber alles" brigade who pit us against Muslims for their own ends who are the biggest danger. They pervade the media, banking, politics and brainwash you into hating Muslims and being scared of them.

Anonymous 13:07

Wow - those ZioNAZIs are clever folks to be so influential and powerful.


If we take a step back, is it at all possible that they are attempting to create anger against Muslims in this way? We're all angry, right? So maybe it's working.
Perhaps they want to create some kind of backlash, or division?
Any thoughts?

The New World Order elitists that are in control across the world are all Zionists*, so yes they are 'influential and powerful'. Apart from 'World Government' they also want to rebuild 'The Temple of Solomon (which means destroying the Al Aqsa mosque and capturing Temple Mount) and run the whole show from Is (Isis) Ra El. I'm no fan of Islam, quite the contrary, but it is obvious we are being manipulated into conflict with them. Not just in and around the Middle East where the seemingly inevitable WW3 will begin but also locally. Presumably it will provide the excuse for the further expansion of the police state.

WW3 is just one part of the chaos they have planned. Just wait until swine flu mutates and kicks in. Then there's the next stage of their engineered financial collapse.

*Not all Jews are Zionists and not all Zionists are Jews. Israel is a Freemasonic state and the mass of Jews are being used (as ever) as a convenient front.

Wyrdtimes said...

Great article Paul.

The following is mot as bad but it's in a similar vein:

Typical British multi-culti propaganda with a token white English kid (portrayed as the dumbest of the bunch.)

Robert S. McNamara said...

So, the Jews, uh, I mean Zionists, went back in time and created Islam (Muhammad was a Mossad agent, obviously) to be a degenerate, evil ideology which seeks to subjugate or kill us all, so that we'd get sick to the back tits of it, so that they (the Jews, uh, I mean Zionists) can retake some temple they used to have thousands of years ago before they were driven out and their land later conquered and occupied by the proponents of the same ideology they invented? Sure, that makes sense.

With cast-iron logic like that, it's a wonder nobody other than a tiny handful of angry, paranoid anti-Semites realise it. I guess the rest of us are under the spell of some Jew, uh, I mean Zionist magic. Yeah, that must be it.

Oh, and here's a funny site:

Anonymous said...


06 July 2009 21:34

ZioNAZIsm, New World Order, Freemasons...

I think you missed out the tooth fairy.

Seriously, spare us the taqiyya you Islamo-NAZI wanker!

Anonymous said...

Of course there's no Zionist desire to build the Third Temple. None whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

06 July 2009 21:34

ZioNAZIsm, New World Order, 06 July 2009 21:34

ZioNAZIsm, New World Order, Freemasons...

I think you missed out the tooth fairy.

Seriously, spare us the taqiyya you Islamo-NAZI wanker!

Did you miss where I said I was not an admirer of Islam, quite the CONTRARY?

Which bit of the "New World Order' agenda don't you believe? The involvement of Freemasonry?

Anonymous said...


06 July 2009 22:37


Anonymous said...

So, the Jews, uh, I mean Zionists, went back in time and created Islam (Muhammad was a Mossad agent, obviously) to be a degenerate, evil ideology which seeks to subjugate or kill us all, so that we'd get sick to the back tits of it, so that they (the Jews, uh, I mean Zionists) can retake some temple they used to have thousands of years ago before they were driven out and their land later conquered and occupied by the proponents of the same ideology they invented? Sure, that makes sense.

There was nothing in what I wrote that necessitated the belief that Zionism created Islam. A bizarre conclusion. I happen to agree with you that Islam is a 'degenerate, evil ideology which seeks to subjugate or kill us all'. What I would qualify that with is that many Muslims just want a quiet life and aren't particularly interested in 'conquering the world for Islam'.

My point is that much of the turmoil in the world today is being created by those who wish to impose a totalitarian 'One World Government' on us all. An important element of the agenda is for the Temple of Solomon to be rebuilt.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 22.44

Go back to sleep.

