Saturday, 11 July 2009

Barracking the BNP

Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons, the newly elected (note: elected, in free, fair and democratic elections) as representatives to the European Parliament, are to be dangled like carrion at the gates of Strasbourg to ward off any other upstart party that dares to encroach on Labour's core vote.

Under new guidelines drafted in Whitehall and in the Foreign Office following the June elections to the European parliament, the two BNP leaders will be kept at arm's length from the kind of routine contacts and socialising that take place between British civil servants and MEPs in Brussels and Strasbourg.

This is setting a dangerous - though appealing on several levels, new precedent. It seems that the majority party can now instruct the (impartial) civil service to ostracise a minority party. That will be highly amusing when Labour become, as they inevitably will, a micro minority party at the next election.

I shall resist the temptation to insert here the standard clause when discussing the BNP - hateful people, disgraceful, thugs etc. The truth is that although I have been told, ad nauseum, that this is so, I have only read their election manifesto and am thus not privy to the privileged 'background' information that others claim to have. I am thus in the same position as the vast majority of voters. I judge each party on their manifesto - you wouldn't want me to be put off voting for a party by listening to scurrilous rumours of Peter Mandelson's antics in Morocco, or tales of Jeremy Thorpe's dark deeds on Dartmoor, would you?

Apparently the heinous crime of having convinced 1,000,000 million people to vote for policies, policies that were helpfully promoted at every opportunity by Nu-Labour, of sending recent arrivals to these overcrowded shores back whence they came, was 'racist', and racist is bad, don't you know.

Quite how anybody is supposed to have a discussion regarding the advisability of allowing hundreds of thousands of new 'would-be' citizens into the UK without being racist is beyond me. The race that inhabits the United Kingdom is the British race, if the people who wished to come and live in the UK were British, there would be no discussion, they would merely be 'returning home' and not applying for citizenship. Those who are queueing up for citizenship are by definition of another race, and therefore any comment regarding disallowing them to do so is by definition racist.

I am aware that 'racism' is colloquially held to be solely in respect of discrimination of those with coloured skin. I have seen nothing to support the view that the BNP wish to see an end to, say, Sudanese people, arriving here, as opposed to Chinese people. They have said loud and clear that they wish to see an end to immigration. 1,000,000 people agreed with them. 1,000,000 people who probably have most to fear regarding losing their low paid and unskilled jobs to people who come from countries where £100 a week sounds like a fortune, and who have not yet acquired the habits and aspirations that cost more than that to support. Chinese cockle pickers are quite content to live 10 to a room and have enough to eat at the end of the day, thank-you, and that drives down the wages below which the average British cockle picker is used to living and working at.

I doubt very much that any out of work British cockle picker gives a monkey's fig what colour person he is losing his job to, and would have voted BNP even if the Nu-Labour government had managed to find an army of albino cockle pickers to come in and take his job. It just so happens that all of the incomers, arriving from economically poor countries, are not white. That doesn't make the BNP racist in a colour prejudiced manner, it makes them racist in an anti immigration manner.

If we remove the tag 'racist' from the Nu-Labour arsenal of anti-BNP slurs, then we have a situation whereby a minority party, elected on a platform of policies that the incumbent party disagrees with, is to be ostracised and 'any requests for policy briefings from Griffin or Brons would be treated differently and on a discretionary basis' by the (impartial) civil service.

We already have the situation where a future government is intended to be bound, by threat of judicial review, to meet targets set (and not met by) this Nu-Labour government (the Child Poverty Bill), we have the Human Rights Act, which has hobbled both our legislature and our judiciary, irrevocably, from passing or amending laws which conflict with a piece of Labour legislation, now we are told that minority representatives are to be legally prevented from representing their constituents in the same manner as other MEPs - purely because Nu-Labour disagree with their policies.

Nu-Labour are making sure that even when they are not in power, they will still be controlling the levers of power. Any future government that wishes to repeal that control - in respect of the HRA for instance, will be told that they are in favour of Torture; if they attempt to repeal the Child Poverty Bill, then they will face accusations of being in favour of child poverty; and God forbid that they should attempt to repeal these new guidelines restricting access to information afforded to minority MEPs. Racist obviously.

