Friday, 17 July 2009

Is swine flu selective?

I've noticed that Swine Flu is being quite selective in picking victims. Apart from Slotgob, the most cases seem to be affecting a certain "community".

Tower Hamlets - 759 flu consultations per 100,000
City and Hackney - 392
Islington - 306
Newham - 293
Luton - 272

Has anyone told New Labour?


Man in the Street said...

Won't stop the fuckers sending in postal votes from the deceased.

Custard said...

You would have thought that with their masks on, they'd be less likely to catch anything...

Custard said...

O/T But I see the Pope has broken his right wrist.

Any excuse to get an altar boy to wank him off.

Anonymous said...

It must be a bit of a blow to a Muzzie to find out they have swine flu. Unclean! Unclean! Unclean!

Sue said...

Hmmm. I did notice the pattern too but didn't like to say incase I was labelled racist.

Someone killing off the labour voters?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Sue, I'm sure they'll pass a new law allowing dead Pakis to register their vote for Zanu-Labour by proxy...

Sue said...

I wouldn't put anything past this lot!

"Slotgob"... funny :)

10 to a bed said...

I noticed that - massive outbreaks centring on London and the West Midlands, the UK is also the worst affected country in Europe, spreading faster here than anywhere, how strange, think this is another elephant in the room with the mainstream media. It couldn't possibly be that the near 3rd world conditions which now exist in some of our most enriched cities could be propagating the spread of diseases could it? This is not the only one either..

Anonymous said...

Every cloud has a silver lining!

Chrysippus said...

I suspect that if one chooses not to eat pig then one will not build up a resistance to pig diseases?

Hows it going in Stamford Hill????

Brown Hole Of Calcutta said...

I suspect if one chooses to wipe ones arse with ones left hand instead of toilet paper and then go round shaking all the other arse/hand believers stinky paws at the local mosque, not to mention fingering your cousin/sister/bride with it one will more likely than not catch flu

Wesley Groves said...

Irrational deduction, worthy only of failed special constabulary plodscum. Tower Hamlets et al have high rates due to poor housing & over crowding. Immigrants don't choose to live in ghettoes, economics forces them to do so. 100 yrs ago it was the "tide of Jews" that brought disease. Of Calcutta one must do Wudu at a masjid, not walk in with dirty hands.

Anonymous said...

See ? The Liar Formerly Known As K.McEgan really does love those ethnics doesn't he ?

What a fucking cunt.

WV: prealica - I'm sure he does

Wesley Cunt said...

Yes, cold water dribbled over hands is a most effective anti-biological device isn't it?

And your comment that immigrants do not choose to live in ghettos is fucking ridiculous, not only do they choose to live in ghettos the muzzies actually ethnically cleanse them of other religions/ethnic types in order to create closed door political fiefdoms for the community 'leaders', granting semi autonomous rule with the help of 'equality' laws, money from hand wringing councils, shit scared local police forces and increasing sharia courts dominating said areas which often operate exactly as medieval villages in Pakistan

Clueless Twat

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, McEgan, I think you'll find that you won't win many friends on here posting that kind of naieve, deluded, 6th form marxist bullshit.

Do us a favour, old chap ? Fuck off.

WV: bleati - genius !

Cockypop said...

What about the genetic defects from in-breeding with first cousins. They probably have reduced immune systems. Does not look good for them, does it?
Does the vaccine incorporate any pig product, if it does will they refuse treatment.

Wesley Groves said...

Yes I love ethnics, yes I'm a cunt. You are a bigger cunt however, a humungously large vagina without any of the benefits. So "they" get rid of whites? I am not a Marxist by the way you knuckle dragging bit of shite the special constabulary failed as you couldn't even draw a swastika.

The Purpleline said...

Perhaps there is a Gos afterall

tb said...

I read on Bloomberg that most people dying were fat. Which might be why they don't say what the "underlying health condition" is.

T' old 'un said...

"The Vatican said it was the first time Pope Benedict had been treated in hospital since his election in 2005."

Typo....should have been erection.

