Saturday, 13 June 2009

Wake Up You Dozy Bastards! Queen Mandy Has Taken Over The Government

Photoshop Old Rightie

Lord Mandelson of Foy in the county of Herefordshire and Hartlepool in the county of Durham, first secretary of state, secretary of state for business, innovation and skills and Lord President of the Council, yesterday granted the Queen an audience.

Guido was told this in advance, but sworn to secrecy, by a member of her majesty’s parliamentary Lobby. Why was it embargoed?


This is an ongoing war of attrition between No 10 and the Palace. One Queen has gone round to see another Queen to put her straight about who is in charge here now.

This self serving bastard is running the country, with a massive EU pension bribe in his pocket, and a budget of £1.92Bn personal fiefdom of the BERR.

Gordon Brown is now an irrelevance, there has been a second palace coup in Nu Labour. Why is Hazel Blears grovelling now ?? Why is the Labour PLP so cowed

Mandelson is beyond ruthless, this is raw power politics, if he is not destroyed he will destroy everything worth having in this country.


All the 'Heavies' have interviews and articles on the new 'Beloved Leader' this morning


Anonymous said...

He is threatening everybody in the last week with personal ruin

Tyburn Jig said...

Mandelson's personal tumbril awaits.

The Penguin said...

Last time round we got the Millenium Dome.

The Penguin

Oldrightie said...

I have been wide awake to this evil fucker for years. See my latest take here.

The cunning nature of kiddyfiddlers allied to politics as the testosterone fades, is scary. It's time the security services realised the threat to The UK this man poses as well as the rest of this corrupt shower. Presumably they are all part of it.
Still, OH, with your passion not to let the only credible alternative get elected, ain't much use bothering!

Parkylondon said...

Is it possible for a Member of the House of Lords (i.e. an unelected member) to become Leader of the Labour(NuStasi) Party?

Strikes me that Mr. Clown has f*cked up massively by bringing Mandy this close to him. You keep your friends close but your enemies closer

Mandy for PM anyone?

Man in the Street said...

The cunt deserves shooting.

Guthrum said...

Is it possible for a Member of the House of Lords (i.e. an unelected member) to become Leader of the Labour(NuStasi) Party?

This unatural shit is not bothered by the who is Prime Minister, as long as he excercises power over that PM, accumulates Cash, assets, and gives himself 'pretty' titles

First Minister of State is the give away.

His Achilles Heel is his vanity, he cannot bear public exposure of his sordid private life, so the more it needs doing.

He is one man, we are many. He thrives in in the dark corners like a snake. Shine a strong light on him, and he will slink away.

The Penguin said...

I'm still waiting for him to keep his promise and answer questions about blogging on Limplist.

The Penguin

Blind leading the blind said...

Guthrum take another look at the trilateral commission members list that was posted and then rewrite the post without having to rely on the dimwitted or subversive Guido.

You seem to have missed someone!

neonoctafish said...

Agreed on all the personal abuse of him but, unless he can turn the polls round in 11 months (fairly unlikely), where's the harm? I don't think there's any danger of Mandy leading the revolution backed by a fanatical band of guerilla fighters & fashionistas. Doesn't this simply amount to a bunfight in the dying spasms of ZanuLabour?

Guthrum said...

where's the harm?

You have absolutely no idea what this 'man' is capable of, until it hits you personally

Pravda is alive and well said...

Press Union Fascists discuss how to further betray the democratic rights of the people. Using subversion, censorship, lies and biased reporting.

The free press?

run by a left wing union mafia in turn run by the Labour party in turn run buy the EU in turn run by the NWO!

A free country?

NUJ Event: Reporting the BNP
How should journalists respond to the election of BNP councillors and MEPs?
The NUJ is calling on its members to join the debate, beginning with an event in London this Thursday.
The BNP's election victories have brought a new urgency to questions about how journalists should report fascists and racists. There is a danger that racist ideas that ten years ago would have been considered unacceptable could become part of the daily business of politics.
Media workers are confronted with new dilemmas. How should broadcasters handle the requirement for balance whilst not promoting racist and fascist views? How do we best show the threat the BNP pose to media freedom? How should we organise in the workplace to defend equal rights for our members and quality journalism? How should we react to BNP threats to journalists who expose their real views about equality, race and freedom of speech? How do members in PR deal with racist councillors?
The union is calling on its members to join in the discussion and help plan the campaign to stand up for journalists and journalism in the face of new threats and challenges.
Date: Thursday 18 JuneTime: 6.30pmVenue: NUJ headquarters, 308 Gray’s Inn Road, London WC1X 8DP
Chair: Jeremy Dear, General Secretary, NUJ Speakers invited from: BBC, Channel 4, NUJ Black Members’ Council, Ethics Council and anti-racist campaigns

Maturecheese said...

I am not at all surprised by the previous post. The media has been a sham for a long time now. Quite frankly we might as well stick our heads in the ground with our arses in the air as we are pretty much fucked. The vast majority of people in this country couldn't give a monkeys toss about what's happening to their country. When some of us vote for 'an extreme Party' because no other one is prepared to address the issues, we are called racists. God help us.

woman on a raft said...

Guthrum 08:52

Which is something Snotty has obviously over-looked.

Lexander said...

I want to know who is Mandy's latest boy friend. Why do we never see or hear about his sex life? Is he still into Brazilian Nuts ?

GrumpyOldTwat said...

You're right.
Nothing but a self serving, conniving bastard who will stop at nothing to achieve endless power and wealth just to satisfy his own ego. Trouble is that he is far more intelligent than Gordoom will ever be and that makes him one seriously dangerous man in his current position. He's even got his own page on the Number10 website now, meet the real PM!

wisnaeme said...

Aye, agreed with all preceeding comments.

That cunt requires a slow roasting on a revolving spit over embers fed by the fats dripping from the cunt.

Ah'd swing fer him, that's for sure.

...and Lexander, take a googlemap tour wae the wee man at approximately 100 Cavendish Road, London SW12 and have shuftie around.

Shall we have a wee guessing game?

Which wan of them houses did "Cuddles" have a wee secret love nest?

and on the expenses too.

He's a fucking parasite wae nae morals what so ever, so that cunt is.

Oh and "Cuddles", How's yer young pal "Pompey" these days?

Still seeing yer bit on the side?

Aye weel,hopefully, maybe he'll put his gob to mair uses than ye had for it.


caesars wife said...

brilliant photoshop oldrightie, its clearly worse than i thought , felusion is metamorphosisimg into derangement

Old Bag said...

squirrel nutsack is grovelling now?..makes you wonder what she knows...

Delphius1 said...

I blogged about the rift between No10 and the Palace a while ago here. The timing of the various incidents is too much of a coincidence.

Whether Mandy's visit to the Queen is a peacful mission, a shot across the bows or an outright threat to the Monarchy, I haven't been able to find out.

My guess would be his mission was to broker a "non-agression treaty" like the Germans made with The Russians.

Mainly because fighting a general election with the might of the establishment against the Labour Party would be impossible.

If we're not careful, Peter the Puppet master might engineer another win for Labour and usher in the final gameplan of the EUSSR.

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