We have a de facto Dictatorship, (given their fondness for dubious statistics, perhaps that should be de tracto) one that will continue to blight our lives long after its architects have disappeared into the shadows.

An election will do us no good, we need a revolution. We need to be disobedient. We need to remove our consent to be governed in this manner.


JPT said...

Good post.
One policy of the BNP that NuLabour and the left (inc Tories) never mention is the policy of executing child killers.
Why don't they (and all the left wing journalists) when debating Nick Griffin for example mention this policy?
Why don't they argue that they (the left) believe that child killers should be rehabilitated and released back into the community.
Nick Griffin would say in response 'hang them'.
I wonder who the public would take to then?
No, all the left will mention is the catch all bogeyman of 'racism'.

Anonymous said...

Umm, you're waaaacist.

BNP guido refugee said...

What really amazes me, is that New Labour and it's army of fascists think that by treating Griffin and Brons this way will turn people away from the BNP !
It will do the exact opposite.

Anyone with half a brain cell has already begun to inspect what New Labour are up to. Now they will know that New Labour are shit scared of the BNP.....and will ask themselves just what it is that the BNP are saying and doing that gives New Labour the shivers..........and they will find it is nothing more simple than the truth !

Yep, that's right.......the thought of a political party in Britain that is willing to give the voters the 100% truth about what is happening without the voters consent has got New Labour and all the other members of the dictators club shitting their pants.

It's also revealing something else much worse....

New Labour are laying it on the line......they do not give a fuck that you want to vote for change. The only way real change will happen is with violence.

Democracy has just been rendered meaningless.

Revolution Harry said...

Hear hear. Can I also add another policy of the BNP that NeoLabour never mention and that is to get us out of these pointless wars. I can't tell you how sad and angry I feel when I see yet another young soldiers life has been taken in the folly that is Afghanistan.

Bloodaxe said...

We've had enough haven't we?

Fuck their 'racism' and dhimmiphobia!

To the lines! Hut! Hut! Hut!

Oldrightie said...

An excellent post. This behavior by Labour goes further. They have deliberately increased funding to Labour constuencies whilst reducing or witholding money due elsewhere. if you do not support Labour you don't exist. Scary.

Wesley Groves said...

Raccooness fair points. But firstly decent folks shun the BNP due to what happened the Shoah/Porraimos/murder of millions. I am more in agreement with a halt to immgration than you think. The biggest problem are the Poles and they are white. It boils down to this Given the choice as neighbours, a nice black family or chavscum "racially" pure from Ingerlund whom does one choose?

Gigits said...

Fantastic post, Ms Raccoon.

Mungle said...

Meanwhile our lads are being slaughtered daily in apparent pursuit of bringing "democracy" to Afghanistan and Iraq. While at home democracy is treated with jaw dropping contempt by the cartel.

Anonymous said...

There won't be one million BNP voters at the next election (if there is one)
This figure will double or treble.
It is not on 'racist' issues that the voters are turning to the BNP. It is the things that aren't mentioned in the media that the people agree with.
Capital punishment support according to the government has fallen below 50% in favour. How comes I never hear anyone saying that Ian Huntley should not be hung ?
The disgraceful waste of lives in Afghanistan is something the public object to and yet the government make as if the population supports this 'war'
The BNP are in tune with the nation at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Its time to stop , inhibit, obstruct deny and inform by what ever peaceful means, the labour / cons / liberal fascists in power

fuck their ''political correctness''

Anonymous said...

the population do not support the war and the population should tell their government to withdraw our people from the labours slaughter of them

angly said...

It is run by anti-white criminals and it is called the liblabcontrick -

Have your say is unavailable for this 'story'.

Anonymous said...

Spot on, Anna.

But you seem to ignore the obvious. It is a dictatorship. free speech abandoned, the whole government establishmnet (here and in the EU) politicised.

So what the hell makes you think you will get an election?

