Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The Trial Of Tony Blair

One of the reasons I started blogging nearly four years ago was this statement which is still at the top of 'Looking For A Voice'

A Libertarian facing the most incompetent and intrusive unmandated Oligarchy in my lifetime.

Everybody around me thought that we were living in a paradise of cheap money, the weekend shopping binge on credit cards was the 'norm'. I could see the drip drip drip of our basic Liberties flowing away. Most of the population seemed not to give a flying fcuk.

MP's were troughing then as now, Mandelson and the Kinnocks were slowly enriching themselves and on their way to being faux aristocrats. Civil Servants exposed and found dead in the woods, the BBC seized in a coup by Blair and Campbell, then there was the Iraq Invasion a war of agression that presented no threat to the defence of this country, on behalf of a foreign power and because both leaders did 'God' big time and believed that smiting the heathen 'hip and thigh' was a divine ordinance.

Blair lied to Parliament over WMD, forged the 'dodgy dossier' Campbell was 'sexing' up intelligence reports. The Media was not reporting the Cabinet ministers who resigned over the decision taken by Blair under the powers invested in one man under the Royal Perogative, a decision that flew in the face of the United Nations and the weapons inspectors.

Blair is now a multi millionaire,yet scores of British families have lost their sons and daughters brought home in coffins, hundreds more are mentally and physically crippled.

Iraq which once had the GDP of Portugal is impoverished and thousands of its citizens are dead.

However Blair lobbied hard for this inquiry to be held in secret so that it did not turn into a show trial. Yesterday Chilcot announced that the inquiry will largely be held in public. Though I suspect most of the events leading up to the invasion will be held in camera to protect Blair.

I have always wanted Blair to be arraigned for High Crimes and Misdemeanours, this is as near as we are going to get to it.

If you have got time read the following four indictments from Nuremburg 1946. Tell me what difference is there ? The only legitimate war is one of national self defence, for which our armed forces should have the best equipment, be the best trained and paid in the world. There is no other legitimate State expenditure.

Count One: Conspiracy to Wage Aggressive War

Count Two: Waging an Aggressive War, or "Crimes Against Peace"

Count Three: War Crimes and Torture

Count Four: Crimes Against Humanity and Civilian Populations

Those found guilty went to the Gallows.

Until the State and its Leaders become accountable for their actions we will not be a Free Country. We are all burdened by this war guilt, we just cannot ignore it and pretend it did not happen.

Blair has dishonoured this Country and its Armed Services. It is time he answered in the full glare of the TV cameras.


bofl said...

we dont need an inquiry-everyone knows that the uk went to war justified by the 'dodgy dossier'.

Blair should be imprisoned for life for that action alone.........

and Campbell,Brown etc........

we all know that david kelly didn't kill himself with a pen-knife and then move himself after he was dead!

we all know that 8 pints of blood makes more than a tiny stain.

when will someone find some bollocks and do the right thing and arrest every theiving lying scumbag politician?

i want to see that smug grin wiped off his face and his money and property seized.

bofl said...

smiling tony blair- a caring man.....

of course the Labour party are sooooooooo concerned with being paternal towards us poor souls....

this is what tony and george did.....


such devout christians!

and fucking letter box face had the front to cry on tv because her son moved to Bristol.....


CryBaby said...

Bring Tony Bliar to trial for war crimes - petition. Please sign and pass onto as many people as possible


Anonymous said...

Simon Wiesenthal spent his life in bringing the Nazi killers to justice. What we need is a Simon Wiesenthal, who will hunt down the socialist traitors who have caused so much damage to the fabric of this country, and been directly responsible for so many deaths.

john in cheshire

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

"Blair should be imprisoned for life for that action alone.........

NO, NO, NO, NO. Life imprisonment is not an appropriate punishment for B’Liar and his cohort.

What is needed is the traditional British punishment for treason; to be hung, drawn, and quartered.

BlairSupporter said...

CryBaby and friends - keep on crying.

This is the closest you'll ever get to a court of law for Tony Blair. Of course he doesn't have any protection or rights as he would were this the run-up to a "trial". Not that that bothers such as write here.

Let's not pretend that this inquiry is anything other than a trial as far as the Nurembergers Re-visited are concerned.

You've already found Blair guilty as hell in a way you would NEVER do as regards everyday criminals or suspected terrorists.

As you crowd like to repeat ad nauseum - "AND WE ALL KNOW IT"..

The blog title says it all.

Anonymous said...

You've hit the nail right on the head - accountability.

There is NO accountablility in public service. Iraq war, Baby P,07/07, de Menezes, you name it, where's the accountability in public institutions?

Until there turds are brought to book and pay for the decisions made, nothing, absolutely nothing, will change.

BlairSupporter said...

And HAB,

Why don't you tell it like you think?

You and your link will be the reason for a change in freedom of speech on the internet.

