Friday, 19 June 2009

The truth will out

I signed up to the Ministry of Truth a while ago. They demand that it should be illegal for MPs to lie to us (amazingly, it isn't at the moment). They went all quiet on me.

It looks like they are about to get noisy. Very noisy.


caesars wife said...

As I understand it they are only free of the law when in the chamber .

Seems as though undemocratic EU masterplan took another step today with Gordon handing over some financial powers to brussels.

Ireland to vote for second time on lisbon farce in october, Given the votes that the Conservatives , UKIP, BNP put for MEPs puts the denial of the promised vote risky for Labour. It is pure Winston Smith moment for brown , "imagine a boot stamping on all our faces for 1000s of years" . the question I have for Mr Brown , what level of public protest would be sufficient to convice him that this treaty is not wanted (or at least deserving a referendum)by the majority of the UK voters .

How else can you now but describe gordon brown as a Facist Dictator , what vote we have had to protest we have said NO , this is not some 10% of the Uk population , this is over 70%.

The march of the nutter continues , this final fiddle of democracy will not do , labour are interfering with the traditional voting rights of the UK people.

If he isnt going to listen to the people then the labour party deserves its corrupt end , these are our historical rights he is giving over , bereft of his sworn oath duty to serve the British people.How is he fullfilling his oath ?? let alone the office.

i do hope he isnt thinking that weve all gone soft and wont get organised to stop this , this is more fundamental than ecnomics. more vital the european vote count shows that .

JD said...

We will vote NO in greater numbers than before. The Irish stood up to the British Empire. Are we so diminished as a people to surrender to Brussels? After boom the 'celtic tiger' has brought bankruptcy, bust & record unemployment. Better not to have joined in the first place. The greed induced illusion of wealth turned out to be very fleeting. If the treaty is ratified you will not get another vote.


Dick the Prick said...

Slowly kill the fucks. I am absolutely loving watching them die one by one. At the setting of the sun, we shall remember them - bastards.

Cold Tuesday Evenings said...

Cracking stuff

jpe bloggs said...

Didn't stop disgraced Jack Straw from lying his way through the Today Programme this morning ( about the failing of Londons Probabtion Service and how it was all the fault of the bloke who resigned/got sacked ).

rozanski said...

Long live the Professor!

The Ministry of Truth is the way forward!

BBC fake Iran images for NWO said...

BBC fake Iran images for NWO

NWO behind Iran election troubles said...

NWO behind Iran election troubles

Roger Thornhill said...

That prig who used the term "young man" at the end.

I am chocking upon the foetid stench of entitlement.

Anonymous said...

Signed up too OH. Also tried out the Kantometer on Gordon Brown. As the results (apparently) are mailed to him too, I hope it gives him much disquiet. I see he's going for the sympathy vote in today's Guardian - he says he wants to be a teacher - not around my kids thank you! If he doesn't care about being in Westminster, and would be happy to leave Parliament etc why doesn't he go now & save the country a mess of trouble? JUBB - just usual Brown bullshit. Just off to pick up the Telegraph & the expenses handout. good to see Plod actually going to get involved.

caesars wife said...

telegraph dossier is quite good , concisely sums the mass fiddles up as well as those who dont fiddle .

This article in Guardian "I could happily walk away" , can we get a referendum on no10 for it ??. So the traitor of Lisbon is hurt , wow , 21000 people a week are losing there jobs the highest rate of job losses on record , with SMEs bearing the brunt of it they are hurting now, the highest national debt for a month ever recorded, an eye watering £19.9bn.People will be hurt in the future to pay for it. He tells us he wants to teach !!

he cant even be trusted with his chancellors borrowing figures , or real terms spending , cough I meant debt called investment .

just bear in mind what Gordon and labour are leaving for the next government , and for us all , then ask yourself do you feel sorry for them ???

caesars wife wouldnt shed a tear for this lot of decievers , contries broke , basic role of goverment "must not bust country must not sell us to foreign power " way to go two most basic things ignored.

" iam listening , getting on with job , it was nae me "

Shoulnt have lied !!

Iraq war had dodgey dossier
expense gate has dodgers dossier

2 blairites 1 cup said...

a law against dishonesty would be useful, regardless, but it's not enough.

open primaries, some way to force a recall or by-election at any point in a parliament, stronger f.o.i rights.

more transparency, and meaningful accoutability to the electorate (especially in the choice of available candidates).

prepare yourself for none of the above.

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