Friday, 24 July 2009

Above The Law?

"Feeling Lucky, Punk?"

Some plod who definitely should have known better "accidentally" shoots someone with a rather powerful handgun.

He does not face any criminal prosecution.

He's even pleading not guilty to breaches of health and fucking safety.

I wonder if I could get away with it? I can think of a lot of cunts I'd like to accidentally gut shoot with a Magnum .44.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Why bring a loaded weapon in to a classroom environment? What a fucking tool!

FireForce said...

The police and firearms, the two do not mix, an oxymoron = police firearms expert.
they do not exist.

Anonymous said...

Well I used to be a shooting instructor and plod have a reputation for being rank sloppy amateurs around the ranges.

Guthrum said...

I am the Law Punk

The Beast of Clerkenwell said...

What a fucking wanker!
Why was he using a live non issue weapon?
Hands up, The Beast has had two negligent dicharges,but in safe enviroments.
As two other posters said,Plod has a history of being fucking hopeless when it comes to a spot of gunplay

Anonymous said...

'The Beast has had two negligent dicharges,but in safe enviroments.'

Probably out of your fanny.

The Beast of Clerkenwell said...

You are my fanny

john in cheshire said...

Fireforce, I completely agree with you. The police with firearms scare the daylights out of me. Mainly because their opinion of their capabilities is unrealistically higher than is actually the case. If I ever have to stand in front of someone with a loaded weapon, then I pray it's a soldier; at least you know the guy will have been properly trained and won't shoot till someone gives the order. The police are too quick to shoot and never seem to be punished for those who they injure and kill.

caesars wife said...

clearly "feeling lucky punk" doesnt come into it then ??

bofl-too lazy to sign in! said...

what a fucking twat!

why did he have to use bullets of any kind?

we all know that guns are for killing people.......

perhaps he though the victim was an electrician?

at my local martial arts club we use plastic knives.......because getting stabbed to death isnt much fun.........odd that pc bighead couldnt work out that getting shot is a bit off.........

still-he wasnt the one to suffer....... in plod world we are just goyim.....for them to use and abuse...

JuliaM said...

"why did he have to use bullets of any kind?"

I thought that when I read about him thinking he had dummy rounds: "When putting rounds into the revolver he believed they were dummy ammunition..."

Surely, if you are showing civilian staff guns for an 'awareness' session, they don't need to be loaded? They look just the same whether they are or aren't, don't they..?

Anonymous said...

He'll get away with it because he's a Plod - a thick thug, unaccountable to the 'small people' who pay his salary. And WE pay for HIS mistakes as any award the poor shot guy gets will be our tax money! Cunt! I'd give him some 'Elf'n'Safety' preferably both barrels through the chest. He'd never repeat the mistake.

Anonymous said...

Hah, while I agree that the police shouldn't be allowed anywhere near anything more dangerous than water pistols don't think the army are much better.

Once upon a time a colleague was giving a threat lecture and laid his own piece down, probably on the same table as all the other weapons. An Army Air Corps sergeant came in, picked up Ken's pistol and squeezed the action off (we carried with a round in the breech and cocked), the round fortunately ricocheted off a cabinet, splintering into pieces, one of which took part of Ken's nose off. how we laughed.

Scottish Libertarian said...

Recklessness with firearms is common practice in the police force. I shot at a rifle club a couple of months ago as a visitor. Their safety standards were superb. The range marshall, who supervises shooting, told me he had visited the range when the police were shooting, and had been shocked by their sheer carelessness with guns. It's also common to see armed cops walking around with MP5 submachineguns slung horizontally across their chests. This may make them feel like "big men", but it is very dangerous as their guns are aimed at passers-by.

It is instiutional negligence in the handling of guns, not institutional racism which is the real problem with the police

FireForce said...

And another thing if he was / is an expert? instructor? Hell he was good, can not tell the difference between LIVE and dummy shells?
That says it all!

Man in the Street said...

The Muslim faith most definitely thinks it is above the law.

16 year old Muslim bastard demonstrates how the faith is incompatible with humanity.

caesars wife said...

OH it looks as though Clarkson has signed up to this bloggs attitude LOL

wonder if he said it with Doncaster venom ??

Anonymous said...

I was a copper for 30 years in a country where all police are armed. The skill level of the average officer was piss poor. The skill level of the force's fireams instructors was little better, the difference being that the instructors thought they knew it all. I never met one I couldn't outshoot, but my skills were aquired from the age of 16 in civilian pistol clubs where safety was paramount.

