Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Everybody APPLY

Tyne and Wear Museums
Discovery Museum

Diversify Museum Trainee (Positive Action Traineeship)

Ref: M920Living Allowance of £10,940 - £11,468 per annum 37 hours per week

Temporary Traineeship for Two Years

Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums/North East Regional Museums Hub are offering a two-year full-time traineeship to prepare a person of African, African-Caribbean, Asian or Chinese descent for work in museums and galleries. This traineeship is being offered as part of the Museum Association’s Diversify initiative aimed at improving access to museum careers. The traineeship is funded by the MLA (the Museums, Libraries & Archives Council) via Renaissance North East. This is an excellent opportunity to gain experience of working in a range of museum functions at the equivalent level of a Curatorial Assistant, whilst studying for a recognised qualification. The Diversify traineeship includes part-time training in Museum/Curatorial practice at Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums, a free place on the part-time MA in Museum Studies degree course at Newcastle University, and free attendance to the Museums Association annual conference and other events.

You will be flexible, enthusiastic and committed to developing a career within museums and galleries in the UK. You will also have a first or upper second class honours degree or equivalent qualifications/experience that will meet university admission requirements, be eligible for home student university fees, and be of African, African-Caribbean, Asian or Chinese descent (Section 37 and Section 38 of the Race Relations Act 1976 apply).To apply, please complete the application form attached, or contact Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums on 0191 232 6789 (Answer Phone) for an application pack. Please Note: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Closing Date: 9 July 2009

Quick, everyone APPLY : 0191 232 6789

Leave this address for your info pack (it is an answerphone):

P.O. Box 1132, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE99 4YT. (local BNP)

Remember, we are all equal now. Harriet said so.
UPDATE: AS Mark Wadsworth reminds us, we are ALL of African descent.


Shibby said...


Anonymous said...

Weirdly enough, this has already happened. Same job advert, different council, and 3 years ago. The results of a white man applying for this job are exactly what you would expect, he is turned away because of his skin colour.

And to Mr Keenan's amazement he discovered the non-whites only museum job was perfectly legal under the 1976 Race Relations Act.

Councillor Paul Elgood, chairman of the city's Equality Forum, said: "I have every sympathy for this applicant. The tragedy is that this kind of step has become necessary because of a long-term failing of the council to achieve a balanced workforce."

Mark Wadsworth said...

WTF, I thought that scientists reckon that we are all of African descent, as humans first evolved in the Congo or somewhere, and the more intelligent and/or adventurous ones have spent the last few hundred thousand years f***ing off somewhere nicer.

On that basis even an Eskimo or South American Native Indian is qualified.

microdave said...

The Race Relations Act 1976 (Amendment) Regulations 2003

"Exception for genuine occupational requirement
4A. - (1) In relation to discrimination on grounds of race or ethnic or national origins -

(2) This subsection applies where, having regard to the nature of the employment or the context in which it is carried out -

(a) being of a particular race or of particular ethnic or national origins is a genuine and determining occupational requirement."

No doubt Julia M will put me right, but this little snippet seems to be relevant. My question is: Why is there a specific need for this post to be filled by someone of "African, African-Caribbean, Asian or Chinese descent."

Wouldn't it be reasonable to assume that a native Geordie might be better placed to work in a museum?

Isn't this just another example of "box ticking"?

Uncle Albert said...

Don't let them get away with this. This needs to go viral.

CryBaby said...

Get down there with the mother of all tans.

Sue said...

This is not funny.

It's blatant racial discrimination against anyone white.

How is this equality?

Field Marshall Watkins said...

Sue, it's cultural Marxism, a technique designed specifically to destroy evil Western societies to push them towards Socialism/ Communism.

You do this by disenfranchising the dominant demographic. The ensuing chaos is 'remedied' by the state, which then positions itself as the first and only arbitor of all social, legal, sexual, financial disputes, (another reason for the destruction of the nuclear family). The state is god, Socialist styleeee.

All your individuals are belong to us.

They are only interested in Equality of Outcome as opposed to Equality of Opportunity, which is what I'd give them (10 secs) before I start hunting them down with a baseball bat.