You won't. And who the hell seeems to cares any more whilst we can sit engrossed by Corrie and East Enders.

Wesley Groves said...

Anon 19.15 (how apposite your mindset is redolent of George V). I don't mind Huntley being strung up. Capital punishment? For the Birmingham 6, Guildford 4, Cardiff 3? Draconian IF WRONG. "Let him have it" Bentley said. New Scotland Yard delenda est.

WesleysGrave said...

Wesley Groves, go and wank off somewhere else.
Try Hitchens or some other limpdick Trot cunt.

Wesley Groves said...

Graves are you TUG from the Torygraph? One gets so confused. Britain (US colony) population 60 million. Some chavs. You never answered on capital punishment. If you care to stop wanking over Tom Of Finland can you reply?

bluehorse9 said...





Was right!

Man in the Street said...

More people voted for the BNP than Brown.

Brown and his cronies can go to hell.

Wesley Groves said...

Man in the street more people voted for the NSDAP than the BNP yet they are ostensibly the same.

JPT said...

Wesley Groves:
Your reference to 'chavscum' - very good point, but, under the BNP there would be no chavscum, ie: they would dismantle the welfare state, people would have to work four days a week for their dole and there would be NO single mother (or whatever it is called) benefits.
Nick Griffin himself told me - I swear!

Wesley Groves said...

Yes JPT we tried that in 1930 and it led to rickets. There will always be the poor & feckless with us. Can we legislate against stupidity? Why not redistribute some of the 7% populations wealth to the 84% who have FA?

VotR said...

Discrimination will come back to haunt Labour one day. One day soon, I hope.

Their eagerness to discriminate against anyone they feel like, especially using an excuse of 'positive discrimination' is unjust. Fuck them and fuck that. They should learn about cause and effect better, instead of drifting around their own loony left reality. They've gone mad in government, and it's spreading.

banned said...

German Reichspräsident Hindenburg adopted the same armslength attitude to the early Nazis, that didn't work either.

caesars wife said...

It is worth mentioning that few have ever understood that Enoch Powells "I see the Tiber foaming with much blood speech " in 1968 was not a speech given by an uneduacted reactionary knuckle dragger.

It still stands as an emotive intelligent speech , one or two bits have aged a little , but in the two weeks after he gave that speech , he very nearly brought the country to a standstill and finished the government. I dont see it as a racist speech , more one about a change that at some point in time would cause bloodshed and must be tackled.

In speeches he gave in the immediate months and years after he was jeered and had police protection . He tried to point out that there were people operating called 5th columists .

Def : Fith Columists are a group of people who clandestinely undermine a larger group such as nation to the aid of an external enemy . (originates from spanish civil war in 1936 when Emilio Mola had four army columns outside the city madrid and broadcast he had a 5th within it)

what is so astonishing about David Millibands censoring of a legally elected party , is that he has changed our democracy at a whim to try and set back an opponent. We have seen this more recently with the conservatives denial of treasury figures by the govt , i have no idea how the lib dems have faired other than written answers not being respoded to .

if Robert Muagbe had done such a thing , you might not think much about it , but here is the British foreign secretary no less , advoacting a policy of ostracising a legitimate party from the information avaialable from the civil service .

Our form of democracy is based on the civil service , serving the people , not aiding and abetting the formulation of despotic dictatorships . Our democracy is based on the battle of ideas and being held to account , not snuffing them out because a minister finds the ideas are not to his liking , he may after all be wrong and thereby put in peril future good governance or be lining his own pocket , there are many possibilities why a minister or party may wish to directly politicise the civil service in such a way.

This action of David Milliband is overtly contary to the office he was elected to , there was no civil service acting against his party when he was elected , so what authority does he have to change this whilst in office !.
But he has never repented over the lisbon treaty , voter betrayal and only this week was made to look short on facts and ability when Bill Cash took to him on his weasly words in a commons committe meeting on Lisbon (quite good if you see it).

