Tuesday, 9 June 2009

"We don't believe in free speech"

Got to love black Socialists. Democracy is still not quite in their grasp of understanding, is it?

UPDATE: I had a quick look at Unite Against Facisms website. It doesn't work. I also note it is run by UCU (University and College Union). They actually LIKE Apartheid. I've signed up to their black members only section. They also hold a black members only conference every year.

A conference for black members is held every year. This conference elects a black members' committee (BMC). The BMC can send one motion and one amendment to the annual national congress, and to the sector conferences.

Black members' email list

As well as these formal structures the equality unit operates a black members' email list to keep you in touch with relevant events and information which any black UCU member can join - just contact the equality unit at eqadmin@ucu.org.uk and ask to be added to the list.

You know you want to....


the man who fell back to bed said...

well, they might not believe in free speech, but they certainly seem to have a good grasp on irony.

LibLabCon Brownshirts attack political rivals! said...

Strange how if OH and his followers tried this they would be in the slammer before they steped within a hundred yards of parliment, yet when extreme leftists personally backed by `Dave` do it - no police in sight!

This is VERY disturbing!

The UAF are the establishments brownshirts.

The fascists have returned as anti fascists!

Constantly Furious said...

Well said. The fucking stench of hypocrisy is almost overwhelming this afternoon.

"We're going to beat up the bullies" ; "We're going to silence those we don't agree with" ; "We're going to stifle debate, rather than engage in it".. etc, etc.

Griffin et al could not have bought better publicity.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

So much has already been said today about the BNP gaining two seats due to the antics of Nulabour's political elite.

This socialist tart just doesn't get it, does she? The antics of her "co-protesters" do no favours at all for NuLabour; she does no favours for darkies.

The only people who gain by actions such as this are the BNP voters, and those who are wavering towards voting for the BNP.

And no, I don't and never will vote for the BNP.

Captain Swing said...

One of the UAF Nazi scum got a Mondeo enema courtesy of Nick Griffins driver.

police state Britain said...

This is nothing less than state and union sponcered terrorism!

ter·ror·ism (tr-rzm)
The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons

Dungeekin said...

They just haven't learned that their actions, while well-meaning, are counterproductive.

If we want to marginalise the fascists, chucking things at them isn't going to achieve it.

We need to be laughing at them, show them up for the ridiculous untermenschen that they are.


Who would support such a group? said...

UAF supporters include:

David Cameron MP
Ken Livingstone
Tony Benn
Peter Hain MP
David Hanson MP
Adam Price MP
Barbara Follett MP
Diane Abbott MP
John Cryer MP
John Trickett MP
Keith Vaz MP
Peter Bottomley MP
Alice Mahon MP
Alan Meale MP
Ian Gibson MP
Sir Teddy Taylor MP
Harry Cohen MP
Betty Williams MP
Ken Purchase MP
Alistair Carmichael MP
Laura Moffatt MP
Peter Bradley MP
Vera Baird MP
Bill Etherington MP
Edward Garnier MP
Roger Berry MP
Angela Smith MP
Brian Iddon MP
Anthony Steen MP
Mike Hancock MP
Colin Pickthall MP
Clive Betts MP
Janet Anderson MP
Neil Gerrard MP
Jane Griffiths MP
Brian Donohue MP
Helen Clark MP
Terry Davis MP
Janet Dean MP
Adrian Bailey MP
Louise Ellman MP
Eric Illsley MP
Kelvin Hopkins MP
Ernie Ross MP
Rob Marris MP
Martin Caton MP
Jim Sheridan MP
Martin Jones MP
Paul Tyler MP
Colin Challen MP
David Wright MP
Rudi Vis MP
Tony Worthington MP
Derek Watts MP
Julie Morgan MP
Rev W Martin Smyth MP
Diana Organ MP
Doug Henderson MP
Barry Gardiner MP


Anonymous said...

I thought it was supposed to be the Jews at the hard end of it from bigoted fascists in bad times, not the ultra-nationalists!

Anonymous said...

Dungeekin said...
They just haven't learned that their actions, while well-meaning, are counterproductive.

If we want to marginalise the fascists, chucking things at them isn't going to achieve it.

We need to be laughing at them, show them up for the ridiculous untermenschen that they are.


09 June 2009 17:01

Piss of you prick, what communist rock did you crawl out from under.


The BNP is democratically elected, Is a true believer in more democratic methods such as referendums, does not believe in violence or intimidation, was against the invasion of Iraq and believes spy cameras and ID cards should have no place in our society.

