Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Imagine.....(free night out in Westminster)

I've been alerted to a rather interesting event tomorrow evening in Westminster. Lord Puttnam is showing as many MPs as he can find a film called "Us Now"

It looks at the way the Internet is going to change democracy and basically asks the question "do we need Parliament anymore? Why not just vote on bills yourselves via the internet instead of trusting an MP to do it?"

You can view the film here and you can get tickets to the event inside Westminster, free of charge (or registration) here. I am going just to see the colour drain from 646 faces as they are faced with the concept that we may no longer need them to have a democracy. After all, we no longer need auction houses, postmen, record shops or cinemas to get what WE want, do we?

This film has been shown to other European Parliaments as well.

Is this the EU telling us that we can get rid of National Governments as they are no longer relevent or is it real democracy in the hands of the people?

Interesting stuff. I'll be in full dress uniform of course. Buy me a drink (cheap booze at Westminster) and let's have a smoke in the bar afterwards. All invited

See you all there.


Anonymous said...

The pig on the right looks a right ponce.

Stuart said...

See you there!

microdave said...

I doubt that many will turn up - you have only to watch televised coverage to see how few are normally in the Chamber during debates.

How do you smoke or drink with the costume mask on?

Barking Spider said...

Do you maybe feel some hasty, nasty, totalitarian Internet legislation coming? I haven't watched the film yet but I will do now.

Anonymous said...

It could well be used as yet another pretext to control the web more. Interesting idea but you just can't trust the bastards.

Having said all that about 80% of our legislation now comes from the EU already so with the cooperation of our representatives so they can't really complain if we take the remainder in the form of direct democracy.

Gareth said...

The internet is anti-representative democracy and pro-direct democracy. We can make decisions for ourselves we do not need others to do it on our behalf. We can inform ourselves rather than be talked down to by others. We can educate ourselves, organise ourselves and support ourselves. We can take responsibility for ourselves.

Would the problems with Westminster be similar without Westminster? If the Government were to continue proposing legislation for the public to vote on they would simply continue not to listen. We would be given choices that represent no real choice at all.(Such as detention without trial for 42 days or 90 days - what if you want neither?)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't trust the fuckers, whomever they may not to fix the vote.

Gareth said...

I'll just add, another reason the internet is anti-representative democracy is because it gives us a convenient means to converse with our representatives, see how they operate, what they vote on and who they are chummy with, and they don't like that. They don't like it one bit. We can challenge their decisions quickly and in an informed manner - we can read the legislation when they often don't. We can see the bog standard replies, the party toads, the incompetence.

Until the internet came along they dealt with people who bothered to go to surgeries. The State was smaller so people were more self-reliant. The nanny state is a rod for MPs' backs because it has give us so much more stuff to complain about.

We've got them on the run wanting better standards of representation and a more honest approach to politics and it would seem they simply don't like it up 'em.

Old Holborn said...

On the other hand, 80% of our laws are now made in Brussels. If the EU wanted us to become a little regional council of a great Superstate, what better way than to abolish Westminster?

It is no coincidence that this film is being shown to EU governments. Or is it?

If nothing else, it will be nice to see Guy Fawkes back inside Westminster after 400 years

Fausty said...

Most of us are familiar with the issues, but the film is an ideal vehicle for communicating the idea to the uninitiated.

Pity it doesn't have an embed capability.

I can't make the meeting and hope that enterprising attendees will find a way to record it all.

Fantastic stuff, as usual, OH.

caesars wife said...

I can see how many people might warm to a non judgemental form of E government , which you might hope would be liberarian.

but the computer in turn will have to know more about you.

be carefull what you wish for .

Bring back people and paper i say .

however it does appeal that swathes of the litigation indusrty would go !! LOL

Wee Ghurl said...

Wot mosque is that behind you in the piccy, OH?

Btw, from the BBC News site:
"Uighurs are ethnically Turkic Muslims"

Presbyterians are an ethnicity too, right?

Halfang said...