But to return to actions of "Fith Columists" in pre 1970s , such people or groups were useually radicals , the communists and red wedge , seeking to de stabilise our capitalist structure to bring about the communist construct , it has been going on in various guises since the 1919 Russian revolution.
They are quite devoute to the seductive power ,Joe Stalin got rid of 20 million people who he thought would challenge him even going as far as airbrushing out officla photos the disappeared.

you perhaps can see many examples of 5th column Quasi Autonamous Non Govermental Organisations , all ready to do this goverments bidding , and ostracise its determined political threats .that is why the cost of politics is so high and we are in a stasi state.

In order to opress and deploy mind control you need to use the state to do it , via direct or indirect means and then you realise what the attributes of freedom are about .

I can recall that it used to be every person rights to speak freely, and it used to equally right that if your idea was wonk you got a load of derision. If your actions were trouble you would find your collar being felt.
But you never got your collar felt for ideas , or for that matter denied the right to civil service information .

as Rolf Harris might say :can you see what it is yet !!

Anonymous said...

I would rather live next door to a white family than a black family!

The UK is finished with this government said...

Fuck the state. Fuck you Labour New or Old, both cheeks of the same arse. Fuck you again.

Man in the Street said...

Even the good old C of E has had enough of the government and Muslims.

Church accuses Government of favouring Muslims

The government and Muslims are not very popular and rightly so. Fuck off.

Antipholus Papps said...

One policy of the BNP that NuLabour and the left (inc Tories) never mention is the policy of executing child killers.

You, sir, are a knee-jerking arsehole every bit as contemptible as those you attack. To quote the mighty Bill Hicks: "What? People reach a certain age and they're off your fucking love-list? Fuck your children if that's the way you feel and fuck you with them. You either love people in general, of all ages, or you shut the fuck up!"

And fuck the BNP too if that's where they're at! Try not awarding the state the power over life and death, that seems like a more libertarian angle to me.

Anonymous said...

But why?

National identity (ethnic, religious, historical and cultural) has to be stripped away in order for the global elite super rich, NWO to control all countries, with the least opposition and the least unified resistance.

Once the country and the rest of Europe has been ethnically cleansed of it's white majority, with much murder, mayhem, poverty and misery, by the NWO bankers, it's Christian religion totally undermined and it's culture and history made distasteful and offensive.

With this stripped out identity of all nations the NWO elite can march forward with it's Official world goverment where you have no say in anything, you have just become a total slave where you can be transported to their salt mines etc anywhere in the world anytime they wish, dare to complain and you will never be seen again, get old and sick - same.

Remember we are talking absolute power.

Outside influence helped to bring the USSR down, with world goverment they will be all you will ever know or have known, history will be rewritten, books will burn and their will be NO outside influence, no hope - this is total.

This aim is total control of the whole world by a group with a track record of murdering, torturing, war mongering, thieving, corrupting, poverty and misery creating banking crooks for their own perpetual wealth and power.

If they have to kill you to do it, they will, if they have to kill you to maintain it - they will.

Anonymous said...

MacEgan said :

"It boils down to this Given the choice as neighbours, a nice black family or chavscum "racially" pure from Ingerlund whom does one choose?"

Look, we all know that you simply adore the taste of black cock McEgan. You don't have to keep on proving it to us over and over again.

You fucking slimy cunt.

WV: dogens - how appropriate eh ?

Anonymous said...

Wesley Groves
"It boils down to this Given the choice as neighbours, a nice black family or chavscum "racially" pure from Ingerlund whom does one choose?"

There are no black or asian ‘chavscum’ in your world then Mr Goves?

White flight from cities that have been ethnically enriched in Britain would tend to tell a different story.

No Wesley Groves, it boils down to this:
A bigot may be someone who objects to a few law-abiding black or Asian people in a town.
But a fool is someone who DOESEN’T object to being ethnically replaced in the country of his ancestors.

Wesley Groves said...