You don't even have thge bare basics of fascism you moron, however the same cannot be said for other parties that are leading more and more down a real fascistic path.

Next you will be telling me that because the BNP dont want our nation colonised until the British are a minority that makes them fascist, right?


Were the red indians fascist in trying to remain the dominant peoples of their land, were they racist?

Now do one you cretin.

Old Holborn said...

Stupid cunts.

I've emailed the UCU to see if I, as a black man, can join their special black persons section

If Ali G can get away with it, so can I.

Paul said...

I'm not a BNP voter (I don't like their socialism, their authoritarianism, their racial supremacism or their republicanism)...

...but if made me choose between these nasty little 'anti-fascist' totalitarians and the BNP...

I'd choose the BNP.

Instead of calling everyone racists and fascists they should think about this. Their behaviour is more unreasonable than the party they claim to fight against.

Unite Against Fascism is nothing of the kind.

Where does its funding come from? That would be interesting in itself.

BenS said...

UAF is populated by socialism?

I think they need a history lesson on the differences between fascism and socialism. It'd take about 5 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Let's not have free speech for those we disagree with!

UAF=hypocritical cunts.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I did a post on the BNP voters today. Click on the link at the bottom of it. (I'm using my phone so can't put the link here)

caesars wife said...

wrong sort of democracy ??

The ruin brings full wonkness to the UK.

I bet he does little more than sit on his hands .

from zero to nero

Anonymous said...

Rab C. Nesbitt said...
I did a post on the BNP voters today. Click on the link at the bottom of it. (I'm using my phone so can't put the link here)

09 June 2009 17:16

Sounds like it will be a pathetic attempt at a crass smear based on ignorance - yours, so I think i'll give it a miss, as well as any future rancid effort you may try and whore through OH's otherwise great blog.

Anonymous said...

Glad I am not the only one who appreciates the irony of "Unite Against Fascism" actually being a fascist organisation dedicated to violent suppression of free speech. Newspeak at its best.

But... every UAF attack is followed by comments along the lines of "makes you wonder who the real fascists are". Doesn't make me wonder - the answer is that both the UAF and the BNP are fascists. I'd unite against both of them.

get the tazers ready gordon said...


all of these twats practice a shout loudest policy......

perhaps that is why the people of Barking are electing bnp councillors?

of course the real reason for immigration is cheap labour!!!

nobody ever asked the uk people for a tidal wave of immigrants....but who gives a fuck what we think?

its all about fiddling the books!

get the wages down-then claim low inflation!

as usual the whole effing mess stinks and has been concocted by well known supportes of the English like mandy and gay gordon.

how many black only organisations are there in the uk?

i think o/h listed them once....
is that racist or are white English people (who lived here first) the vilest people on the planet?

you know the ones.the ones that fought Hitler and send money to charities across the globe!

as for the holocaust denial: what a crock of shit!
nobody knows how many died.
there were czechs,romanians,hungarians,the mentally ill,political opponents,gypsies and jews....etc..

are we supposed to distinguish between the groups?

can i talk about it as my great great grandfather was a russian jew?

Thud said...

I'm with anon...both sides seem to be major pricks.

Ampers said...

I shall join them today

Hendrik Piet Van Rensburg-Vervoed

M de Plouquenet said...

BNP & legitimate are oxymorons. Yes O'H you can claim to be mixed race, all English peole have 5% sub saharan African DNA. "Don't rejoice you men,for though the world stood up & beat the bastard the bitch that bore him is in heat again" Brecht, 1950.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Anon 17.29. Not sure what you're getting at, either you think I'm a BNP supporter (i'm not) or an anti BNP campaigner (I'm not). I was merely pointing to a link that takes you to a UAF site.

Anonymous said...

Not aimed at you, Rab. I've heard that particular line from the BNP before, that's all. It comes up whenever the UAF have been up to no good, like the time they attacked a BNP candidate with a hammer.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really care about a tribe of wailing niggers?

The more of this they do, the better. Keeps em marginalized.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Anon 17.29

Have a look at Rab's post re the BNP voters. I did, and the voters' comments are well worth a read.

Dungeekin said...

Ooo, an 'Anonymong' (17:11) to play with?

Go and read my pages, fucknuts.

Or at least, get someone who's literate to read it for you.

Yes, the BNP was democratically elected, thanks to Proportional Representation (get someone to explain it to you) and a drop in vote-share for LieBore.