Your comments invite mob rule. Why don't you realise this?

VERY dangerous.


Anonymous said...

People's comments can only incite mob rule if there is something to be incited over.

Lying & spinning as a matter of policy, entering an illegal war, putting yourself above the law, bankrupting the country, etc. etc. would all be things that would all make people angry. Answer is simple, govern sensibly and we won't need supporters like your good self to defend the indefensible rather the actions would speak for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Thousands of Iraqis killed?

No-one has accurate figures but I suspect that it's millions killed since the first Gulf War.

And all in the name of oil

Man in the Street said...

I saw the Blair play at the Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn quite a few years ago. I remember coming out fuming.

If Blair had been walking down the street at the time I might have been very responsible for my actions.

Sabine de Quincy said...

This is the closest you'll ever get to a court of law for Tony Blair.

Maybe. People who have felt the hand of history on upon their shoulders for a day also feel the toe of its boot up their bums for a thousand years.

BlairSupporter said...

None of you will admit that you only accept what the press and those with an agenda have told you over Iraq.

1. It is NOT an illegal war and never was.

2. The "millions" killed (exaggerated, imho but even if hundreds of thousands) were mostly killed by their own with Iran's and Syria's help.

3. This was a political decision, something that we put out of our 'mob rule' hands when we elect governments. We then vote governments out of office, if we are unhappy. We do NOT incite violence against the elected who are daft enough to want to represent us.

3. No-one has ANY right to incite "mob rule". Do you incite over Anjem Choudary who means to make this county a caliphate? No. And he wanders around our country FREE to incite daily.

4. So keep on doing what you are doing. Yo are asking for censorship.

BlairSupporter said...

Sabine - as Bush said once - "in history we're all dead".

So neither you nor I will be here to see how Blair is treated by history.

My guess - well. Very well.

Guthrum said...

Blair Supporter

What are you inhaling ?

Old Holborn said...

I quite like the sound of mob rule

garyfyin said...

Anon said: "You've hit the nail right on the head - accountability."

They also lack responsibility. The State goes out of it's way to absolve people of the consequences of their action, and that counts double for employees of the State. They feel no compunction to do a proper job and have no qualms about bending or breaking rules to achieve a preordained result.


On legal issues the invasion of Iraq is a grey area. Was it valid under previous UN resolutions? Probably. Saddam did block the weapons inspectors. But the will was not there to do it that way, even though it would have been legitimate. A fair proportion of the UN was against it for good and bad reasons - the invasion was not justified by the circumstances the alliance wanted us to believe, and the UN is a crooked organisation. That a story had to be cooked up is a great disgrace. Our Governments have abandoned the morals that our nations were built on.

Was it right? No. It was done at a politically expedient time. We could have had regime change 5 years earlier or 5 years later and be justified in doing it, *if we had been upfront about the goal*.

How many people were killed? Who knows. What is known is that the statistical jiggery pokery that got figures past 1 million civillian deaths is very suspect.

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

B'Liar Supporter - I would say that you're a funny person, but I'm not laughing at your proposition.

Go and have a nice coffee, pint, or something more to your taste and think of something more witty.

Sorry excuse for a Blair Apologist said...

BlairSupporter - You just don't get it do you?

hangemall said...


has an interesting article on what happened on 9/11, including....

"WikiScanner discovered that American Airlines changed their Wikipedia entry to state that Flights 11 and 77 never flew on 9/11.

Original entry was:

Two American Airlines aircraft were hijacked and crashed during the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack: American Airlines Flight 77 (a Boeing 757) and American Airlines Flight 11 (a Boeing 767).

New entry is:

Two American Airlines aircraft were hijacked and crashed during the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack: Flight 77 (a Boeing 757) and Flight 11 (a Boeing 767). Although these flights were daily departures before and a month after September 11, 2001. Neither flight 11 nor 77 were scheduled on September 11, 2001. The records kept by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (www.bts.gov/gis/) do not list either flight that day.

A Google search of the IP address that made the change - - is located at American Airlines.

Why the change American airlines? Did the flights actually operate or did we just imagine all of that?


I'm still unconvinced as to what crashed into the Pentagon but
"curiouser and curiouser."

PS In the picture, doesn't it look as if Saint Tone can feel the noose arond his neck?

bofl said...

i just tried to post on BlairSupporters page....but it is moderation.....( possibly unlike my comment)

are you an inmate at Broadmoor?

if not-why not?

tony blair is the biggest cunt i have ever had to look at in my life!

closely followed-as always-by gordon the ‘iron’.

Wesley Groves said...

On a "legal" note whatever the Govt does in (tacitly) legal. On a Wesley note give Blair a fair trail. Then execute the cunt!