Anon 7.32.TUG from the Torygraph.You have an obsession with black cock. My gay Angolan pal would like to meet you. Eaton Socon isn't it? Anon 9.01 far more intelligent. Yes I take your point & even partly agree with it. I'd prefer neighbours who looked/spoke/prayed like me. But the world ain't like that. Yes I've met (& lived beside) black chavscum. Many here seem besotted with a land (mythical) of blonde maidens & noble yeomen. Your England is an artificial construct, it was never like that. Yes, halt immigration. Better still dismantle the police state that was built while you watched Man Utd at the pub.

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

I took up the challenge of “have you ever read the manifesto?” Afterwards, I believe the challenger hadn’t either. To me, it reads like ‘Old Labour’ with big dose of racism on the side. The economic policy goes on about taking things back into state ownership, etc. It’s no wonder that the Labour party are so shit scared of them. The BNP are not a right-wing party; they are firmly on the left.

Anonymous said...

Wesley Groves said...

Man in the street more people voted for the NSDAP than the BNP yet they are ostensibly the same.

You think that do you? I guess yo must be very susceptible to Government Marxist BBC media propaganda and stupid with it

Anonymous said...

Antipholus Papps said...

One policy of the BNP that Nu Labour and the left (inc Tories) never mention is the policy of executing child killers.

No give child killers a new life at tax payers expense, give a new home new identity and may be one day they'll kill again

Rich B said...

Griffin swatted Marr like a fly this morning. I loved the bit where he told Marr the first thing that should be done in respect of immigrants was to house them all in Hampstead where people like Marr live to see how they like it - Oh how I laughed.

Anonymous said...

Wesley Groves
12 July 2009 09:36

‘Your England is an artificial construct.’

You mean like every other country on earth? Aren’t Italy, Russia, Japan and China all artificial constructs? No one questions the validity of the Japanese or Chinese state do they?

‘Many here seem besotted with a land (mythical) of blonde maidens & noble yeomen’.

No, just not wanting to go down the road of Balkanisation, loss of identify and Islamification, which mass immigration from the 3rd world coupled with the vast disparity in birth rates will inevitably bring.

The indigenous peoples of these isles have as much right to exist in their own land and preserve their own identity as Tibetans do. Nothing more, nothing less.

To some, the very idea that white people are actually a native population anywhere is a shocking concept, so brainwashed are they in mumbo jumbo liberal PC guilt.

Chalcedon said...

Extremely well said. Nothing to add as you were spot on. A glorious Revolution is indeed required. More of the same with a blue rosette isn't what I want.

Anonymous said...

"To some, the very idea that white people are actually a native population anywhere is a shocking concept, so brainwashed are they in mumbo jumbo liberal PC guilt."

Probably one of the most razor-sharp and insightful comments ever posted on this blog - well done !

However, I'm afarid it will be completely wasted on that prick MacEgan because he is a self-loathing, liberal, hysterical drone who probably thinks that he has to personally apologise for slavery to every single black person he meets and then attempts to patronise...

MacEgan really is a cunt. A self-hating white liberal drone. It puzzles me why he bothers to post his inane drivel comments on this blog. maybe he's so deluded he just can't see that almost everyone who reads this blog detests him.

Fuck off and die, MacEgan

horseman said...

For the idiot, guilt-trip, raghead-worshipping, anally-prolapsed liberal lefty cunts -



You lefty wanker fuckwits will one day soon face the 'cure' for your foul disease!

Wesley Groves said...

Anon 9.36 fair point. Everyone, by the way, is "mixed" raece. Do you mean white skinned? Ok white skinned Hasidic Jews? Yes nations are "imagined communities". We could have a lengthy discourse on genetics, but we shall part as gentlemen of differing views. Anon 12.05 alias cunt in a wheelchair. How is it going? Out of the secure psychiatric unit now? (For all the boyz n gals here he had a breakdown over his sexual identity.) Oooh Matron. Good job all those black nurses, doctors etc got you "well" again. Now fuck off back to the Torygraph & post photos of dead war heroes. Thats right none of your inbreed fucking weirdo family fought for Britain did they? Six generations of mine did you repressed gay failed special constable.

jailhouselawyer said...

I noted that Nick Griffen denied being a fascist on the Andrew Marr show, and accused David Cameron of being a fascist!

Anonymous said...