Or, if you have a spare one, well, that one would do, too <3

Anonymous said...

Too far away but will lift a glass to you OH and all the brilliant bloggers like Guido, Dick Puddlecote, F2C etc., who keep us informed in the most entertaining way about what the crooks are up to. Hope it's not EU sneeky stuff but will raise a glass and have a fag in your honour tomorrow night here in Scotland.

Cold said...

Bollocks. Sold out.

If anyone's got a spare please let me know.

Mr Trotter said...

Anonymous said...
'The pig on the right looks a right ponce.'

He thinks he is Reggie Kray. Stupid cunt looks more like the fat poofter one though.

Great Big Billygoat Gruff said...

If the bastards can fix the postal vote in Glenrothes sure as a pinch of shite they are already working to fix t'internet votem when and if it comes.

adam said...

i have come across this before on youtube.

it is propaganda to tell the MPs they are no longer important so when the EU shuts down parliament, no need to worry.

no chance of the EU vanishing into the ether.

nonetheless much of it is true. they are being exposed online.

Pet Shopping said...

The pig on the right is about to burst in to song. Go West young man!

Old Bag said...

enjoy the net whilist its still relatively free..before long we will all be gagged or only allowed to spout nulabore approved propaganda.

IanPJ said...

So lets think on a little eh.

If we all get to have our say on the internet, mp's become so unimportant that we dont need them anymore, who runs the country?

By then we will be part of the bigger EU empire, Britain split into 12 regions, England taking 9 of those, and we all have our say on the internet with no UK government. Who runs the country? What will you be voting for?

There will be an elite of unelected faces in Brussels, the EU Commission, who will have given you the illusion of believing that you are involved in the decision making process, whilst your voting will be as purposeful as the Irish NO vote.

There will be a mickey mouse EU parliament, which has no power, no ability to make laws, its only purpose to rubber stamp what the EU commission puts in front of it, but they will have given you the illusion of believing that you are involved in the decision making process, whilst your voting will be as purposeful as the Irish NO vote.

So who will be running the country? Unelected appointees in the Regional Offices and the Regional Development Agencies.

This is the illusion that Mandelson means when he speaks of the post democratic age.

VotR said...

Anarchy in the UK, I like it. If we can get out of the EU as well, so much the better.

Rogerborg said...

Presumably the nub of Lord Puttnam's gist is that the intartubes need to be banned sharpish before the base, common and popular catch on that they could be used for more than wanking off to porn and Big Brother.

Anonymous said...




Shibby said...

Gordo's giving our money to the French.


Shibby said...

Also if the EU were in charge it would quite obviously suck more than the current situation.

But isn't this exactly what they were planning? There are people who've seen an EU-overthrowing-national-government event coming ten miles away, like this guy:


It scares me to hell because after the current shit from our country's government, this will appeal to people, nay, seem like the only other option: without the national government, who will be in charge of the coppers and the military? The police state EU of course.

banned said...

IanPJ 07 July 2009 22:10

Spot on and our 12 Regions will be running around lobbying Europe for funds together with the 300 other such Regions, weak, unelected and feeble.

banned said...

OH, can't make your links work but found it easily enough on youtube ( though in bits )

Us Now, pt 1 of 7

Defiant Smoker said...


Smokers watch out,this could become Government policy.

Little Black Sambo said...

Puttnam is an opinionated, self-important republican.

Chalcedon said...

This sort of thing has been mooted before via referenda on topics that concern us all. The Pols opine that we, the people, are simply too damn ignorant of all the facts, are unable to form a coherent opinion based on analysing information, are bigoted or biased in some way, that we simply are too stupid to be trusted with such important topics and it's best if they do it. They don't represent their constituents they represent their party. Personally I'm all for real democracy via the internet and voting/referenda on these issues. Since we are being denied a referendum on the lisbon treaty we should have one regarding staying in or getting out of the EU.

Harri said...

I have tried several times to register, but come up with bugger all !

When is it, and what do we do next !

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