But that doesn't mean your policies aren't anything other than repulsive, repellent racism that smacks of the worst decisions of the Wannsee Conference (get someone to explain it to you).

The BNP are revolting, and the Leader of the BNP is a cunt. And the standard approach of screaming 'commie' at anyone who disagrees makes my point - you're simply risible.

And have a nice day.


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I was beginning to feel as welcome as Cyclops Brown!

Anonymous said...

They are all over the place. No doubt if put on the spot they would support a demand for freedom of speech in places like Burma, China and Zimbabwe. And of course would be apoplectic at the suggestion that there should be white only groups:-)

Police state Tories said...

the Tory Party, shadow cabinet member Julian Lewis has called in parliament for a new law to force the media to be biased against the British National Party.

Mr Lewis, who is MP for New Forest East, revealed his inherent anti-democratic leanings by expressing “concern that television and radio stations will have to apply impartiality rules” to the BNP now that it has two MEPs.


Parliament of Pigfuckers said...

It's the same old game that's been going since the 30s - the international socialist thugs, by their stupidity and violence, are the best possible recruiting stimulus for the national socialist thugs, and vice versa. Fear and disgust provoked by one side drives recruitment for the other. They have a symbiotic relationship, thus they are obsessed with each other.

What the BNP / NF etc. (that whole lineage of parties, not just talking about current BNP here) eventually worked out, and the Socialist Clawhammer Club have not, is that every time one side is conspicuously violent whilst the other restrains itself, the violent side loses sympathy from all but their own hardline ideological supporters.

The Penguin said...

Hypocrisy In Action.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...


Having just spent 3 months in a very harmonious multi-tribal country, I think I am entitled to point out that the name was spelt Vervoerd.

Close But No Cigar said...

Why were none of these silly fuckers at work today like most of us?

Katabasis said...

Ever noticed how painfully white these mobs are?

I counted no more than two brown faces amongst them.

Now why is it more black and asian people don't join these groups? One might expect them to be overrepresented if anything given that the central issue is supposedly racism.

Perhaps its because they don't want to be continually preached and whined at, or wheeled out as tokens to show how "representative" the groups are, or accept any of the associated shower of shit that one might be expected to swallow if supporting the cause?

Man in the Street said...

Fuck them all.

T England said...


Thanks for putting up that list, I have always been a Tory but never relised that Cameron surports those lefty facists, my blood is boiling & to think I have blogged the Tory cuase for over three years, I think this will have to stop.
I'm going to pop over to your site & was hoping you may also have a list of who & how much people donate to this disgusting low life group.
My blood is boilng.

Steve Expat said...

Isn't it a sad day when you find yourself sticking up for Nick Griffin and his disgusting party?

Freedom speech, however, is freedom speech.

Do these idiots realise that Griffin is now the top story on every evening news programme?

Nearly a million people voted for the BNP last week - unless their opponents debate with them rather than opposing their mere presence, that presence can only grow.

Parliament of Pigfuckers said...

I likewise strenuously object to the state (and mainstream parties) subsidising the far left to go after the BNP, just as I would if they were subsidising Combat 18 to go after Arthur Scargill (or a radical Jewish group to go after George Galloway and his chums in the Bombs 'n' Burkhas mob).

Anonymous said...

Hope they were free range eggs.

Anonymous said...

"Close But No Cigar said...

Why were none of these silly fuckers at work today like most of us?"

What makes you think they *weren't* at work ?

And no, I'm not trying to be a smart-arse; these people are funded by tax-payer's money to do this sort of dirty work on behalf of Zanu-Labour and Call Me Dave.

Seriously, have a look at this :

Paid For With Your Taxes

How do you feel about paying for this mob ?

Anonymous said...

The UAF appear to be the fascist cunts,who the hell do they think they are?.

If they want the UK to be a better place then that bunch of filthy scummers should chip in for a bar of soap and get on the web for instructions on how to it and all jump into the nearest deepest well they can find (a.s.a.p.).

bofl said...

all of the hatred against the bnp is soooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!

i dont support them but the loony left are EXACTLY THE SAME!!!!!


stupid fuckers like diane abbott hold up Mao as a hero.how many people did he kill?

30 million?

and what about china now?

or how about Stalin?
lovely bloke.only killed about 20 million of his countrymen.....still he put out some good tractor stats!!!!!!

hoons one and all.

Gigits said...

Nice lively debate here!

Whether you support the BNP or not, they were elected and so must be able to operate without fear of intimidation.

If the UAF is funded and supported by the mainstream parties then that is fucking disgrace.

