Sunday, 19 July 2009

BBC no longer dumbed down

Nope, not at all. I've just had a look at what we are to be treated with using our money
A season of programmes exploring what it is like to be young and growing up in Britain in 2009.

Boob Job: My Big Decision - series-->
Underage and Pregnant - series
Young, Dumb and Living Off Mum- series
Baby Beauty Queens
Otto: Love, Lust & Las Vegas
Britain's Most Embarrassing Parents
The Autistic Me

Can't wait.


VotR said...

Quality entertainment, OH.

Anyone remember when people watched TV for fun?

Anonymous said...

FFS! So glad I don't bother with a TV licence these days. Basically this is all more 'dumbing down' to make us a nation of Brave New World dumbkopfs - ready to go 'how high?' very time we're told to jump. I'd rather go & watch some paint dry than watch that crap.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I've sky plussed them. Cheers for the heads up!

Mitch said...

Are they "how too guides" or freak shows like that Kyle blokes stuff?
Either way that's my money which has been taken with menaces.
Time the Beeb was broken up and flogged off.

Fuck the BBC said...

BBC3 is crap.

Dick the Prick said...

Baby fucking beauty queens - one for the all inclusive paedo demographic no doubt? Utter cunts.

FireForce said...

Never bought a T.V. license, never will, or only when they tell the truth.
Arse bandits the lot of'em.
And now my channels have gone to bits as they have changed to digital, wont be buying a new T.V. now.

Anonymous said...

is that a new presenter for erm BBC's Blue Peter

Chalcedon said...

FFS! What a load of bollocks. Yet they only funded 5 episodes of Torchwood which they sell all over the world. These 'reality' CHEAp TV shows are rubbish. If I want a bunch of morons in my living room I can drag a few in off the street . I don't want them on my TV. I don't watch much BBC thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

More state TV. But they say its for cultural reasons. Cultural engineering, agendas backed by both parties. The top always like to spend the middles money and say its for the bottoms benefit.

I Predict as the country's economic situation gets worse and worse, the BBC will get more surreal as it talks up unreal green shoots. It already seems surreal on many other agendas as the title of these crazy programms demonstrate.

fuck it said...

You missed off "All star celebrity dog fisting", hosted by Graham Norton and Michael Barrymore's new series "Pool Apprentice".

Worth every fucking penny of the license fee that shit is.

Anonymous said...

You mean no how to be a property speculator? Oh dear never mind when they make another perhaps just perhaps they might mention capital gains tax.

Anonymous said...

Those property shows should come with a government warning.

"Abject property speculation could cause bubbles that lead to complete economic crash and world war 3"

Man in the Street said...

Get rid of Radio 1,2,6,Asian Network BBC TV channels 3 and 4

Trim down their bloated web presence to 'News', sport and weather. Kill the Entertainment, Weird and Wonderful, Food and Music crap.

Kill all the forum bollocks - it's moderated so must cost shit loads.

Fausty said...

MitS, if only. It's so debasing - precisely the opposite of what the BBC is supposed to be 'for'.

The Beast of Clerkenwell said...

Looks like a good night out.

Harri said...

Its probably of no consolation, but BBC World, is even worse than one could possibly imagine?

And the cunts have adverts !

"Hardtalk" Hard to fucking understand more like.

CryBaby said...

I've sent them my thoughts on this through their complaints department. Also told them what I think of them and their unjustified tv license. BBCunts

Cukas said...

How many more documentaries telling us how wonderful islam is for world peace???


manfromthefuture said...

Except that it’s still legal to avoid the TV license fee by throwing your TV out. TV is drivel and if you watch it, you’ll end up buying expensive toothpaste and shampoo. There’s never any actual content. However, the TV people wrote to me recently claiming I need a TV licence for my mobile phone - just in case I accidentally see some BBC material.

Henry North London said...

I hardly have reason to use Iplayer these days... Its a crying shame

Wesley Groves said...

The BBC money isn't going on wages for the ones taking part in some of these progs, viz "Do you think you're funny?" about "new" stand-up comedy. Fergie sez "When I got there they were mostly on the local circuit, no beginners. I read the contract. No payment, but free B&B". Trebles all round.

Rogerborg said...

When I were a lad, I seem to recall that BBC "light entertainment" mostly involved putting clever people on the telly, and saying "Look, aspire to be like them."

Now they showcase the untermenschen. And here's the thing. Even if they're ripping the piss, the message is still "If you're chavvy enough, you'll get on telly". And that's all Wayne and Sho-Shwana really give a fuck about.

My fat frigid slob of a wife insist on paying the BBC tithe (with the money I earn, obviously), but given my druthers, the BBC can suck the cheese from my nob. I mean, the few that wouldn't enjoy it.

Thud said...

The BBC..perverts and freaks across the board...consistent though.

Harri said...

Look you are all on the ' Database' so all in all... what you gonna do !

Emifuckinggrate... lots of us have you know? and now we laugh whence once we held our collective heads in our hands and basicly just fucking wept !

Fuck em ! the world is so much larger than the BBC database you know ?

Take away there cash flow, you take away there dummy !

Again, Fuck em ! they broke it! they can fucking well fix it ?

Now , i am going down the pub for a litre of beer at the outragous price of 60 pence, and i will smoke ( a lot ) wherever and however i fucking well please !

