Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The Wheels Have Come Off

I thought I would never actually feel sorry for Harriet Harman, but her desperate desperate attempts on Radio 4 at lunchtime to defend the indefensible was cringeworthy.

A Darien Government that has an unelected Prime Minister, a boy Foreign Secretary who has zero international credibility, a Home Secretary that has decided to jump before she was pushed, a Chancellor caught with his fingers in the till, a business secretary that has never worked in industry and has been thrown out of the cabinet twice for dodgy practice, a Justice Minister who does not understand the meaning of the word, and a departing Speaker.

Anybody remember the phrase 'A Government of All the Talents' ?

It has taken exactly two years for the wheels to come off this Labour Government under Brown.

This is no longer a credible Government, this is what I wrote on the 22nd of January this year-

"Euthanasia of government" would be achieved through "individual moral reformation". William Godwin.

This is my favourite phrase at the moment- Euthanasia of Government- why in Gods namely are we meekly sitting around allowing these cretins to steal our money, blindly believing that if they throw enough money at the problem it will go away.
The Political classes are in a blue funk, today is the thirtieth anniversary of the start of the Winter of Discontent that brought down Callaghan. Despite all of the propaganda of the intervening years, the anarchy was triggered by ordinary people taking a twenty per cent real cut in pay, whilst civil servants and Judges were getting 35% increases.

The Unions were vilified then and vilified now, but the people who supported the Unions were not mindless morons, they could see that the over regulated , micro managing Party of the People had lost control and were just rewarding their own. They had no plan and no strategy. The people of England in particular, rejected State Centralism and voted for a Radical program of Liberal Reform, it was bloody, it was divisive, but nobody wanted the return of State Centralism, whether it was run by the Unions, The Labour Party or the Butskillism of the Tories, nor do we want it now.

In Iceland yesterday the Riot Police were called to protect Parliament, the Political Classes are fearing the worst here as well. Mass unemployment is going to lead to social misery and discontent, Brown at PMQ’s yesterday just flapped around worshiping the God Obama in a blind panic, I watched the faces of those around him not Brown.

Discomfort was writ large, they know that he has lost control, he had not even told Harman he was dropping the exemption from the FOI for MP’s expenses, such was his panic.

Lastly yesterday evening we had the unedifying sight of a Conservative MP cravenly handing over constituency correspondence to a policeman squatting in his office. He should hang his head in shame and resign. If they cannot defend their own Liberty from the State they cannot protect ours.
A Cromwell was the cry of the Revolutionaries as they swept towards the Bastille in 1789, we have to fight these tapsters and wastrels in a corrupt Parliament, and reduce their powers over us.

Obama quoted Jefferson in his speech, let me give you another quote from Thomas Jefferson-
....governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whatever form of government becomes destructive of these ends; it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it. I no longer consent to this Government, it was elected on a fraudulent electoral system that ensures minority rule of fanatics wedded to the power of the State.

Parliament no longer represents or reflects the will of the people. To quote Cromwell- In the Name of God Go.
Until such time as we have a written constitution that guarantees our Liberties and an Electoral system that reflects the diversity of political thought in this country. I do not consent to be ruled by it.


caesars wife said...

keep your eye on the pea under the cup OH , changes here changes there , who is the one who is really scared ????

i think jaquis been told the forthcomming trial of shock jock will not go her way (as bloke has never applied to enter and is free in his own country) .

Maturecheese said...

'Until such time as we have a written constitution that guarantees our Liberties and an Electoral system that reflects the diversity of political thought in this country. I do not consent to be ruled by it.'

If you have too much 'diversity' in government, you never get a consensus and nothing gets done. I agree that power needs to be devolved back to a local level with correct checks and balances.

I am not a member of the BNP but would like some of the issues they put forward, addressed,like immigration,the EU,crime,etc and as such will be voting for them in the Euro's in the hope that it will send a message to the troughing Barstewards in Westminster.. Also my knuckles don't reach the floor.

Dungeekin said...


'Top Doctors Rushed to Westminster'


VotR said...

I think Harm Men Harman should go and have a nice cup of nettle tea with Susan Boyle at the Priory until her head's back on this planet. she should think about resigning too, if only to avoid the axe from her 'loyal' leader or the voter. If she has any sense, that is, which probably means she is doomed.

This might be too much for Jonah. He may have to call an election whether he wants to or not, his government is dying rapidly.

But then again, the captain of the Titanic stayed on board even as it sank into the depths, so possibly not.

However, there does seem to be something in the air... and it's the stink of deep shit reeking from Labour's bunker.

Chris said...

A prediction:

Thursday - Labour are annihilated in the local & Euro elections
Monday - vote of No Confidence tabled

Election by July

AnonyBNP said...

If you really want to put the boot in to this odious bunch of twats then you have one simple option on June 4th and that is to vote BNP

If you vote for any of the other 'Protest Vote Parties' that the establishment are serving up on their menu then you really have just wasted your vote.

Think about it - the smears from all sides have literally reached fever pitch in the last few days. That fact alone surely tells you all you need to know.

Go on, do it. I dare you. I fucking double dare you.

New campaign slogan alert :
"Have You Got the Courage to Vote BNP ?"

Gareth said...

Do we need a massive upheaval of constitutional matters at the moment?

The current running on reform is being done by the very shits we want shot of.

Transparency, a clearer understanding of the role of Parliament and returning power to the people might be better, and more achievable without us being stitched up again.

I read on Iain Dale's place a comment suggesting the pay for MPs should come from constituencies via council tax. Let MPs barter with voters for the amount they want in return for doing their duty, and give voters a means to remove the bad apples when they become apparent. The sovereignty is ours we need to be more careful with it.

Guthrum said...

Do we need a massive upheaval of constitutional matters at the moment?

Yes we do but rather than the hurried sticking plaster proposed by the three major parties, it will take a good 3-5 years to get a workable written constitution.

Henry Crun said...

I love the smell of schadenfreude in the morning!

frosty said...

That cunt Brown has now gone totally and utterly fucking bonkers, i read yesterday how he was phoning up Simon Cowell and that odious bastard Piers Morgan because he was worried about the state of Susan Boyle, what a complete and utter tool hes now trying to play the man of the people card! He wants stringing up the fucking presbytarian cock sucker!

david scott said...

Although, I personally am so far to the left, that even the even the democrats appear to me to be "right-wing," I consider myself to be a strict constitutionalist. It is my opinion that since its inception there has been an organized and systematic assault by the conservatives in the United States on the civil liberties written into the US Constitution. The “War on Drugs”; “War on Terror”; “War on Communism” and a host of other wars waged by the right wing are really nothing more than a War on People--an excuse to erode civil rights to the point of non-existence. I invite you to my website devoted to raising awareness on this puritan attack on freedom: http://freethegods.blogspot.com/

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