Wednesday, 22 July 2009

An Answer At Last

A Big Supporter of the BNP(A)

Dear Mr Penguin,

Thank you for your email to John Wadham, Group Legal Director, dated 24 June 2009.

We can confirm that one of our predecessor commissions (the Commission for Racial Equality) did contact the Black National Police Association some years ago. The Association reviewed their constitution and membership and now advertise that there is no bar to membership based on colour.

The Commission values all the information it receives, from members of the public and others, about possible breaches of equality and human rights legislation. We rely on the public to bring us evidence of discrimination or unlawful acts by public bodies, companies and organisations covered by the equalities legislation so that we can consider whether action is required. Therefore if you have any information of unlawful activity, please supply this to us.

Yours sincerely

The Legal Enforcement Team

Equality & Human Rights Commission

3 More London


Tooley Street



The Penguin.


Wesley Groves said...

Or any evidence of knuckle dragging BNP supporters desicrating masjids, schuls, gudhwaras...

Anonymous said...

Anyone know any reasonable white plods? Get them to sign up as members.

No actual persons name or signature? Or did you omit that?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to double post but could the next question be 'what is the ethnicity by numbers & percentage of the membership?' Do they come under FoI?

caesars wife said...

Interesting !

but what about becoming a yardie ?

Intruder said...

From their website:

"The definition of "Black" does not refer to skin colour."

Right, so if I call a copper a black bastard I can use that as a defence against racism?

JPT said...

"The definition of "Black" does not refer to skin colour."


Man in the Street said...

This 'More London' place, next to the London Assembly building, I wonder how much rent these so called "commissions" and "Teams" and "Rights" people pay.

It appears that More London is More of the Same bastards creaming the London taxpayer.

Very nice buildings though. I travel past it daily (no. 47) and the water feature is very well kept.


ranter said...

You can't be a full member if you aren't an effnick. You can't attend certain meetings, access parts of the website etc etc. i.e. it is not all inclusive. Whitey = associate membership.

When is that Iranian criminal Dizaei going to get banged up?

Anonymous said...

I think I'm right in saying that you can only join the National Black Police Ass. if you are a member of one of the regional outfits.

And THEY have a ban on whites.

So QED so to speak.

Read this somewhere. I may try to check it out.

D/S John Ho said...

What are my chances of membership?

the Military-Media Complex said...

Three films that define our world and the Military-Media Complex.

Watch them and wake up !

Anonymous said...

The Military-Media Complex is divided into four interlocking parts ;

1) The Military Corporations - Haliburton, Blackwater, Boeing, BAE etc. The Banks and bankers that control the massive military finance flows to the corporations from the federal government or the Bank of England. BAE sells its jets to the British government in order to fight a war started by the US and Britain in Iraq.

2) The Lobby Groups, NGO's, Quangos, Think Tanks - Project for a New Century, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, Round Table Groups, Council on Foreign Relations, Officer of Special Plans, AIPAC, Oil Companies, lawyers for corporations. They advise 1 and 3.

3) The politicians - politicians control the courts, police and army. Political parties and campaigns funded by 1 and 2.

4) The media - they sell the wars to the public. Corporate Media is owned by 1 and 2 and used to ensure 3 are elected and to control public opinion.

That is not a democracy.

That is the inner enemy.

Labour = ethnocide and race hate said...

Matt Powell, an IT professional, won £2,500 after he found out he was one of
108 applicants told they had been “randomly de-selected” from the recruitment
process by Gloucestershire police.It later emerged that nearly two-thirds of
white men who applied to join the constabulary in the recruitment drive were
turned down, whereas every ethnic minority candidate was invited for an
assessment.Personnel Today first revealed Powell’s intention to sue for damages
in March, when he accused Gloucester police of creating an environment ripe for
racial discrimination.

Convict 99 said...

Tooley Street? Are they based inside the London Dungeon? That would make sense.

NWO's genocide almost complete said...

The ethnic cleansing and colonisation of Britain gains pace.

banned said...

Good work Penguin, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

"Wesley Groves said...

Or any evidence of knuckle dragging BNP supporters desicrating masjids, schuls, gudhwaras..."

Oh *do* shut the fuck up you smarmy marxist twat. Why don't you just fuck off to one of your 'anti-racist' blogs instead of posting your shit here, you cunt ?

And your name isn't 'Wesley Groves', its K.McEgan - you have changed your 'identity' to try and distance yourself from some of your more insane, rambling pro-Muslim posts in the past I presume.

But you're still a cunt McEgan.

Wesley Groves said...

Anon 8.36 (a.k.a "Man" in a bag/Proud to be gay/Ross Camp/and a dozen other shite IDs on the Torygraph) you are a Bacon.

middleclass lefties hate the working classes said...

Wesley Groves said...
Anon 8.36 (a.k.a "Man" in a bag/Proud to be gay/Ross Camp/and a dozen other shite IDs on the Torygraph) you are a Bacon.

23 July 2009 10:01

Isn't it strange how lefties aways like to smear people as being gay!

So lefties are not only anti white racists who want to drag the country down to the level of the third world, they are also homophobic.

Lefties = Ironically insane brainwashed sheep who have no clue what they believe in and have no idea of the big plan run by the bankers and their corporate friends.

Lefty should no be used as a by word for insane self hater.

Socialist workers etc, bah you middleclass scum have deliberately destroyed the working classes far more than Thatcher ever could, you have achieved the impossible, the left is now more hated than Thatcher ever was.

You have no practical left wing ideology in your party, your only goal is tto spout whatever NWO brainwashed shit is pumped out in the schools and by the BBC.

lefty = suicidal sheep, hypocrite and enemy of the working clases.

enjoy being replaced by the BNP and hated by everyone.

AngryDave said...

Ranter is spot on. When i was doing my plod training we had a talking to by the bpa. If you are white you dont get to vote on ANYTHING and your membership is a token membership.
What would the same people say about a white police aasociation where anyone can join, but you only get a vote if you are white and you are only allowed to go to certain meetings etc. They would scream racist in the usual righteous chant. Wankers!

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