Sue said...

I would have thought that it would contain something porky, seeing as it's swine flu .. as well as mercury and formaldehyde of course.


Sue said...

Perhaps eating a bacon sarnie everyday will give immunity?

john in cheshire said...

I truly hope it is gene specific. If so, then we have found the perfect solution to the muslim problem. I reckon cherry (sic)blair must have been sucking up to them too much. I hope she passe it on to as many socialists as possible. It would be lovely to see them dying by the millions. Then the rest of us could actually start to rebuild a normal civilised country.

caesars wife said...

on the otherhand they will have recovered when gordon calls the general election and we may all be dying !!

whilst a flu pandemic is not good , there is no statiscal evidence that this outbreak is any worse than a normal winter flu season .

the spanish flu of 1915 did kill milions worldwide and if we had got somthing like that we would be seeing it , its not that diferent in the southern hemisphere either.

winter may be a bit worse than other years , but i see no evidence to suggest this is anything more than normal flu , as tragic as it is when people die .

Anonymous said...

The Daily Fail had a report on two early cases of death attributable to pig flu. Both children appeared to have "genetic anomolies" I suspect as a result of first cousin relationships. There is a reason that "Deliverance" style marriages are frowned upon by civilised people. As for ethnics being forced to live in Tower Hamlets this is horseshit. No one forces them to live there just as no one is holding a gun to the heads of all those deadbeats living in squalor in Calais. There is always the option to bugger off back to Kabul/Mogadishu/Karachi et al.

Cold Tuesday Evenings said...

Excellent observation.

The Penguin said...

They are often very fond of goats.

Could this be a factor?

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

"i see no evidence to suggest this is anything more than normal flu"

Er no evidence? Because we always see 100s of thousands of flu cases in fucking July don't we?

Spanish flu did the same thing seemed as powerful as a normal seasonal flu but confusingly appeared out of season with normal February symptoms appearing in May, because the virus was so virulent the warm weather could not put it down

When the real flu season came it mutated with regular flu and really took off - it is estimated to have killed 6% of the world population

So lets see what happens this winter

Sue said...

You know I discovered a couple of weeks ago that you can buy half a goat in Peckham High Street for £29.99?


Anonymous said...

I tried to call the swine flu helpline today but the line was very bad.

All I got was a lot of crackling.

Gordon said...

Which half?

Fausty said...

Anon, 17:46, if anything, injudicious use of anti-virals is likely to make any strain of virus more virulent.

We don't need vaccines - just to be hygienic and considerate. Put your blasted hand in front when you cough with your tonsils showing! Blegh!

When swine flu emerged from Mexico, its strain was said to be of a more virulent type than the strain which migrated to the US.

One school speculating that the Mexicans were simply of poorer health, diet and habit and therefore prone to succumb more seriously. Another school suspected that the virus had been manufactured in Fed labs, due to its DNA being a highly unlikely case of mutation.

The latter school also suspected that the virus was specifically targeted at certain genes, leading to whispers of ethnic cleansing conspiracies.

Governments and their f*ckbuddies, the corporations will make money out of this.

They can stick their vaccines and Tamiflu. And their pharma shares.

Sue said...

I was stunned actually. I didn't know it was legal to kill and eat goats in the UK but there you are! It sat with loads of monkey bits I think..

caesars wife said...

anon 17:45 i stand correct in that spanish flu occured between march 1918 and june 1920 , between 50 and 100 million were killed and it is thought 500 million (1/3 or the worlds population was infected)

this means that between 1 in 10 and 1 in 5 who got spanish flu died

now so far nearly 95000 cases have been recorded world wide and 433 deaths ie 1 death in 219 recorde cases , start thinking about the unrecorded cases and morbidty rate is no where near horror story and no differnet to ordianry flu season, no oberservable increase in deaths is being seen in the southern hemisphere which is having its winter .

however i will say that mutation into somthing more nasty is always a possibility but then again it always has been every year its always possible .

Anonymous said...


Wesley Groves said...