Rab: ignore the anonymongs.

JPT said...

No special groups for the white members I take it?

bofl said...

just seen the organiser.how did they know?

what a total cock!

think i may vote for the bnp next time........

i am not going to be told who i can support by a moron like him!
England ueber alles!

M de Plonker talking shit again. said...

M de Plonker 17.35

You have got ape DNA as well but that dont make you a fucking ape does it.(In your case I will hold my judgement)

puzzled said...

The more I listen to the BNP haters the more I think the BNP have a point or two.

Freedom of speech, my fucking arse.

Anonymous said...

If anyone doubts that these UAF Fascists are funded by public money then take a look at these links for further proof :

Charity Commission Entry

Wikipedia Entry

This is a scandal that deserves to be exposed and widely publicised.

You may not agree with some or anything that the BNP stand for but using tax-payer's to fund a group of thugs to attack a democratically elected member of parliament is worthy of Zimbabwe.

Things *are* that bad in Britain right now.

And I'm proud to say that I helped Nick Griffin take a seat in Brussels.

WV: bationsi

Anonymous said...

"stupid fuckers like diane abbott hold up Mao as a hero.how many people did he kill?"

You say that like it was a bad thing, but those deaths were necessary in pursuit of socialist utopia. The ends justify the means, my friend! Death to the kulaks!

Anonymous said...

Brown to propose electoral reform

Translates : this democracy thing isn't working the way we hoped it would. The fucking plebs will vote BNP if you let them and we can't have that.

We'll have to frig the voting system to make sure it can never happen again.

T 'old 'un said...

UAF ...you ask where the funding is coming from. Unite is very nearly a clue.

The business of parties is a totally flawed system. The parties started out many, many years ago, pre Whigs and Tories,as a means of forcing through laws advantageous the "the ruling party", though it was not called a party (nor ruling).
It has developed through the years into the rancid system of gang warefare that goes on in and around Westminster and most other western governments.
It is abhorent in the extreme and only it's abolition, with power handed to the people, will ever bring anything like REAL government to supplant the current politics, supported by its wealthy, benefitting backers.

Anonymous said...

Yes just checked, the UAF have been given taxpayers money.

Heres' one...

A grant of £20,000 was made by the Home Office in 2006 towards the “Young Citizen

Who said these unwashed bunch of fascict cunts could have my money?

woman on a raft said...

The BNP hold a press conference: likely coverage, little, as the media don't much like Griffin. They would have mentioned it, then allowed someone from UAF to have a grumble.

The BNP hold a press conference and somebody tips off UAF, who arrange for it to suddenly become photogenic by throwing eggs.

Result: Nick Griffin has to be invited in to the studio, the UAF spokesperson shown up as an utter fool, massive coverage on TV and radio. Interviewer forced to defend Griffin, pointing out he won an election, and he won it fair and square under the PR system which Labour endorses.

(Incidentally, where were the police?)

Anonymous said...

woman on a raft said...

The BNP hold a press conference: likely coverage, little, as the media don't much like Griffin. They would have mentioned it, then allowed someone from UAF to have a grumble.

On a BBC news report the reporter said that a Russian news channel tipped off the UAF about the BNP press conference.

Before you ask,no i'm not pulling your leg,i watched the report.

Leg-iron said...

WOAR: where were the police?

They were very busy chasing a dangerous fag-end-dropper. Much more important than breaking up a fight and safer, too.

(tipped by Pavlov's Cat in the comments over at my place)

The police can't join the BNP. I womder if they can join the Clawhammer Debating Group?

Anonymous said...

Wow there are some silly comments here, and some people seem to have forgotten that we fought a war to keep people like Andrew Brons out of British politics. The BNP claim they are "democratic", but because Hitler and Mussolini were democratically elected does NOT mean the Allies should have done nothing to resist their rise to power.

People have also forgotten the last time the BNP visited London, hospitals were picking 6 inch nails out of childrens heads for weeks, and about the time the BNP attacked Welling Public Library with hammers and iron bars.

In this case only 6% of the 35% turnout voted for the BNP, yet the system has rewarded their abject failure by giving a party that is opposed by 96% of the electorate 2 European parliamentary seats - that is a TRAVESTY of democracy!

Anonymous said...

your logic is faulty as we do not know how many non-voters support the BNP

German history buff said...

