Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Helmand Excluded- Terms And Conditions Apply

Some bastard shot me, I got £43 000 in compensation, then my employers sued me in the High Court to get it reduced to £9 000, because they think I am the scum of the earth, and they needed the cash for second homes and stuff.


VotR said...

Ministry of Defamation.

Four dead bodies came back home today from Afghanistan. They get no compensation. I bet the MOD are loving that.

Bloody government.

john in cheshire said...

I heard some arsehole on bbc4 news at 1pm today trying to justify their execrable policy on payments for injuries.
i am amazed that there isn't mass resignation from the forces as a result of this callous behaviour by this racist, dishonist so-called government.

Warsteiner said...

Posters on the ARRSE website are not happy.

MP's can claim more in expenses tha a serviceman crippled in action can receive in compensation - something horribly wrong there

AP said...

Some bitch in the city needed a million quid to get over her boss saying 'nice tits' at the Christmas party.

Another one wants 12 million because her boss was a bit mean to her for a few months

On that basis Bill Gates fortune wouldn't even begin to start compensating our grievously injured soldiers, and yet they aren't worth a bean to our disgraceful pack of bastards in the government

This is one sick twisted country

bofl-too lazy to sign in! said...

why has it taken so long for people to realise that this country is fucked?

a ruling elite that shits on everyone.......

Anonymous said...

Have we now therefore got armed forces who might not be very keen to shoot at their unarmed but protesting fellow countrymen when ordered to do so by Gordon? Fuckwit cunt!!

Rogerborg said...


Blokes who signed up to a job description that includes "getting shot" are blabbing when they get shot.

Earthlet Nigel said...


Now fuck off and learn about the military covenant, cunt

Anonymous said...

My binmen drive around in a brand new merc truck,whilst our troops (if they are lucky) get to fly around in 27 year old helicopters.
Surely there must be some senior people in the forces planning a coup?

Chalcedon said...

Don't forget that the Labour party has traditionally despised our armed forces. They might deploy them, but they despise them. I think it's because they are brave and show initiative under great stress. Mind you, the politicians hate us as well, the ordinary voters.

Pity our forces don't stage a coup and string the politicians up.

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