Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The Chinese Are Not Interested in Mere "Kettling"

I wonder if they have been told to display identity numbers? Or maybe they are all imposters?
If I was an itinerant newspaper seller I'd keep out of the way for a while.

The Penguin


Field Marshall Watkins said...

They found that imposter by the way.

Imposter arrested.

Wesley Groves said...

Watch the cunts in Whitehall dither as if they tell Peking to knock it on the 'ead it will effect trade. New Scotland Yard delenda est.

Anonymous said...

Atleast they know how to deal with those "Religion of Peace" muppets!

Anonymous said...

O/T Since you introduced me to labour list I cannot help but notice many of their hot debate topics relate to the LGBT community.Are they obsessed?

Reimer said...

Ah, China...a possible future paradigm for our society, I suspect that some civil servants and politicos hope.

Didn't the Eastern Bloc get a far harder time from the West's leaders for far less abuse of its people during the post-Stalin years? Ah, but the EB wasn't economically (and thus politically) 'on-side'.


Nickie Goomba said...

Imagine the worst possible outcome. That'll be it. New Labour.

Anonymous said...

You saw what happened when the soviet union broke up with all the little stans that sprung up. The Chinese rightly or wrongly won't let that happen. You might like to ask the opinion of the second most well know Buddhist after Richard Gere the Dali Lama what he thinks providing he can find his Gucci shoes.

Barking Spider said...

Gordon Brown's "vision for the future."

banned said...

Giving the " Ethnic Muslim " ( BBC ) Uighur Community a good kicking in their own land.

Thousands of Chinese troops pour into Urumqi to end unrest
No poncing about with 'kettling' there.

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