Sunday, 21 June 2009

What a week for East Germany


The government performs a blackwash in their effort to be "transparent"

The Police are investigating an £83,000 common Fraud by a Baroness

Trial without Jury is now possible

Government Inquiries are held in secret to protect the guilty.

How did it ever get this far? How the hell did we let it happen? How did we let the 646 who wield power ON OUR BEHALF abuse us like this?

It has to stop. I am now officially a revolutionary. I will do everything within my power to destroy this corrupt government and the systems of control it has implemented against me. I want democracy back from these thieves, perverts, liars and murderers.

I am coming to get you in the full knowledge that I am responsible for the consequences of my actions. I will not cease until your vile work is undone and you are back where you belong as our servants.



Man in the Street said...

Hear hear!

Goodnight Vienna said...

You're right OH. There's been such a monumental stitch-up of this country but I doubt people will be taking to the streets until there's tangible & widespread proof that it's already happened - eg when the EUROGENDFOR is patrolling our streets. Last week I added the word 'rebellion' to my list of tags - a small gesture I know, but better than nothing.

JD said...

Count me in.

Anonymous said...

Everything and everyone are so vile and corrupted that I wonder where one starts on the journey to recover civilisation, morality and common decency.
I hope you and other bloggers make a difference but I fear that those who hold the levers of power will slowly neutralise you. We need a saviour; a messiah; to lead us to freedom. And I don't see one on the horizon.

john in cheshire

M de Plouquenet said...

Counterfeiting is good, if you are going to attack plod try knocking out the antennae on station rooves first. Smear glue to an old Tesco bag & affix to spy/cctv cameras.

Newdawn said...

I have been on that path by vocation!

bunhan said...

"Trial without Jury is now possible"

Trial without Jury has been a feature of British law at least since the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Wasn't right then. Isn't right now.

Lorenzo said...

Lorenzo is also an official revolutionary propagandist and offers his services to the cause.

Anonymous said...

Hear hear OH! However, please be careful. I don't always agree with your opinion but despite this you have been an inspiration to me. I have done a number of things & stood up for a number of things that I believe to be right that I would not have had the courage to do before becoming an avid reader of your blog. Thank you.

Adrian P said...

Anyone would think this was your Country OH, fraid not old chap, it's theirs now.

Simon Hughes MP

Simon Hughes MP

Anonymous said...


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