It was the far-left who were the first to resort to armed political violence in Post-WW1 Germany, and the first to attempt to overthrow the Weimar Republic in its infancy. Without widespread fear of the threat of renewed Communist armed revolution and street thuggery (and the horrific example of the Bolshevik regime in Russia), politics would never have become so violently polarised and paramilitary party militias would not have become the norm (even the stodgiest left and right centrist parties had to develop their own militias in the Weimar Republic in order to protect their meetings).

If the middle and upper classes and the rural population had not been threatened by the politics of expropriation and extermination endorsed by Lenin and his admirers, they would not have been sufficiently desperate and in sufficiently large numbers to support a counter-politics of expropriation and extermination (based on the paranoid conspiracist mis-identification of the enemy - who had many prominent Jewish leaders - with the Jewish people). Nazism could never have grown large enough to take power and Hitler would have remained a fringe figure (and maybe Germany would be a constitutional monarchy today).

Parliament of Pigfuckers said...

David Copeland (the nail bomber) was a one-time member of the BNP and the NF IIRC, but no-one disputes that he was acting alone.

Would it be reasonable to use Dennis Nilsen, a Labour man, to connect his party of choice with cannibalism? His effusions from prison certainly suggest that socialism is a psychological crutch for him that allows him to escape from the contemplation of his personal responsibility for his murders by wallowing in petty political criticism of the prison system.

Private Beach said...

While there are obviously a number of axes being ground on both sides here, there is a real underlying question that deserves deeper debate: how far does one allow democratic freedoms to enemies of democracy? I don't doubt for one second that if it ever came to power, the BNP would (like its idol Adolf Hitler) immediately set about dismantling the democratic system that enabled it to get elected. So should it be treated the same as a party that plays within the rules of democracy?

Anonymous said...

"I may be black" she said, fuck me doesn't she know? If not someone should tell her quick.
Same as the interview with Stevie Wonder same old questions same old answers even the one about 2 multi millionaires singing about racial harmony on pianos.
The final question was how did he cope with being blind? As he has been blind from birth he said he didn't know any other way but he said he could have been much,much worse as he could have been born black.

Anonymous said...

Wow there are some silly comments here, and some people seem to have forgotten that we fought a war to keep people like Andrew Brons out of British politics."
I think we should have lost might have a decent car industry now at one time Reliant was the biggest wholly owned by UK people we had. That showed 'em Mercedes, BMW. Audi. Volkwagen rubbish

Nearly Headless Nick said...

No we didn't fight a war to keep people like Andrew Bron out of politics.
We fought a war because our survival as a Nation was threatened by Germany. It still is, but with a different plan.

puzzled said...

Anony 07:10

What a load of crap. Freedom from tyranny was at the heart of going to war.

It would appear that the other political parties are funding the ones who threw eggs and disrupted a perfectly legal news conference. They are the tyrannical ones.

Now fuck off.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

There's a simple solution to this anti-BNP stuff.


Labour did it, to become New Labour, the BNP can follow suit. By dumping Griffin and rebranding as NewBNP, they can pretend to have dumped all the bits of the manifesto that are a tad disagreeable (to some), yet still be seen as the savious of Britain.

You know it makes sense.

Anonymous said...

repulsive and repellant policies?
Yesterday's Daily Backstabber continued with the slagging off of the BNP but scored a classic own goal.They published some of the BNP's manifesto. Policies included
British jobs for British workers
Get out of the EU,and tell them to take their noses out of our legal system
Shut the borders to further immigration
Restoration of imperial weights and measures
The right of householders to defend themselves and their property against intruders
kick out bogus asylum seekers,and foreign born criminals
restore the death penalty for murdering terrorists,serial killers,and child killers etc etc
Best bit of free publicity I've seen in a long while.

AnonyBNP said...

"Urban11 said...

repulsive and repellant policies?
yesterday's Daily Backstabber continued with the slagging off of the BNP but scored a classic own goal.They published some of the BNP's manifesto. Policies included..."

This is the dilemma they face my friend.

On the one hand they are now starting to think that using tax-payer's money (UAF scum) to close us down is a bad idea, because it makes us look (rightly so) like the victims of undemocratic intimidation - and this doesn't play well to the majority of decent Brits.

And yet, on the other hand, some of them now argue 'Let's get them out into the open - let's show how bad they really are, etc'

But when they try this approach, most ordinary decent Brits see what we are really about and go 'Fuck me, that sounds like the sort of thing I'd vote for...'

I have to say that I'm *really* enjoying the whole Righteous establishment squirming and fighting among themselves as they try to work out the best strategy to 'defeat' the BNP.

They *just* don't get it...

WV: upsesses - love it !