Anonymous said...

I notice no mention of the Jewish religion by the BBC, some of which IS overtly and blatantly racist and bigoted. Take some of the 613 Mitzvot:

Like 162, 163, 166, 297, 298, 327, 328, 329, 414, 499, 502+503 (what about others?), 514, 590, 591+592 (but it's OK to be appointed by Goy), 596+597 (!), 603.

Of course let's not mention PNAC (Ze Projekt fuer ze New Amerikan Century) and it's Zionazis who dictate US foreign policy.

You must be reeeeally thick (like Daily Mail reader- thick) not to twig that we have been set up to hate Muslims.

Behold the scum who use dumb Goy like us and the yanks to fight Israel's wars in the middle east and beyond:

It's not even a conspiracy, it's so shamelessly overt.

BTW: Zionism is not Judaism, many Jews oppose Zionism, more and more in secret.

JR said...

Once I got through the torrent of bollocks at the end of this post and got over my rage at how you'd had the nerve to post such crap, I got thinking about the far more interesting beginning.

You raised some good points. What I do wonder, however, is for how much of this we can lay the blame at the door of the BBC and how much must be placed upon the designers of the GCSE curriculum. After all, presumably the definition of 'discrimination' is the GCSE one rather than a BBC one.

Anonymous said...

Why on earth are the BBC spending our money on bitesize revision anyway? Aren't they suppossed to be making tv and radio programmes? Not writing crap quizzes online.

The key to avoiding state indoctrination these days is not to take any humanity subjects at school. Make your kids avoid them. Let them choose languages, craft design and technology, science and mathematics. Yes it is impossible to totally avoid the propoganda, but as a child grows into an adult, an intelligent person begins to learn the real truth. I am relatively young (29) but got suckered into believing climate change for a long time before I began to really critically think about it and realised it's nowhere near as cut and dried as we're led to believe.

Keep on trucking guys, you are educating people and changing attitudes. Having recently read some of Hayek and the work that the Institute of Economic Affairs does in trying to promote liberalism and capitalism, I think we really need a champion of liberalism to step forward in mainstream media beyond Guido. It is so dearly needed. Time is running out.

Kaygee said...

"You must be reeeeally thick (like Daily Mail reader- thick) not to twig that we have been set up to hate Muslims."

Yeah, those poor innocent muslims were set up! The whole "trying to conquer and enslave europe for the last 1400 years" was all a jewish trick!

Battle of Tours? Pffft, why couldnt we let the saracens win? Then we would have a multicultural society already!

Battle of Hattin? So what if a few crusaders have their heads sneaked off?

Barbary pirates? Perhaps those coastal villagers LIKED being worked and raped to death?

Battle of Vienna? More of those evil racist zionazi elites stopping the downtrodden muslims enlightening us with thier culture!

Those 13,535 terror attacks carried out by muslims in the past 8 years? Mossad have obviously been working overtime!

banned said...

Q. 6 " Prejudice and discrimination go against the first two Articles in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights."
What has that got to do with either Christianity or Islam as religeons ?

Did my bit to confuse the BBC by answering both quizzes as badly as possible, 3/10 for Chistianity but much improved 2/10 for Islam.

Anonymous said...

I renounced christianity when the Iraq war started, when we butchered hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqui civilians for no other reason than to steal the oil.
You see, the christians have a book called the bible, and in it it says "Thou shalt not kill", although this seems to go over the heads of most people. Now it seems these so called christians are a little miffed that one or two (out of thousands) hypocracies are being told to children. Where was the condemnation from the "church" about Iraq? Christians, huh, fucking hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Kaygee, as I said, in agreement with another commenter, Islam is a pretty despicable belief system. As you rightly point out it has a long history of violence and warfare and not just against Europe.

The point being made however is that the current conflicts are being manipulated to serve a bigger picture; that of a 'World Government' or as the elites seem to prefer to call it a 'New World Order'. Of course, Islam being what it is allows such a manipulation to take place.

