Friday, 10 July 2009

ID Cards again....(sigh)

The Identity and Passport Office has appointed another advertising agency to persuade the public of the apparent benefits of ID cards.

The IPS has chosen Proximity after also hearing pitches from EHS Brann, Tequila and TMW. The firm will deal with "below the line" marketing - typically PR and promotions rather than billboard or media advertising.

The three or four year contract covers ID cards, passport and promotion of the General Register Office - where births, deaths and marriages are recorded.

The IPS already employs M&C Saatchi to promote the introduction of ID cards for foreigners to employers.

Back in March the IPS announced a "three to four year" contract with ad agency Abbot Mead Vickers BBDO to promote its services.

The IPS is already buying Google search terms to get its own website at the top of results for surfers looking for ID card information.

Apart from spin doctors the IPS has also awarded other contracts for the £4.7bn project.

These include CSC, which has grabbed the £385m contract for the enrolment system, while moneymaker De La Rue gets £400m to print new passports.

IBM will make the biometric database in exchange for £265m.

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Chris said...

Exactly which part of "No!" is too complex for these idiots? We are not their livestock to be tagged.

Ampers said...

... and so much for this being "dead in the water".

I hope all 645 of these insidious bastards die of an agonising disease before the next election.

Anonymous said...

A UK passport now costs over £70 and has gone up above the (bullshit) level of inflation again just to pay for this fiasco.

Anonymous said...

The way to counter their buying Google search terms is to produce a blog post with the title, "Do not register for a UK Id Card" and then have everyone who is against ID Cards and who has a blog link to that post.

It will gain enormous Google Juice and appear at the top of every result mentioning ID Cards and UK, or ID Cards coming from a UK IP address.

Dick the Prick said...

Why the fuck do they need to advertise passports? Either you fucking need 1 or not - not their fucking money is it - cunts.

Ruth said...

Anon 18:29 - like that idea. Could you possibly break that down into very simple steps as I've just started blogging & am still trying to get a grasp how it's all done?

Wesley Groves said...


Fausty said...

Just what we need. Another freking quango.

Don't we do assassinations any more? Have we stopped being patriotic?


banned said...

Back when I were a lad "below the line" meant 'phoning folk up, out of the blue or posting crap through their letterboxes, is all that still legal ?

Balding Nobhead Party said...

That would be the same IBM that helped the Nazis create their ID cards. And this all started under Blair who was folling orders from the house of Bush, also famous for funding the Nazis. Anyone seeing the bigger picture yet or are we still just laughing at the foil hatters? I am so glad none of this applies to me.

Antipholus Papps said...

Anyone seeing the bigger picture yet or are we still just laughing at the foil hatters?

As long as you keep dismissing us in such depressingly hypno-slave terms, we're laughing at you.

Balding Nobhead said...

I dismisseth you not. Under the rules of PC a derogoratory term is permisable provided that it has been 'reclaimed' by those it was origionaly intended to deride. Thus niggers can say nigger, faggots can say faggot and and foilhatters can say foilhatter. Hope this clears things up you moonbat.

Kaygee said...

IBM making huge databases of peoples details? That sounds oddly familiar...

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