This utter cockhead should have been charged with manslaugher. "He thought the rounds were dummies." Who gives a fuck. This fuckwit pointed a firearm at a human being and pulled the trigger - at the very least, criminal negligence.

There are variations of the the following rules around the shooting community, but they pretty much say it all. Rule 2 needs to be tattooed in mirror writing on every copper's forehead.

1. ALL guns are loaded.

2. Never point a gun at anything you are not entitled and willing to destroy.

3. Keep your finger outside trigger guard until you have clearly identified your target.

jailhouselawyer said...

I like the idea of Tames Valley Police being in the dock.

Anonymous said...


Jess The Dog said...

The shooting is a negligent discharge rather than the deliberate discharge of a weapon. I doubt it's directly a criminal offence, but it should attract the utmost disciplinary sanctions and possible criminal charges.

Mixing drill ammunition and live ammunition is inexcusable. They should be colour-coded, drill rounds will have no percussion cap, and you can tell by shaking the round that there are no grains inside the dummy round. Live round will usually look shiny and new as well. This may not be the plod's fault, it may be the fault of the armoury. As I recall from seeing one, police armouries store all sorts of weapon types and ammunition together, but then so do military guardooms. It is not good practice though - arms and ammunition should be storerd separately. The plod could be going on legal advice and blaming the armoury for supplying a dangerous mix of live and drill rounds.

However, anyone with credible firearms experience should be able to tell the difference between a drill round and a live round, even if mixed together, even if the markings are obscured and worn on the drill round. No-one handling a weapon should point the weapon at another person, let alone pull the trigger - whether unloaded, loaded or made safe.

I know some coppers and I understand that firearms selection is quite rigorous and I suspect they are good at the sharp end of the practice. However, I also suspect that safety and drills are shoddy and infrequently tested or inspected - as this demonstrates. Unlike the military, as I can testify, where even non-infantry types get tested annualy.

FireForce said...

Jess the dog, "Percussion cap"????/
You mean primer, percussion caps went out with muzzle loaders in the 19th cent.
Live rounds shoule have only been given for use on the range for live fire, or duty, and never issued with guns for demonstration purposes,lets get it the other way round and the police will be issued dummy shells for diplomatic protection, use against bank robbers. IDIOTS ONE AND ALL.

Anonymous said...

Erm... /who/ decided that the goon shouldn't be prosecuted? - I think we should be told - name + shame etcetera.

The Police are supposed to be a disciplined force (OK,OK, ha, ha) - but surely that must include sanctions for negligent behavior?

Oh right, yeah.... - we're in the UK - and plod is effectively above the law = this is simply wrong.

I recently witnessed an armed stop by a County force (In a highly inappropriate place)and was shocked by the lop sided, ill fitting kevlar hats, the flapping body armour and the casual brandishing of machine guns by folk who didn't appear to be aware which was the business end.... could've been West Africa.

Expect many more sorry outcomes.

I too was once guilty of shooting negligently said...

I Came all over my underpants!

CarnackiUK said...

O/T New Statesman editor tells mosque congregation that non-Muslims are all 'cattle' and 'lacking in intelligence'! Rest of NS staff agree and threaten to convert en masse...

Don't spose they remember what the Afghan Mujadeen did to Communist leader Najibullah after they overthrew him.

Man in the Street said...

Interesting to see that Labour MPs have invented a new Olympic discipline.

Mendacious cunts.

the day the usa reintroduced slavery said...

The Liberty Dollar

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cont... said...


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banned said...

A painted up former Royal Odinance Corps underground bunker has been converted into a paintball venue, all camaflouge paint, broken walls, smoke etc to recreat Beirut; the Police use it for firearams training which I expect they love, all that dashing around pretending to be Ross Kemp in the SAS.

The Bunker

Mr Insignificant said...

"An awareness session for call centre staff".

Sounds like an opportunity for the police to show off and impress the giggling girls at the back of the room with their mastery of large firearms.

I mean, what value is there really in having some over confident idiot waving even unloaded weapons under the noses of uninformed civilians. Unless of course it's supposed to frighten them into thinking only the police can protect them.

More fool them for wasting their time listening to it all.

Anonymous said...

only a firearms awareness day - my local plod used to teach their civilian staff to fire Glocks and MP5's including live firing on the range at Wakefield.

Probably still do for all I know.

Wesley Groves said...

Anon they ARE civilians. The only non civilian police are the Royal Military Police.

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