Thursday, 9 July 2009

ACPO and NETCU ltd

I know I am not the first on the case here, but does anyone else find it slightly worrying that the Association of Chief Police Officers is A PRIVATE COMPANY?

ACPO is a private company and the Office of the Information Commissioner has confirmed that the Freedom of Information Act does not apply to the Association,
since Schedule 1 of the Act does not include a definition which covers ACPO.

ACPO is not a police force and therefore does not investigate crime.

Does anyone else know that NETCU ( The National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit ) is another private company that employs the Police to monitor and spy on "domestic extremists"?

Out of interest, the Police swear their allegiance to the Queen, not the CEO of a private company and if they are employed by a private company, they have absolutely no authority over you. None. They cannot stop you, search you or even ask your name. Tell them to fuck off.

280 Members of ACPO are also Senior Police Officers. By membership of APCO, they lose by default their authority as sworn Police Officers. I am writing to all of them to remind them that their allegiance is to the Queen, not the Board of Directors of a private company called APCO Ltd and they should resign their membership immediately.

I suggest you read TPUC who is busy turning the relationship between the common man and the Police on it's head.

Netcu Ltd. They even publish the names of domestic terrorist "suspects" on their website, without charge or the right of redress. Remarkable. I feel an FOI coming on.


The Economic Voice said...

OH you are not alone with your feelings....we covered something like this a while ago and the problem has not gone away.

I suggest that this organization is monitored

Foos Yer Doos said...

All this has gone over my head.

Why does being a member of APCO means that you lose by default your authority as a sworn Police Officer, do they also swear an oath to APCO? Isn't APCO just a professional body to represent their members interests (like I'm a member of PCG ( so does this mean I owe my allegiance to them?)

Also, the TPUC site is only a small step above David Ickeism (he also has a large 'Freeman' section on his forum) and I would think at least 10 times before using them as a credible source.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

I think private companies are exempt from FOI requests. You can only ask them what information they keep about you.

The Lord protects us said...

This is a feeble attempt to make this non-story a newsworthy scoop.

Destined for the trash bin.

Man in the Street said...

The Lord protects us...

You fuckwit.

Old Holborn said...

Lord protects us...

Since when did a "scoop" EVER start with

"I know I am not first on the case here...."

Anonymous said...

@ Foos Yer Doos

'All this has gone over my head'

Yes, it can do at first. Rather like the feeling when you get home from your first evening class in learning chinese. But to properly understand the things TPUC tell you, requires a bit of understanding of the law. This does take a bit more than 5 minutes. But, when the penny drops it is one hell of a revelation.

Then having said you don't really understand, you go on and seem to imply that this must be some kind of 'crank' site.
TPUC is just the tip of the iceberg. There are similar sites worldwide, all enlightening their fellows as to the legal deceptions that we all have been brought up to believe are lawful.

This whole thing is not to everybodys taste of course (like learning chinese), but it is all perfectly kosher.

If you swallow your cynicism for a while and watch some of the videos on TPUC, the picture will begin to take shape.


And max respect to OH for the article.

Old Holborn said...

The system only works if we allow it to work. All we have to do is say NO and it collapses. It really does. It certainly did in the former Eastern Bloc. One day, people just woke up and said "fuck it, it can't be any worse than this, so let's give it a go" and they did.

The likes of TPUC are not revolutionary club hammers, they are tweezers, gently unravelling the mess we have allowed ourselves to get into. A good thing too, as we will need to understand how we got here in the first place so that it never happens again.

Hektor said...

This really is most fascinating, especially the TPUC website. I have a friend who has just joined the Met and I don't think he has a clue what his actual job is.

Where are good resources for understanding the differences between Common Law, Law and Statues?

VotR said...

Would it be so bad if North Korea targeted their cyber attacks at those web sites? I wouldn't lose any sleep if they were disabled.

Come on North Korea. The UK hates you too!

Tracey said...

Anon 09 July 2009 14:10, you beat me to it. Can I also suggest looking at the work done by the UK Column and the British Constitution Group.

Foos Yer Doos, I can remember when I once thought like you. Dismissing things I didn't fully understand after only a brief perusal. I suppose you'd call me a 'crank' now. That's absolutely fine by me and I wouldn't have it any other way. The world we live in is truly very different from the one we are led to believe. You can remain a slave to the Crown and the financial oligarchy that rules our lives but I'd rather not.

I have some reservations about David Icke. Out of interest, what are yours? I know the obvious one is the reptile thing. Let's leave that aside for the moment. What else do you disagree with?

Man in the Street said...

o/t sorry … Great to see school teachers taking discipline seriously.

Teacher arrested for attempted murder of pupil

saucepan said...

Talking of heavy handed policing you can even have your mutt seized in a dawn raid by plod for being a 'pitbull type terrier'who might be used for violence and intimidation. The fate of the 20 seized dogs will be up to a beak to decide. But how do we know they are guilty of anything?

caesars wife said...

Obnoxio seems to have explained the reason .

ACPO make all the regulations for speed traps , try enquiring on slip effect on laser hand helds.

Wesley Groves said...

Dear O'H it is irrelevant that ACPO NECTU and R2D2 are companies. It is a police state (de facto and de jure) so what odds? Detention without trial, suspenson of habeus corpus, extrajudicial killings. Not some Asian or African hole but Ingerlund. Makes ya proud to be British. Doesn't it?

Revolution Harry said...

A company is a, for profit, business enterprise so it is hardly irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

If they are private companies, surely the plod in them should not be getting paid for their time working there. Are they even allowed to work for private companies on the side???

banned said...

NETCU ( The National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit )
Thanks OH, I was aware of ACPO but had not heard of this crowd.

"if they are employed by a private company, they have absolutely no authority over you. None. They cannot stop you, search you or even ask your name. Tell them to fuck off.
I tried that on some officers employed by Chelsea FC PLC some years back and got a bit of a kicking for my trouble.

RichB said...

the TPUC article is wrong in many respects and its conculsions are incorrect. It is clear that the author doesn't know what he is talking about.

Anonymous said...

@ RichB

Thanks for clearing that one up for us mate.

B.t.w. What's a conculsion?

jailhouselawyer said...

OH: I have covered this awhile back and it is certainly an issue which should be closely monitored because there is a danger of abuse of power when Chief Constables are supposed to serve the publis and instead they are serving the company.

Malthebof said...

Not only is the ACPO a private company it is funded by you and me as taxpayers

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