Spanish Flu (named after the King of Spain its most noted victim) was virulent due to Europe being half starved after 4 yrs of war rations. Poor nutrition combined with a poor understanding of medicine led to the pandemic. No Muslims to blame then.

Anonymous said...

"Spanish Flu (named after the King of Spain its most noted victim) was virulent due to Europe being half starved after 4 yrs of war rations. Poor nutrition combined with a poor understanding of medicine led to the pandemic. No Muslims to blame then."

And yet it killed just as many people outside of Europe? It was particulalrly virulent among Australian Aborigines and Indigenous American Indian groups - Yet more shite made up off the top of your head attempting to prove some right on point

People were physically fitter in 1918 in Western Europe and had far better immune systems due to a larger percentage of the population still being involved in manual and more specifically agricultural work

Vaccines and immunity injections only depreciate the natural immune system

Sue said...

I'd didn't realise we were blaming muslims, I thought it came from Mexico.

The observation was, that it is most prevalent in certain areas of the UK, especially London, which is perfectly true.

Anonymous said...

This isn't Spanish flu you utter twat!

caesars wife said...

anon 20:09 good observation

anon 20:16 abuse is all on at guido at the mo

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that most people on here think that McEgan is a complete arsehole....

He really is a nigger-loving cunt.

Fuck off McEgan. Just fuck off and die. You twat.

Anonymous said...

What a complete bunch of racist cunts. You wankers.

Henry North London said...

Even the woman who died after giving birth was a bangladeshi

With five children already

With birth rates like that they will become the most populous in the country you know

And with that sentiment Im off to bed

I have a headache, a fever and have been coughing

Wesley Groves said...

Anon 21.12 who is McEgan? Your Mum had 2 cunts - you are one of them. Now fuck off you BNP knuckle dragging failed special constable, repressed gay wheelchair bound inbred lying (you have no LL.M Cantab) Ras Clart.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

What a complete bunch of racist cunts. You wankers.

who Moi?

Wesley Groves said...

Oui, toi. D'accord con.

Anonymous said...

What a complete bunch of racist cunts." Yeah great innit?

Wesley Groves said...

Not really Anon, you detract from serious debate. Now fuck off and sing Horst Wessel. Oh what of L/Clp Beharry VC? Ain't 'e patriotic enuff? I thought my cousin slotted you nazi cunts at Salerno in '43. Pity he didnae shoot yer Dads cock off and it would be one less inadequate knuckle dragging onanist.

Anonymous said...

'Nicotine has an anti-inflammatory effect via the vagus nerve, which is useful against many diseases, and perhaps may block the cytokine storm of the H1N1 swine flu.'

That's why the government want everyone to stop smoking as they will then all need the vaccine. More cash into the pharmaceutical companies and their government cronies.

Anonymous said...

"I thought my cousin slotted you nazi cunts at Salerno in '43"

According to your profile you are 48? How old is your 'cousin' exactly? must be at least 86?

And the standards you seem to apply to being considered a 'nazi' ie a dislike/mistrust of most things foreign and overt patriotism/slight racism I have no doubt would apply to 98% of British armed forces in 1943 held the same views - you do realise we were fighting as and to maintain the British Empire in 1943 don't you?

The idea that British soldiers fought the war for multiculturalism is fucking laughable

Back to your octogenarian cousin though...

Anonymous said...

Well uhm... viruses have a tendency to spread faster where there are lots of people, like cities.

banned said...

"underlying health condition" , not AIDS by any chance ?

Met a Dutch Professor/Psychiatrist today, they are not worried about Swine Flu, if anything they think it is just one more strain with a label attached.
Any truth in the idea that the reason HMG are so keen to punt out Tamiflu is that its' sell-by date is early Autumn ?

Wesley Groves said...

First Anon, looking up my profile? Ooooh Matron,should you be looking at your Tom Of Finland collection?

Walter Mitty Style Fantasist Spotter said...

Er, I did't need to look it up, I just clicked on your name?

Field Marshall Watkins said...

Swine Flu is big business, it's been done before.