VotR said...

Fucking Harriet. She has so much to answer for.

Have an appropriate day, Harm Man.

Anonymous said...

I wrote to my MP complaining about this...not that it will do any good....


Blah, blah...

I was therefore suprised to see this advert:

Now, given the mutterings of Harriet Harman, recent legislation and a quick check on the Equality and Human Rights it would appear this is indeed discriminatory. To use the words of the EHR "if the job has a genuine occupational requirement for someone from a particular community" - nothing in that advert suggests that job description genuinly requires someone from a certain ethnicity.

Indeed, I would go further than that. I used to work in that museum when it was called the Hancock museum. I worked there for 5 years in school holidays and any other opportunity I could muster. Well formed was I in the art of taxidermy and general curatorial matters - futher than that I also worked in the Laing Art gallery on restoration projects. One would think such experience beneficial...sadly not so.

My point being, that I am, as a result of that wording, excluded on the grounds of ethnicity should I wish to apply for that job - in fact I would love to apply given that an MA is fully funded.

Can anyone in the Govt explain to me why I am excluded, as it appears that advertisment is against the law on grounds of discrimination. I could also say if that advertisment specifically called for white, native caucasion it would be deemed as discrimination would it not?

I am currently in the process of deep discussion with my 10yr old daughter in the subject of race relations, trying to help her form her own understanding why fairness for all is important, right and proper. When this advert is presented to me, I cannot explain nor indeed give any authoritive answer to her why this advert is appropriate and an advert requiring 'white natives' is not.

Perhaps the Minister For Equality can explain this to me...in detail!

Yours sincerely,

The Ghost of Michael Jackson said...

I would apply but I is a whitey

Anonymous said...

'and be of African, African-Caribbean, Asian or Chinese descent (Section 37 and Section 38 of the Race Relations Act 1976 apply).'

Easier to just say 'Whites Not Welcome' isn't it? And it'll be more honest too.

No doubt tomorrow the BBC will be telling us discrimination against whites for jobs is also a ‘myth’, just like immigrants getting preferential treatment for council housing is, apparently.

Hogday said...

`bout time we ditched the RRA and got ourselves a constitution.

Anonymous said...

Don't let them get away with this. This needs to go viral.

Yes - but if you are copying this, don't say "P.O. Box 1132, etc. (local BNP)," because the Labourtards will jump on that as evidence of your "racism".

JPT said...

I don't fancy it to be honest...they wouldn't like me.

Uwinsom Ulosum said...

All I can say is; "Well fuck me hard up the arse, take my money, and call me Whitey, why don't you?"

No wonder the BNP are gaining such momentum - they are the exact opposite alternative to Labour. (I myself would prefer something nearer the long term balance/stability, say 'equal' or conservative.)

This is pure, raw, undisguished cuntishness towards whites. How far we have come down the shitty road in just 12 years...this is no slippery slope, I have slid down the dirty shit-covered slide and can clearly forsee hell in England...

...and breathe.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you've got any right to involve and/or implicate the BNP in this little stunt.

It is only likely to generate a negative story in whatever the local rag is up there in Nu-Castle.

Why not use the local LPUK PO Box instead ?

WV: aninglia

P.S. McEgan may have changed his pseudonym but he's still a fucking cunt.

Anonymous said...

Just called up, no longer an answermachine - you get put through to reception...

microdave said...

Anon 14.01 You have confirmed my thoughts. However couldn't you claim that Geordies are a minority, or special interest group? After all it seems to work for the "Travellers"....

charcoal said...

can we expect to see whites only jobs advertised in Indian Restaurants. Surely the balance must be redressed there?

zentoina said...

Just to puncture all yours bleating about how badly life in the UK 2K9 treats y'all, due to the equality laws an' all that sh*t, note the penultimate (that's the one before the last one, for the knuckle-draggers on here) sentence in this:


Anonymous said...

I am currently in the process of deep discussion with my 10yr old daughter in the subject of race relations, trying to help her form her own understanding why fairness for all is important, right and proper. When this advert is presented to me, I cannot explain nor indeed give any authoritive answer to her why this advert is appropriate and an advert requiring 'white natives' is not.

