Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Don Blairlioni and the EU

I notice that her Royal Highness, Baroness Glenys Kinnock of Troughvillegochgochgochinthevalleys has let the cat out of the bag by announcing to the peasants that Lord Blair of Baghdad is to be the UK’s candidate for President of the Known Universe and the EU.

Oops. Apparently, this position can only be up for grabs once the Lisbon Treaty is ratified and to do announce such a thing would indicate that the treaty is to ratified whether the bogtrotters, Krauts and various other assorted “criminals” throughout the EUSSR agree to it or not.

Get ready to take to the Streets. The Mafia are appointing a new Super Don. It is going to be bloody.


Newgates Knocker said...

Well, well, there is a surprise. Guess what? Your votes don't count anymore. But will Jo public care enough to riot, not unless they ban the Xfactor. Fucked is the word I think.
It was all planned a long time ago. people have just woken up a little too late!
Wishing there was a lake of shit to drown the treacherous bastards in.

Anna Raccoon said...

Our parents gave us a free country - and we give our children?????

OH, could you attend to your gmail pse?

Anonymous said...

Burn it. Burn it all.

Griblett said...

Most people couldn't give a toss what happens to their lives as long as there's bread and circuses.

It's not the tv going off-air that'll cause meltdown. It's running out of food that would finally push the sheeple into revolt.

Are we going to run out of food? I don't know but it's the ONLY thing that the proles will be vaguely concerned with. And even that can be circumvented with govt. soup kitchens.

So unless you know that food hell is coming, then I wouldn't get your hopes up. For the rest of your life.

Fausty said...

That commie windbag was put in the job for her sycophancy and ability to blag (lie) without conscience or pause for breath.

"The precise role of the EU president has not been laid out. The Swedish government, which currently holds the six-month EU presidency, has suggested drawing up a proper job description before seeing which available political figure fits it best."

The political movers in the EU, France and Germany, will probably like that because they can write the description to suit their candidate of preference. Sarkozy's not backing Blair - thank God.

Dan Hannan raised an interesting point yesterday - that the EU Constitution was "revived as the Lisbon Treaty", the only changes being removal of EU flag, EU anthem and EU army. And then the EP opened with uniformed Eurocops soldiers holding a ceremony with the background of EU flat and Beethoven's 9th!

He concludes: "Now, Taoiseach, what was that you were saying about how the EU had dropped its plans for militarisation?"

We should bombard Irish newspapers and forums with the above, to rival Quietzapple's efforts.

I'm ready to take to the streets if the c*nting treaty is ratified.

VotR said...

They are all in it together. It's all fixed. Corrupt world.

Man in the Street said...

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to put 2 bullets in quick succession through the skulls of the hatchet faced bitch and her side kick "we're all right" bastard husband.

The Economic Voice said...

Well said Griblett........

Everyone is still soundly asleep only to be distracted by "Circuses" when they briefly awake.

Blair President of Europe?....let him be long as the U.K. has nothing to do with Europe and pulls out me xenophobic, hell I cant even leave my own village to go down to the shops for a pint of milk in case I bump into someone who isn't local.

I hate anyone who isn't from Pontsticill or Vaynor.

Driving through my village these terrorists posing as tourists (Notice how similar they sound) talking with accents that arnt dialects from within my local 5 mile radius!!!!!

Anyway back to the plot

Ladies and Gentlemen prepare to be conned into giving ALL your civil liberties taken away....the ones that are left anyway

JD said...


Join the group - show some support. Also:,15.0.html

Wesley Groves said...

Glynis? I shook Arthur Scargills hand once and heard a Cwn Rhondda whine. Twas the beast of Pontypool. I blanked the bitch.

Ruth said...

I blogged about that cunt Blair's aspirations to be EU President back in March 2008 - and about the petition against it

If anyone hasn't signed the petition yet, but wants to, please do! Hope you don't mind me posting this linK OH. Please delete if you're unhappy with it.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Definitely time to wheel out the old "cunto di tutti cunti" line ....

jailhouselawyer said...

The only thing I want to see Tony Blair in is the dock of a war crimes tribunal.

caesars wife said...

lady kinnock annouced it as if that shouldnt tell you enough !!

chin up chaps and chapesses, its not over yet , the ruin is still pm.

CW thinks ed millibands annoucement is not true as carbon capture reducs the energy conversion of the power plants ergo you will have to burn more coal for the same ammount of leccy when you attach a scrub and gas compression plant to the side .They are only about 55% efficient as they are .

Anonymous said...

"Wesley Groves said...

I shook Arthur Scargills hand once"

That shows just what a complete and utter marxist cock-sucker you are then, doesn't it McEgan ?

You fucking cunt.

Old Holborn said...


The only thing I have in my gmail from you is a note mentioning that you don't have hairy armpits.

Hope this helps

Wesley Groves said...

Anon 18.35 been banned again by the Torygraph? Still, you can always get that essential Tom Of Finland reading done now, eh?

Anonymous said...

Yep, I'll take to the streets with me placards and T - shirt slogans fascist fuckers

Custard said...

I heard this on the telly last night. Yet another coffe cup went whizzing through the air, screen bound. Luckily my shot was less accurate than an England bowler.


Custard said...

Oh dear. Nothing too trivial, we hope.

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