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

WG - “Then execute the cunt”

If it was done in public we could sell the overseas PPV right for a fortune. No way near the cost of the damage done to the country but maybe enough to pay the costs of rounding up, storage, and the trial of the evil nuLieBore bastards.

I’d pay a small fortune for a ring side seat, but I’d be happy to sit in the pub with a pint and watch it on the big screen.

BlairSupporter said...

To hangemall - are you all teenagers here with your funaliases?

"PS In the picture, doesn't it look as if Saint Tone can feel the noose arond his neck?"

Na! That's just his halo.

The noose is at my site, courtesy of a Tory.


BlairSuppoter said...


You're published now.

Kind regards.

BlairSupporter said...

Wesley Groves and HAB,

Sure you're old enough to watch an execution or be allowed in a pub?

BlairSupporter said...

To Old Holborn,

"I quite like the sound of mob rule"

Trouble is the mob don't always agree with all the other mobsters. They usually end up turning on one another.

On second thoughts - you might be onto something.

Reimer said...

BlairSupporter -

Just your fawning support for this vacant...thing is enough to warrant your guts being used to throttle your idol with.


littleoleamerican said...

Hangamall, you are on MY turf now when you mention Sept. 11. All these idiotic conspiracy theories only add more hurt and pain to the families of all those killed on those flights. All those men, women and an entire boy scout troop perished on their way to CA.
These small hometowns greived with the families who had no bodies to bury, only pictures. Shame on you.
As for Tony Blair (I'm not smoking or drinking anything),with a clear head, I can assure you that Blair and Bush didn't make the decision to go into Iraq lightly nor did they make it alone. They had a lot more backing, maybe some from the Prince of Saudi Arabia and
the King of Jordan. How's that for a conspiracy theory? Why don't you lovely Brits clean up your language? I love the graphics and I love the character, but it is a bit juvenile, isn't it?
Sort of a fantasy land for lunatics.
Oh yes, I AM an American and proud OF it. I do so wish Tony would move to the states. We need a few more good men here.

RR said...

Many British also wish Tony Blair would move to the States or anywhere except the UK. The man is a charlatan, a liar (WMDs - 45 minutes), a hypocrite (his 'Christianity') a fantasist without morality & without integrity. A trial at the Hague would determine whether or not he is a guilty of war crimes.

littleolecalifornian said...

R and Old Holborn,
My British friends told me you would answer in that way....you wish Blair would move to the states, too. Ha ha. I guess we will never agree on Blair. I am convinced he was a hard working, loyal PM and you will not see it that way. Strange thing is you never give the man ANY credit for ANYTHING. For instance, Northern Ireland. Your troops know why they were in Iraq and they know why they are in Afghanistan. I know, love, because I send them care packages and hear back from them. They are very proud of all the good they have done and are doing over there.
With Iraq on its way to democracy, it will dissrupt (as we are seeing played out today in Iran) the Axis of Evil. Those WMD's? Dam right they were there. The Axis of Evil (which is how the Egyptian President describes them) were Iraq, Iran and N. Korea. Now, we KNOW that two of the three have nuclear capability, don't we? Why not the third? After all, N. Korea and Iran have been trading in technology and weaponry. Why not Saddam? We couldn't attack Iran and we couldn't attack N. Korea, now could we? Before the "Snake of the Desert" could purify his uranium (supplied by the Germans) we could and did take him out. He knew we were coming, so he sent the WMD's to Syria where Israel bombed the hell out of them and I'm sure some of the weapons are buried in the desert that can swallow up Osama Bin Laden, airplanes, camels and what the hell, why not a few long range missiles?
Nope, you are after the wrong man. He's the good guy, says I.

DrMike said...

I stumbled across this site after reading the news on the Guardian about Tony B being EU president. I started reading the comments only to find a bunch of rude, ignorant comments calling him a war criminal who deserves death. And this whole blog is dedicated to more of the same it seems. Then I got to littleoldcalifornian's comment. Why does it take an American to tell you guys some home truths. Why DO you hate TB so badly? Iraq is not your home I'm guessing, so why give a monkeys if TB lied and ordered war. Soldiers join the army to go to war, so saying "our lads" died over there just doesn't wash. They are proud to serve and go where-ever the wars are. I DO know it is futile to argue that he is "nice" even, but I want to know why this rabid, frothing hate??
He didn't introduce poll tax or kill the coal industry or stalk the streets killing prostitutes at night. Please, explain.

Good Ol Boy said...

BS - does that not stand for summit else! I am sure you ain't looking at the sky for the sun in daytime!!

He will be judged maybe not by his peers but as a declared christian, he will be judged in a much superior Court and I am not going to predict the outcome.

All I can say from watching the man give his evidence at the enquiry it would well be worth having a psychologist assess the processes of people making such momentous decisions especially when it involves committing the country to war.

It is the citizens of the country that have to live with the consequences - including the increased 'terror threats'.

Beware of false prophets!

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