Wesley Groves said...

Alamo/TUG/Proud to be gay/Ross Camp you are giving yourself away with all the cyber stalking. Your low IQ and bitterness at failing (like all you tried to do) to get to even a shite 10th rate University shows in your trolling. Who shat a 3 min UCF bout with me? Go and (re) apply for the special constabulary. Ras Clart.

Martin Wellbourne said...

According to the bleating BBC report about the Bangladeshi who died after giving birth, it was a particularly sad event as she already had SIX daughters and this one was a son. Other reports do indeed suggest a mere five sprogs.
The deceased was one of TEN. Hmmm. Tasty.

Gigits said...

You've inspired me OH!

Anonymous said...

Challenging people to a fight on an internet board the ultimate proof of FAIL

Anonymous said...

The Economic Voice said...

Well Ive still got this fucking cough and running nose....had it for 2 weeks now and pains under my armpits and the doctor won't test me for swine flu......he says it could be a summer cold????....I have never had a cold in the summer. Shall I just fucking roll over and die?....I never go to the doctors....I am a mountain man but this is stupid.

Anonymous said...

Having lived in Newham and now living in Lewisham I am not surprised (two of the top 5 areas). Both areas are full of disgisting people living in insanitary conditions. They don't want to live like civilised people, they want to emulate their very primitive life back home and they are achieving this with considerable success. Fortunately, in both instances, I've managed to find a nice clean house in a gated development away from the riff raff. My only worry is that I have to get on the train with them on daily basis...mind you most of them aren't even up and about when I go out to work...but there is always the journey home! I would never catch a bus in either Newham or Lewisham...full of filthy smelly indidviduals...and they seem to think its acceptable to spit. Not in my culture it isn't!

Sick to the fucking back teeth of 'em said...

Fucking Muslims can fuck right off UK territory. Repatriate the whole fucking lot.

Those who were born here can be taken to Afghanistan if they don't know where else to go. Let them create ghettos over there instead of here. Good for target practice if nothing else.

Dirty cunts. Fuck off.

Field Marshall Watkins said...

OT (sort of) but you may want to comment on this article in the Daily Fail:

Christian teacher tells of race slurs by pupils aged 8

Guess what religion they are. Go on, I bet you can't! Okay, here's a hint;

Greek-born Mr Kafouris, 40, taught for more than ten years at Bigland Green Primary in Tower Hamlets, East London, where according to the most recent Ofsted report 'almost all' the 465 pupils are from ethnic minorities and a vast proportion do not speak English as a first language.

Anonymous said...

It'll be interesting to see what happens as the teacher ain't English/British, however, no doubt Greek will count as white & he is a Christian so........ Hope he wins but admit it's unlikely.

Originating from Ireland, I thought that one of the great things about England used to be that religion counted for shit (as in, all religions mixed socially & no-one ever asked 'what religion are you'?). Not so now with the invading hordes of 'the religion of peace'.

The Beast of Clerkenwell said...

Thanks Old Holborn you cheered me up no end.
I now know how to make a decent curry for myself, so they can all fuck off and die.

Field Marshall Watkins said...

You'll notice in the comments the usual Dhimmi/ Al-Takeyya crap. This isn't the Islam I know!

Maybe these apologist scum can't read, because when I read Chapter 9 of the Koran (Momo's final revelations, and remember they abrogate all earlier revelations) you get the drift of what Islam is all about.

But to hell with that, anyone who wants researched data in the Koran and the Religion of Shite, read this: The Religion of Peace™ Subject Index

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ, guys!! I know that "Islamophobia" is one of those made-up NuLabour thought control words, but nevertheless you've all done a pretty good job of embodying it, wishing death on ordinary people and all that. Highly disturbing. Can't you distinguish between dislike of Islam and dislike of its followers?

Man in the Street said...

Anony 12:18

"Can't you distinguish between dislike of Islam and dislike of its followers?"

They are one and the same.

Rogerborg said...

