Friday, 3 July 2009

Fame at last.....

The Econimic Whatever


The Economic Voice said...

Excuse the hey fever.......

Shibby said...

You already had fame from your own efforts.

But it's very nice of them to make the video.

The Economic Voice said...

ooops that should be HAY fever .....and shit loads of mojitos

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

'Cunt' sounds better with a scottish accent. I should know, I've been called it often enough!

denverthen said...

Wasn't my fault. I hate your fucking site. I never visit it.

Pavlov's Cat said...

sorry Rab 'cunt' in a South London accent with a hard K is the best

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Pavlov's Cat is right, "Yew kant" is proper Queen's English.

Andy Murray, the lanky twat, may be addressed as "Oi, Murray yew racist, miserable scotch kant", whilst the midget rugby pundit Jonathan Davies may be addressed as "Oi, Davies yew whingeing, whining welsh kant".

There, that should do it.

Old Holborn said...

Nobody more likely to keep you up at night than Bricktop

A Orrible Cunt

The Economic Voice said...

@OH ref Bricktop
Well that's the baby sitter sorted.

Dick Puddlecote said...

sorry Rab 'cunt' in a South London accent with a hard K is the best

Pavlov, I always tell my kids enunciation is very important, they must emphasise the T too.

(shameless link alert) Perhaps that makes me a child abuser.

Ampers said...

Didgusting, OH, you should know better!

It's an 'orrible cunt!

Window Licker said...

Is that your sex face?

The Economic Voice said...

ejaculation occurred just before hand.....

But serious guys well done to OH that goes to show how it can be done if you get it right. I have been reading Blogs for a while like OH and Guido etc...and decided to start my own up and its bloody hard to get traffic like OH has done so without licking your shitty arse OH....Well done sir.

Right oim arf to get even more pissed before bed and dream in in envy of high traffic......cunt

banned said...

Let's forget the over-emphasis on the T ending.
You kanT'

Congrats OH

Pavlov's Cat said...

I once had a Brummie call me a cunt , to me it sounded like 'ya cooooont'

I thought it was a term of affection.

( you are right Dick , it’s a Hard K and hard T)

'Kant' is purely Viz, and mockney. There is still the guttural 'u' sound in the Sarf East, the ‘un’ is the same as the ‘un ‘ in Gun,
So it really should be pronounced as ‘Kunt ‘

caesars wife said...

As OH enjoys his deserved vat of champagne or is vat 69 ,caesars wife has had an attack of the vapours and come over all wordsmithing like .

The Mirage of ecnmonic wealth is fading as we get nearer to the truth about Nu labour , there is deep stain of fiscal incontinence to be found in the underpants of the treasury . Perhaps they are indeed just "pants" they scrub away publically at the crusty deposite of "ecnomic truth" on the gusset of the fabric that cradles the crown jewels ,hoping it wont be visible or leave a noticable whiff. With new improved brain wash we can achieve 0% growth and make Britain 0% more than it ever has been , double what it what be under a conservative government .

Two spoons of vanish in with new improved brain wash and those stains just disappear , rather like the PFI debt. yes £200 bn (cw own projected figure for this finacial year for public borrowing) is not that bad . It as we say in wonk think tank speak a re adjustment so that the boom years cannot be made to look like the biggest fraud ever committed .

old mcdonald had a debt ey eye ey eye oh

and on that debt he could do ablsolutely nothing as the goverment had enslaved him to tractor stats ey eye ey eye oh

with a whip crack here and bio metric card there , here a law there a law everywhere a camera

old mcdonald had a farm , but then the state owned it ey eye ey eye oh.

bing bing news flash just from labour HQ , the new 5 point pledge card .

1 We will ruin the economy for who ever gets elected next , weve made loads of dosh from you suckers, we cant thank your past voting stupidity enough.

2 We will spend a lot of debt but call it investment in growth to get 0% improvement for the country for the benefit of all.

3 We will allow the election of mps but only after the parlimentary governing body have approved if they sound labour enough

4 Every child born in the UK will have a bank balance of minus £18000
to give them the start in life we want them to have , we will call it the "baby debt booster account"

5 It will be the right of every citizen to give most of there wages and or spending in taxes to us , for a very long time to come.

everday i see this faux parade of ministers acting for the people and calling it governance it makes so proud. Sham bo whose bad !!

The Beast of Clerkenwell said...

The first welsh person that I have ever liked

Guthrum said...


Anonymous said...

Wow.. I know that face...

Thats the first time I have ever heard TC use the word "CUNT"

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