Anonymous said...

Kaygee "we're being set up to hate the muslims". Were you starved of oxygen during your birth?
They are doing an excellent job themselves of making us hate them.

Anonymous said...

Anon 00:48

At least the Christian church ALLOWS you to leave without a mandatory death sentence on apostates like Islam.

Thought I'd mention it because you in the 'they are all the same' crowd are almost childlike in your naivety.

Anonymous said...

Anon 08:26

Thought I'd just mention that you sound like one of the 'they are worse than us' crowd. Rather like those who say that because China is 1000s of times a worse environment fucker than we are, then anything we may do is pointless.
Ever heard of leading by example?

Apologies if my original post sounded a tad venomous (just venting my spleen). I just think it outrageous that we invade Iraq & then have the cheek to call ourselves a Christian country.

I don't tar everyone with the same brush, & realise there are very many good christians out there (bless them). But as with most things (politics especially) the scum always float to the top.

But let's face it, the new god is the Economy.

FrankFisher said...

Doesnt' stop here - read the BBC's reporting on this Uighur trouble in China; grossly, horribly, transparently desperate to avoid the key issue; that over the weekend muslim mobs killed a couple of hundred innocent Han chinese

I really, really, really, really fucking hate the BBC.

Old Holborn said...

Gotta love the author of this post:

From my email:

What Ho Old Holborn

I am a little perplexed.

As the author of an article written by myself and personally sent to you, I have had no response.

If you had no intention of posting it, this I could understand.

But you did post it, whilst neglecting to state from whence it came. This of course is the action of a cunt.

Even worse, you could not even be bothered to acknowledge you had received it.

You were subsequently linked by a variety of sites, some of which may not have known you, thereby enlarging your readership, but you still had to be prompted to acknowledge the author.

If this is how you think you are going to mount a resistance to the prevailing totalitarian authorities you are sadly mistaken.

As I say, I am perplexed. You receive an article in keeping with the political thrust of your site, yet do your best to alienate the person the person who sent it to you, whilst at the same time encouraging people to send you more of the same.

I am not sure why you have behaved in such a manner. One could suppose in a charitable moment that you suffer from a mixture of youth and egoism, and perhaps this is so.

Not withstanding such a fleet of fancy however, it is clear that you move above displays of mere rudeness, contempt and unbridled adolescent arrogance, into the rarefied layers inhabited only by total and utter cunts.

As a moral and decent man, the antithesis of all you rage against at your still excellent site and as such a potential ally, no doubt you can understand my utter bafflement at your perverse behaviour.

I do expect a reply explaining yourself.

Yours sanctimoniously

Paul Weston

My response:

I'm sorry?

Last time I checked you had 62 responses to your post, a readership of tens of thousands, a link to your blog, a link to the gates of vienna, a platform for you to spout your views unfettered by editorial interference or censorship on the 9th most influential blog in the UK, your name in lights and yet all the risk was MINE. On MY blog.

What more do you want? A fucking refund? Help yourself on the way out.

Fuck off now, I'm busy. Cunt.

charcoal said...

you forgot "don't you know who I am".

Old Holborn said...

I'm an atheist! Christians are as weird as Muslims!

Fuck that, I'm going to invite islam4uk to post here.

Rogerborg said...

I used to think Hitler was a miserable cunt because of what he told people to do, but I've since learned that he was only a miserable cunt when they started doing it.

James Higham said...

I don't get over here nearly enough. Interesting that you had a Straight Pride parade idea in the Twitter because I did a post on that a few days back. We need one.

Grumpy Nick said...

Bit late in the day but I'd just like to say 'Fuck off!' (very loudly and with real venom..) to the BBC, an organ of the present goverment, entrusted with spreading its propaganda. Did Goebbels actualy escape justice after WW2, discover eternal life and does he now run the BBC for Mandelcunt?

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