Perhaps the Minister For Equality can explain this to me...in detail!

You will get no explanation at all. Your function and mine is just to help provide the funds.

Other Steve said...

Don't shoot the messenger but the reason this outrage is legal is in the quoted sections of the Race Relations Act. They allow positive discrimination if "a particular group or gender is under represented".

If it said grossly under represnted it might be forgiveable. As it is it's a licence for wrong doing.

However the BNP can't exactly say whites are under represented.

Joe Public said...

Don't just post comments on this Blog:-

1. Complain to Trevor Phillips at:

2. Complain about apparent discrimination against certain ethnic minorities e.g Eskimos, Aborigines, Native Americans, Mayans etc?

Anonymous said...

waaaa a a Just ordered my trainee ship !

just the job that I am looking for but one that is in short supply as if the occur the ethnic erm ,, minority jump the q...

woman on a raft said...

if "a particular group or gender is under represented".

Yes, other Steve, but legally it's a lot more complex than that and I've just suffered a nose-bleed trying to work it out.

By the miracle of Googlebooks, the extracts from a lead text are available. You want the bottom of p. 573 onwards (mind out for gaps)

Townshend-Smith on Discrimination Law
Michael Connolly
Routledge Cavendish 2004

The gist, on p. 577, is that the employer must show that employees from a group are disproportionately under-represented compared to the normal recruitment area. So they would have to say what their normal recruitment area is, and the author says that proportions matter, not strict numbers. So I've no idea what that means in practice. Museum curators are drawn from all over the country.

At any rate, Mr Hughes from Hackney was turned down for a job as a municipal gardener and he won his case for racial discrimination.
(Hughes V London Borough of Hacney Unreported, London Central Industrial Tribunal 1986).

In Hansard, (24 Nov 2005 Colum 1706) Mr. Doug Henderson (Newcastle upon Tyne, North) (Lab), said that the imigrants in his constituency are from Eastern European. That would mean they are white and are automatically excluded. Just because they are white, it doesn't entitle Newcastle to assume that is one homogeneous ethnic group.

It might be that Chinamen are disproportionately poorly represented in curatorial services compared to their normal area of recruitment, but it might also be that they are generally clever and hard-working and are properly represented; the council has to show that it is favouring a group which is objectively under-represented, before it discriminates on racial grounds against a similarly qualified white Geordie. I will bet the council has undertaken no such analysis.

Things have moved on since 1986, but I don't reckon Newcastle are as water-tight as they think.

Anonymous said...

Woman on a raft...exactly.

And that is something, depending on the answer I will pursue - not because I want to apply, but because I want to show what an utter sham 'Equality' is in this country..........under Labour!

I can sure as bet my last chip the council have not taken any analysis and as I say depending on the answer, I shall challlenge them on stating that they show the following are underrepresented:

East African, South African, East Asian, South Asian(Indian), Oceanic, Native Australians, Central American Natives, South American Natives, Arab, Hispanic/Chicano Mestisos, Malays, American Creoles, Slavs, Central Asians, Brazilians, Chinese, Mongolian, Japanese, Irish, Welsh...etc etc etc etc etc ad infinitum whether they exist through the 3 main races, through isolation or interbreeding which established 'ethnicity'.

Incidentally, I have had a reply that representations are being made to the Museum Service by my MP as a starting point...

Other Steve said...

Thanks Woman on a Raft, sorry about the nosebleed but very useful research.

Legal or not it's wrong

banned said...

Imagine the disappointment of all those of African, African-Caribbean, Asian or Chinese descent when they read as far as "... You will also have a first or upper second class honours degree ".

killemallletgodsortemout said...

I'm in love with woman on a raft.

Anonymous said...

I'm of African decsent and white, so what they really mean is a black skin they can parade around to fufill a quota.

They probably pay the cleaners more, the cheeky racist cunts.

Nick von Mises said...

Yeah, there's got to be some white Afrikaneers at Newcastle Uni who fancy applying for that job.

Make the fuckers say "no whites welcome" instead of hiding behind that African-descent weaseling.

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