Let's try to keep it in perspective. The Entitled Poor are very good at making full use of the welfare state. I'd strongly suspect that the high rate of "consultations" in those areas is partly due to the population density, and partly due to the inhabitants doing what they always do: going to the State for handouts of whatever's on offer.

Fake a bit of a cough, and get your Tamiflu early (and often). Why risk waiting until you're actually sick and then finding that everybody else on your estate has already nabbed all the drugs?

Oh, don't get me wrong, the death rate among subcontinentals will be slightly higher because of inbreeding, but I doubt there's any genetic or cultural susceptibility to passing it on.

Anonymous said...

"Can't you distinguish between dislike of National Socialism and dislike of its followers?"


Anonymous said...

Hang on a minute - how can I 'embody' something which is made-up Zanu-Labour nonsense and doesn't really exist ?

You utter fucking cocktrumpet. I bet you're actually that cunt McEgan posting in disguise.

Fuck off back to LiarList you cunt.

Anonymous said...

"Some naive multi-culturalist twat said...

Can't you distinguish between dislike of Islam and dislike of its followers?"

Actually, yes I can. And I fucking hate them both.

OK ?

Field Marshall Watkins said...

Fuck Islam. 1300 years of slaughtering, tyranny and general nasty bullshit qualifies it as a disgusting evil, hateful, primitive belief system that is attractive only to complete fucking morons and scum.

Believe me, MUSLIMS have been doing this shit since ISLAM began.

Hence my complete lack of interest in what Muslims say about anything.

Just research what MoHamHead did, here are some starters.

Sucking the tongues of his children.

Sleeping with a corpse.

Cutting off the heads of up to 900 Jews in one day (personally).

Sitting between the legs of his wives while they are on the rag.

Having a 'revelation' commanding his cousin to give him his wife.

Taking 20% of the booty from Muslim raids (religion of peace you see), and first pick of the women and children.

And so on. He was a fucking prick, to put it lightly.

Read the book by Andrew G. Bostom, MD, titled 'The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims'.

Anyone who argues that Islam is lovely jubbly hunky dory after reading that needs a bullet in the head.

I deserve a bullet through the head said...


Tony Blair
Gordon Brown
Jacqui Smith
Alan Johnson
Peter Mandelson
All Labour Cabinet Ministers post '97
All Labour voters

Sugar Tits said...

Field Marshall Watkins. How about a bit of balance?

For infuriating nausea inducing madness, you CANNOT beat the Talmud.

Field Marshall Watkins said...

Sugar Tits, well I am coming to the end of my introduction to Islam, so the Talmud will come next. While I'm on the subject, here is a link to The Protocols of the Elders of Sion, which before people try and belittle (saying it is fake) although its earlier date seems to be August 10, 1906, should be read and then compared to what's happening in reality. I don't wanna spam OH's comments, but I have to post the Contents of it.

Feel free to remove if distracting or whatever.

Who are the Elders?
Protocol I The Basic Doctrine
Protocol II Economic Wars
Protocol III Methods of Conquest
Protocol IV Materialism Replace Religion
Protocol V Despotism and Modern Progress
Protocol VI Take-Over Technique
Protocol VII World-Wide Wars
Protocol VIII Provisional Government
Protocol IX Re-education
Protocol X Preparing for Power
Protocol XI The Totalitarian State
Protocol XII Control of the Press
Protoco XIII Distractions
Protocol XIV Assault on Religion
Protocol XV Ruthless Suppression
Protocol XVI Brainwashing
Protocol XVII Abuse of Authority
Protocol XVIII Arrest of Opponents
Protocol XIX Rulers and People
Protocol XX Financial Programme
Protocol XXI Loans and Credit
Protocol XXII Power of Gold
Protocol XXIII Instilling Obedience
Protocol XXIV Qualities of the Ruler

How come we love the Chinese but hate the Muslims in the UK? said...

Could all the Muslim huggers from the Labour HQ bunker please fuck off to some third world shithole and see how your utter fucking shite goes down with them there?

Thought not, your natural homosexuality would see you hung from a JCB in a football stadium within a week.

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