Saturday, 20 June 2009

Tinkle those Ivories

OH is a rather talented tinkler of Ivories, thanks to his Grandmother who sewed shirts in the classic Jewish tradition and played the Joanna for (copious) pints of Guinness in the Dog and Duck, Winchmore Hill, N21. God Rest Her Soul.

There are currently 30 "street pianos" out there in the name of art. Do it. I'm going to. Alice would have loved it.


Gigits said...

I hope they've got these Pianos set in concrete, otherwise they'll be gracing the living room of some chavs council house.

Old Holborn said...

A Piano is no PS3

Trust me, I've shifted enough.

Henry North London said...

They are bloody heavy They wont move but the stools might

Just a little off topic

Where is everyone No one has blogged for a few days and Lord Elvis has cleared out his blog and given up What the fuck happened?

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I wish I was able to play a musical instrument. No bloody patience, thats my trouble. As for the blogging, I noticed it's been fairly quiet. Maybe we're suffering Brown fatigue. I'm working all weekend so my place will be fairly quiet. (Hurray says you lot)!

Anonymous said...

O/T but with a musical slant, that fucking hypocrite Jimmie McBroon, Cunt Extraordinaire hopes to 'reconnect with the voters ' by appearing on Songs of Praise' & talking about his life & beliefs

Not on my fucking TV he ain't! I often do watch SoP but that's one edition where the TV will be firmly switched OFF as soon as his ugly physog appears. Maybe we could organise a national 'TV turn off' for that? Cunt!

Yokel said...

@ Henry NL
I suspect its the DC Richard Horton effect. MetCountyMounty has cleared his as well.

Same we haven't heard much about Patrick Foster of the Times though.

Anonymous said...


The Economic Voice said...

Henry all is quite on the blogging front...sunshine, holidays and all that.

WW3 said...

Iran : Over $1.6 bn of Iranian assets frozen in Britain

Nearly one billion pounds ($1.64 billion) of Iranian assets are frozen in Britain under international sanctions imposed against the country over its nuclear program.

"The total assets frozen in the UK under the EU (European Union) and UN sanctions against Iran are approximately 976,110,000 pounds," Ian Pearson, Britain's Economic Secretary to the Treasury said in a written statement to parliament on Thursday.

caesars wife said...

These mps and there outside jobs eh!

I think a second home piano allownace would take the biscuit "i live away from home and get bored , i need a steinway concert grand"

Fly me to the Hoon
let me reach among the zars
Fly me to the moon
Wether it be mandelson or marr ...

Anonymous said...

Dont mentioned Jews to Guido, currently he's on an anti-israeli, anti-chritian lebanese, pro IRA slant.

Minnie Bannister said...

Henry NL:

Henry, Henry! There's someone at the door Henry.

Henry North London said...

The only person at the door was the pizza leaflet person today, It went straight in the bin

I can make better pizza

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