Saturday, 4 July 2009

The BBC Charter

4.The Public PurposesThe Public Purposes of the BBC are as follows—
(a)sustaining citizenship and civil society;
(b)promoting education and learning;
(c)stimulating creativity and cultural excellence;
(d)representing the UK, its nations, regions and communities;

For this largely unemployable people in any other walk of life, get to live high on the back of the licence fee (Tax) from everyone of us that is compelled to have a State Licence to watch TV or even own a set through threats and coercion.

They then fail to honour their own charter-

They are not sustaining citizenship because they deny access to any party unless it is the Labour Party or Conservatives, even the Lib Dems struggle. So impoverishing our democracy. The Expenses scandal would not have been reported by the BBC which once upon a time had a hard hitting current affairs format.

Education & Learning ! more like lecturing and hectoring

Stimulating creativity and cultural excellence- considering the output of the BBC would you say that they were honouring their side of the deal ?

As to Regions & Communities- never has an organisation been so Londoncentric in its views and dogma.

Lets face it the BBC is the Propaganda Ministry of the State, it is funded by a Tax, and who ever is in power controls the BBC.

Its time it was scrapped along with the 'Licence' Fee.


Ampers said...

And now I read they want to scrap it themselves!

They want a tax on people's electricity bills, or on their council tax instead.

Their reasoning is that some people may be watching their TV on iPlayer and not buying a licence.

ISTR, years ago, they mentioned that all PC owners should have to buy a TV licence but that never took off!


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Indeed Ampers, I just blogged on it. There is a link to the story.

Scrobs... said...

The Beeb are unable to control their destiny, because voters eventually will.

If Cameron got off his arse, stopped pissing about, and said this, they'd soon have to believe in him, whatever they could do to deter their demise.

Why on earth can't Cameron get a lobby behind the Independents, just to cricify the BBC?

It's about time.

Anonymous said...

If you want to punch a BBC cunt make your way to the Gay Pride march. There'll be a 50/50 chance whoever you slap will be in the pay of the devil.

Goodnight Vienna said...

The more this goes on the more I resent the licence fee. It's time the BBC stood on its own 2 feet without taxpayer and EU funding.

Anonymous said...

But, don't you all understand? It's FREE. Like the NHS is FREE. And the Beeb, like the NHS, delivers some cracking good stuff occasionally. But it's FREE.

However, if you go to Germany or France, their NHS is not free - it's insurance-based (except for baseline stuff - AOK in Germany). It is better than our NHS, because somebody is paying and exerting control. So, let someone pay for the Beeb and exert some control as well. No such thing as a free lunch. But, just a thought, are commercial channels better or worse than the Beeb? Oh. They are crap also? Ermmmm.

Anonymous said...

Ever tried listening to the world service radio ? Believe it or not many people do to try and improve their English skills. I live abroad and have given up on it because of non native English speakers who through PC let people whom I can't understand broadcast. This has fuck all to do with racism but everything to do with what it is supposed to do i.e. broadcast in the English language and not someone from Somalia who think they can speak English, I have some bad news for them, they can't and theres no subtitles on radio. I want to listen to recieved Englsh not Andy ( I have problems with drink) fucking Kershaw from Rochdale ee up lad.We also have a satelite dish only slightly smaller than the one at Joderall Bank so we can recieve thousands of TV channels free so we get BBC world TV as well just as well its free, absolute crap "thank you very much indeed" and where did that come from? When they manage to remove their tongue from McBroon's arse they go to Africa over to you, some fuckwit in some market in the back and beyond and thank you very much indeed for that shite over to you Alistair for the weather in Rio I have been there and I can confirm people there have fucking windows so they know what the weather is like in Rio without some overpaid fat cunt telling them. What I really want to know is why we need two of these overpaid twats at £ 90 grand a year plus with laptop computers reading the news? It's not as though they have to go and get it all these fuckers do is read it oh, is it my turn? £140 a year a bargain keeps Wossy and Wogan in luxury.

suigmypiel said...

I posted this on rab's as well.

We're in the middle of the worst recession ever and all fuckwit Thompson can witter on about in more money for the BBC. take a fucking pay cut you bunch of lefty cunts.
I stopped paying the cunts last year as I was sick of their anti-English, pro everyone one else in the world especially muslims, the EU, homos and zanu-labour party members. I still enjoy watching some of there stuff, the more so 'cos I am getting it for free.
I would urge all good and honest citizens (this will be anyone who is not a labour party member/supporter) to stop paying the TV tax. It is so easy.

banned said...

Just sell the bloody BBC, face it, it's crap and so is telly in general, so fucking 20th C.

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with the sentiments on this posting. I hate the BBC and i'm really disappointed in having to say that. I have long wanted to believe it is an essential part of this country's culture. But it isn't. It's a problem and it needs to be lanced. Sack the whole lot of them. Make them apply for their jobs, in front of a body of ordinary people. They won't get them back, that's for sure.

I would like to see punishment on a biblical scale for all the socialists who have turned this green and pleasant land into a third world slum. And the BBC are at the forefront of this onslaught.

john in cheshire

Dave said...

In the mail on Sunday

and if that don't make your blood boil try this

Fuck the fuckers up teh fucking arse with a pointed stick.
Fucking scum

paul said...

Its about time BBC competed on a level playing field with 3,4,5 ie commercials, no tax. See how long they can pump out shite presented by overpaid muppets who cant speak properly (Im looking at you Ross)with that model.

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