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see where the BNP goes from here.
Griffin is a smart guy and robably knows full well that if the party wants to become more than just a vote of last resort for alienated poor whites and boaden it's electoral appeal then it will have to a make some compromises.
In my view there are a number of key questions.
Is the BNP prepared to accept the concept of a non white "naturalised" Englishman?
Like it or not the fact is that there are now many people in this country who are non-white
but who were born here, have worked and paid taxes here and with some justification regard this country as home (Not every ethinic Pakistani in Bradford wants to run off and join the Teleban). It is simply not possible (however much it may be desirable) to turn the clock back to a Britain as it was prior to the mass immigration of the post war years. Previous badly thought out policies have left a potentially dangerous legacy which serious politicians are going to have to deal with in flexible pragmatic manner.
What is the BNP's message to 2nd and increasingly 3rd generation descendents?
It needs to be constructive.
Is the BNP prepared to acknowledge the historical existance of the "Final Solution" ? Historians can argue about the finer points and numbers involved but it's clear
that Nazi Germany ended up persuing a policy of organised slavery and ultimate extermination towards Jews,Slavs and other groups classed as sub-human.
It is important to acknowledge and condem the Holocaust in order to clearly differentiate modern British Nationalism from Hitler.
The spectre of Concentration camps and Gas Vans is a BIG vote loser!

I strongly suspect that Griffin and Brons will try to move in the direction of moderation
for one thing there are nothing like the hard realities of elected office for reigning in idealism
however there will be others who would view this as a sellout and it won't be long
before we end it with the bitter splits so common in fringe groupings.
Just a bunch of complete idiots!!

Henry Crun said...

Anon 09/06 17:11

Come and say that on my doorstep you fascist prick and feast on my knuckle butty.

Anonymous said...

" Henry Crun said...

Anon 09/06 17:11

Come and say that on my doorstep you fascist prick and feast on my knuckle butty."

Sigh ! Here we go again.

OK, post your full name and address (including post code) and perhaps someone can arrange to pop round and see you.

No ?

WV: arick - change the first letter to a P and it spells Henry Crun

Screech said...

Stupid bitch isn't doing her cause any favours with speech and actions like this. The idiots are just handing it to the BNP on a fucking plate! WANKWIPES!

puzzled said...

Screech - truth hurts yeah?

Henry Crun said...

Anon 13:46

How about you stop posting anonymously and give us your name address and postcode?

No? Thought not. Cunt.

Oleuanna said...

The amount of hate and anger this subject conjoures up is amazing. As a black woman i can happily speak for myself and don't need a group in order to aid my free speech.

What saddens me is we (the black and Asian community) are looking stupid again and this seems to arm latent racists to go and stick the knife in.

I'm all for free speech...but I spent the night reading comments from BNP members...and they talked of violence and exclusion and direct hate aginst anyone who's origin lay outside the UK.

I grew up with the NF and I want this racial hatred thwarted before the mob mentality takes over and I'm hurt again just for being black. It's all well and true that we can fight them in the commons or in the press....but guess nobody is telling their supporters that and they fight a hell of a lot differently on the streets.

But groups like the BSS are just a reaction to the negativity felt...not very intelligent in it's thinking....but frightened people need a place to be heard and sometimes thats amongst their own people. I don't support such a regime as I believe it's a fight we all have against parties such as the BNP, and it's a reflection on our society as to why they are able to gain so much ground.

But when groups are joining together like this in order to be heard...that also reflects on the what society is creating....and that's all of us... not just the BNP.

If your white your alright but if your black you best go back....! I welcome anything to prevent those fucked up chants again....

Mr Insignificant said...

Throw an egg at Two Jags Prescot and get nicked.

Regardless of a persons politics he should be given the chance to speak.

The only violence that day was the violence that the UAF brought with them. Where were the BNP 'bovver boys' that we are supposed to be so frightened of?

Throwing eggs at people is assault, someone should take the footage to the police and watch them wriggle out of an investigation.

Ironically I bet the egg throwers have been bragging all over facebook about their adventure that day.

Youf of today said...

Anon @ 09 June 2009 19:42 :

The general thrust of Browns proposals was toward changes which would aid the BNP, not hinder it.

Anonymous said...

I sense a list of hypocrites in here:

1. Anonymous, 09 June 2009 17:16

2. Constantly Furious (FOAD)

3. Parliament of Pigfuckers

4. Man in the Street

5. bofl

Your parents must be real proud of you (sarcasm). Go have sex with apes, you weenies.

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