"horseman said...

For the idiot, guilt-trip, raghead-worshipping, anally-prolapsed liberal lefty cunts..."

Please don't talk about McEgan like that. You know it upsets him.

Before you know it, he'll be back on here fantasizing about you being someone in a wheelchair and accusing you of stalking him.

The only people McEgan wants stalking him are big black men....

WV : dewsere - genius !

Anonymous said...

When I heard that Nick Griffin was being 'allowed' a platform on the taxpayer-funded BBC I didn't think they would let an opportunity to peddle lies and left-wing smears about him pass them by - and they didn't disappoint.

To read the truth about what Nick Griffin really said see this :

What the Andrew Marr Show Did Not Let You Hear Nick Griffin Say

Anonymous said...

Its quite immaterial that liebour or any other bunch of the righteous makes or tries to make a noise when the Conservatives repeal the booby trap legislation now being enacted by a dead government. The Conservatives MUST undo EVERY single one of the 6000 marxist spiderweb laws enacted since 1997 and start afresh. The only way the sun will shine in is if a jumbo repeal act is tabled. It should simply say "every law passed by labour since 1997 is no more."

Gandhi said...


Anonymous said...

Excellent, well thought out & very coherent post. Congrats Ms Raccoon.

Lexander said...

Well done Anna. That got everybody going. UP the BNP - right up.

Liberals and lefties are no such thing - brainwashed useful idiots for the manipulating elites said...

When will the lefties and liberals get it - It is not about race, it is not about equality, it is all about control and removing your rights. Through the fragmentation of you country.

The bankers will back the separatist groups, as long as they welcome the EU control, which their puppets will as it gives them maore national legitimacy and if not a program of destabilisation will ensue until the right NWO puppet is in place and the EU and US will bomb anyone who tries to maintain the national coherence.

Kossavo anyone? London anyone?

NWO destabilisation ongoing in Iran, Pakistan, Russia/Georgia and the NWO EU press continue to roll out the lies and propaganda through the NWO controlled media.

This is an on going war for a NWO world empire that is being covered up by the elites, with many thousand inocents being killed time after time after time.

Lefties and liberals and subversives this is all done with your ignorant support.

It will take at least another 50 years and millions will die and thousands will be jailed as political prisoners.

How lefties and Liberals can sleep at night I often wonder, perhaps ignorance is bliss?

Anonymous said...

Hairy arsed bloke says it best.

Has anyone here, besides Hairy arse and myself that have actually READ the BNP manifesto.. it is really Left wing.. and peppered with Racist agenda's. Regardglesss of the BBC / Government propaganda machine, if everyone actually takes the time to make their own informed decision after reading the manifestio, I have to say. The BNP do NOT speak for me.

Kdee said...

'Has anyone here, besides Hairy arse and myself that have actually READ the BNP manifesto.. it is really Left wing.. and peppered with Racist agenda's.'

So tell us then which of them are peppered with a racist agenda. Looking at the mini manifesto for 2007, none of it is racist. Just because they want to put a stop to this out of control immigration and deport all illegals and foreign criminals. Its what most of the country want. ?il

Also who cares about left or right, its not about that.

Lib/lab/con do not speak for me.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Hairy arsed bloke says it best.

Has anyone here, besides Hairy arse and myself that have actually READ the BNP manifesto.. it is really Left wing.. and peppered with Racist agenda's. Regardglesss of the BBC / Government propaganda machine, if everyone actually takes the time to make their own informed decision after reading the manifestio, I have to say. The BNP do NOT speak for me.

14 July 2009 10:11

So the BNP do not speak for you, what do you want a medal?

While the BNP have several shortcommings their basic facts are just that facts, that you will ignore at your peril.

Facts such as demographics and it's impact on the country and the erosion of the right to self determination and democracy once you surrender your nationality.

Nothing else is as relevant or significant, so while the BNP may not speak for you 100% (the goverment propaganda machine does 50% of your thinking without you even knowing it!) this i can respect but to reject the main issues at stake is insanity and self harm, regardless of your race or country of origin.

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