And not even one 'righteous' cunt in sight !

Field Marshall Watkins said...

I was going to defend the BBC by saying at least they broadcasted the Xmas Science Lectures, which I used to love, but I think it's Channel Four that does that.

So fuck the BBC. It threatens a population to cough up and turns around and says' look people give us BILLIONS' aren't we loved!

I've never paid for a license. Never will. I don't give a fuck if they broadcase the secrets of the universe. Had their 'inspectors' around a few times though.

Laugh in their face and close the door. Only thing you should ever say to them is 'No Comment'

Nothing has ever happened to me. Don't fill out any of their forms, don't reply to 'correct their database' don't do shit.

Ignore them, they stink. Bunch of self-righteous Commie monkeys.

Field Marshall Watkins said...

By the way, apart from the Autistic one, and the Baby Beauty Queens, they could have filmed the rest in my zoo. They could have added some;

*Boys Who Think They're Gangsters.
*Parents Who Can't Cook.
*Liberty? Isn't That a Pop Group?
*How To DeEvolve Intelligent Individuals Into Passive Ignorant Serfs.

I should become a BBC programmer.

Wesley Groves said...

Wasn't Boyz who think dey is Gangstas done as Bad Lads Army? (With all the real bad lads being omitted).

spark up said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
spark up said...


"cultural reasons"

that means a more 'british' focus - on ballroom-fucking-dancing, for example. and there's even been a drive to promote ballroom-dancing in inner-city state-schools. nobs.

little miss jocelyn (dame of the hackney empire) said...

"no longer dumbed down"

that's me fucked then - those programmes sound far too high-brow.

spark up said...


piss off before you get your gob clamped.

Ivor Bigot said...

Jesus fucking wept. I thought maybe you'd cherry-picked the worst of the bunch, but no, that really is it. Thank fuck for the internet, at least there's access to alternatives to this bollox. Shame so many continue to sit goggle-eyed at this fetid output.

Leg-iron said...

Baby Beauty Pageant?

That will no doubt be on the 'series record' list on Gary Glitter's Sky-plus.

In a country where you can be arrested for taking photos outside a school (not recommended unless you're happy to be beaten up and have your camera nicked, and then be arrested both for photographing children and bruising their knuckles), the BBC is going to transmit images of little children dressed up like tarts.

What the hell are they thinking? Steer well clear of that one online, you don't want those pictures in your cache!

Spook said...

Leg-iron 22:15

It's done on purpose. To make you feel exactly as you have articulated.

1. Laws to outlaw common sense.
2. Programmes broadcast to make you feel 'dirty' when you aren't.
3. Population questions itself.
4. Population fucked.

Field Marshall Watkins said...

Sounds like the BBC have been dusting off their Soviet Psychopolitics manual;

In order to be conquered, a nation must be degraded, either by acts of war, by being overrun, by being forced into humiliating treaties of peace, or by the treatment of her populace under the armies of the conqueror. However, degradation can be accomplished much more insidiously and much more effectively by consistent and continual defamation.

Defamation is the best and foremost weapon of Psychopolitics on the broad field. Continual and constant degradation of national leaders, national institutions, national practices, and national heroes must be systematically carried out, but this is the chief function of the Communist Party Members, in general, not the psychopolitician.

The realm of defamation and degradation, of the psychopolitician, is Man himself. By attacking the character and morals of Man himself, and by bringing about,through contamination of youth, a general degraded feeling, command of the populace is facilitated to a very marked degree.

caesars wife said...

i would like to commisson a series of programs about getting out of bed called Wakey Wakey

Bad Lads parliment in which feckless mps are tasked with bringing eletricty and water to Mogadishu and drawing suffiecent tax revenue to pay there salaries .
think apprentice but with ak47 and live rounds

suggest sit com .
One foot in the shitter , story of labour PPC whose just bagged windsor constituancey

and sexy city drama prog called hotel tax payer blagg

health service drama called

cough up till youll die!

contryside program for the straw munchers

er ma cows a gone from the field

thought provoking comedy

Wesley Groves said...

Leg-Iron it has been done. Called "Mini-Pops" & Philip Larkin wrote about it. Not that I have much time for most of his emissions.

Little Black Sambo said...

How much does the BBC website cost, and why should it be paid for out of tax?

Anonymous said...

Would rather saw my leg off with a bread knife than be subjected to this horror.

Almost makes one think this is a war of propaganda, a war of disillusion.

Revolution is coming. The chaff will be removed.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Would rather saw my leg off with a bread knife than be subjected to this horror.

Almost makes one think this is a war of propaganda, a war of disillusion.

Revolution is coming. The chaff will be removed.

21 July 2009 03:21


The middleclasses will keep moving into ever higher ivory towers and the ignorant amoungst them will blame it all on `chavs` rather than themselfs, while everyone will have all rights stripped from them in a third world EUSSR slave camp called Britain.

Just waiting for the NWO and Labour with Blue Labour supporting to announce the new slogan -

poverty is wealth

there is no means for the people to gain power, all avenues are blocked by the NWO bankers and their media, by the time you and your dog have got your shit together under a never ending barrage of propaganda they will cart you off to the death camps.

A little tip - the people who now own you, don't like you!

Can't you tell?

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