Friday, 10 July 2009


The web is changing things more than we can imagine. Now imagine if you could simply make stuff that you would normally have to buy via a huge logistics chain starting China and ending at the local shop. Bear with me. Very nerdy but also very radical.

RepRap from Adrian Bowyer on Vimeo.


The Economic Voice said...

Fascinating OH.......if this were to be really developed and invested in then my goodness we are getting close to star trek replicators.

Just think....where will this lead to? is a leap of thought with the right technology could we make life and download the life form to our computer then build it in our own home factory?

Anything that can be imagined is just waiting for the technology to realize it.

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

I love it! I want one.

If we can’t have manufacturing jobs, then nobody can have them.

Given that it would damage jobs in the third world, I expect that nuLieBore will ban them.

Shibby said...


Rightwinggit said...

RepRap two can make circuit boards as well..

Me want!

Twisted Root said...

I'm no geek but this is very interesting indeed. If it is able to replicate itself then logically it is also capable of producing, with the right input, a superior model of itself ad infinitum

On the other hand sociologically it puts us back two hundred years when nearly all production was essentially 'shed in the back yard' before mechanisation, mass production and economies of scale.

Just my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

eureka! Now that is an idea. I have been wanting to make basic domestic house hold stuff for a while in order to save money, get what I want in design terms and sustainability


self employment bespoken here we come

Mitch said...

WOW!!! I want one. just think(and I`m no greeny) use easily recycled plastic and when your bored redesign your stuff how you like.

Brown will hate this cos you cannot tax it or prevent anything being made.

did I mention I want one?

Ivor Bigot said...

@Twisted Robot

Not quite shed in the backyard, as here the catalyst is Open Source. Need to make a widget? Don't struggle for months perfecting your own, just browse through hundreds of designs done by people around the world, pick the one you like, hit the GO button and have a cup of tea. And don't forget that widget could equally be an improved gubbins for your RepRap, making it better in some way.

Fucking genius, if you ask me! I shall be following this very closely.

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

I am a Geek and I think this is fantastic. The concept is total paradigm shift from the conventional view of manufacturing and everything that goes with it.

I've always believed that the most efficient model has been a global amount of micro-businesses linked effectively with technology, rather than the large corporatocracy we have now.

This is great. The concept is great. My only concern is that what are the limits to the types of thing it can construct?

I get the feeling it is conceptual and things, such as ICs, exotic composites etc that have the most value in modern day life cannot be replicated.

In terms of your everyday basics - it's brilliant.

caesars wife said...

I could still make one faster with a fret saw , surformer and sand paper , no plastics either !!

i can see that it could have some uses though , although i can remember when a small machine shop used to do these sort of jobs .

a local machine shop for the 21st century i might get excited

Old Holborn said...

"My only concern is that what are the limits to the types of thing it can construct?"

Billions of us can sort it out I'm sure, via the web of course.

Wow. Wealth without money. Watch lazy stockholders and hedge fund managers shit themselves

Anonymous said...

Wanna gun?

RepRap will make you one. And another RepRap to make some more guns. And they can make more RepRaps to make some more guns.

Now it gets interesting. Anything that can be made can now be made by anyone.

Think This said...

This is actually amazing. Can you imagine a future without manufactures? Where you can do just download and make your own products. This is the world changing stuff! Everyone can own their own production units. No transportation or big manufactures needed. This would create a capitalist consumer revolution. Everyone could create and sell their own products.

Sugar Tits said...

We serfs are defunct. H+ propaganda. I'd buy one though.

Anonymous (no, the other one) said...

Needs a wider repertoire of forming, machining, etching operations (and all the rest) before it could really make a difference.

Economies of scale (specialised machines and feed-stocks) might still leave room for convention mass production even on small items (let alone cars etc).

Interesting all the same, nice to see OH showing an interest in the geekier side of life.

Anonymous said...

Oi - Less of the "can make anything" meme.

It is cool, but it can make only things made of meltable plastic, which might otherwise be made in a mould or by expensive machining, but only to an accuracy of a blob of molten plastic.

It can't make decent cogs - so no decent machinery. And if you want a gun made out of polythene, please let me stand back a way before you fire it.

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