Thursday, 18 June 2009

"Therapy" for Labour Thieves available

From: PLP Resource Centre

Sent: 18 June 2009


Subject: Publication of expenses - practical support from the PLP/Labour Party

Importance: High

FAO all Labour MPs

Dear Colleague,The Fees Office has now published all MPs’ ACA, office and communications allowance claims for the last four years – 2004/5, 2005/6, 2006/7 and 2007/8.

Support available to Labour MPs:If you have any questions at all please do take the time to seek advice. ‘Well-being’ support and advice available from colleagues:

Anne Snelgrove MP will act as a first port of call for colleagues on these matters. Anne will have a team of colleagues working with her on this.

Support available from the Labour Party:Media - Colleagues should know that their Regional Communications Officers, based in Regional Office, are well placed to offer guidance on media handling of expenses coverage. Regional Directors are also able to offer support. All contact details are available from the PLP Office. Furthermore media support is available through the Labour Party Press Office.

Legal:The Labour Party is able to put colleagues in contact with a legal adviser, should you require one. Please contact the PLP Office for more information.

Further support available:Whips' Office - Advice and support is available from the Whips Office. The PLP Chair Tony Lloyd is also available and all numbers are available from the PLP Office.

HT to Alex at Labourlost


Constantly Furious said...

p.s. Should you feel an urge to apologise, resist it. You've done nothing wrong, sweetie.

I Predict a Riot said...

They'll need more than tea and sympathy when I am finished with them.

Cunts the lot of them.

Iranians have a greater sense of morality and decency than the shits in parliament.

Fausty said...

Anyone able to get a list of the PLP's legal advisors?

It'll be interesting to hear the new lines of spin spouted from the guilty over the next few days.

Anonymous said...

'Therapy for thieves' - snappy title OH.
Mind you, that's in line with usual Socialist policy here in Britain - 'Yuman Rites' for murderers, child molesters & rapists - fuck all for the victims.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Ah, the victim support unit has arrived. It's about time, I was getting worried for the poor (rich) dears.

caesars wife said...

How come tory bear and the penguine are implicated ???

Anonymous said...

Just what is the problem here? I for one am getting sick and tired of voters complaning about a mere trifle. Can we get one thing right as from today? These legitimate expenses. moat cleaning, duck isalnds, glitter toilet seats and Grry Kaufamanas case £225 for 2 grapefruit bowls are WITHIN THE RULES so please shut the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

I see the Telegraph is including a 64 page booklet of MPs expenses with it's Sat. issue, so we can compare their figures against the Parliament website figures & see where there's discrepancies(they didn't say that but I reckon 99% of the people who buy Sat's paper will do exactly that - I know I will).

CryBaby said...

poor hard done by not so honourable MPs. Hopefully, some greedy bastard will sell off the MPs therapy to the newspapers so some of them finally kill themselves or die of humiliation. Cunts!

The Penguin said...

That's a fucking imposter!

The Penguin

1969_Charger said...

Sorry, OH ... it's off topic, but I need to say I am a little worried about your blog. I am living outside the UK, but when I read your pages (not only yours butAnna Raccoon's, too), my computer goes through all kinds of problems (window won't open properly, won't let me close, etc). It's not your fault, and its not my computer, but something seems to be creating errors when I want to read. Can't help wondering if someone is monitoring it and trying to fuck it up ...

Porn Czar said...

1969_Charger - stop downloading porn at the same time.

Anonymous said...

MPs therapy to the newspapers so some of them finally kill themselves or die of humiliation. Cunts!"
We all live in hope.

Anonymous said...

"stop downloading porn at the same time."

Is THAT what it is. It's been giving me grief too.

Anonymous said...

Re my previous comment,anon 16:03 I just read this: H/T Devon Dude

"MINISTERS have drawn up new laws to hush up details about dangerous criminals freed from jail.
MPs will be gagged from revealing which killers, terrorists and paedophiles have been released into their communities.
Up to 95 violent and sexual offenders are due for release at the end of their sentences.

But the Government is rushing through a new data protection order to make sure nobody finds out who they are or where they will live."


It will lead to vigilantes out on the streets - which no doubt is the reason for it - that way that cunt Brown gets to use his CCA.

Anonymous said...

1969_Charger @ 16.58

Agree. Something happens: my laptop just hangs whilst trying to access OH. Can be sluggish with Guido Fawkes. But goes like shit off a shovel elsewhere. Odd. Paranoia? Reality?

The Penguin said...

Yep, it's paranoia. And yep, the bastards are out to get you as well.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

Penguin 17.51

OK, that's all right then. Can I tke the rear-view mirror off my hat?

caesars wife said...

as Fred goodwin gives back £4m of his benfit fraud case under pressure from legal action from new RBS chairman, we think hoooray slight cheer

hoowever to balance it , the city is reeling at the goverment borrowings for may of £19.9 billion , this is some £7bn more than expected due to lower tax recipts and more benefit payments .

According to red book total government borrowing for the year was due to £135bn , tapps calculator 19bn*12months=£228bn talk about being dishonest !!

all on troughgate day as well

woman on a raft said...

How lucky that there is a psychotherapist who knows exactly how MPs feel and can sympathize and with them in their predicament.

Is that him in the middle?

Inspector Leviathan Hobbes said...

I've only just 'come' across your blog. Fucking brilliant. I wish I could swear as much as you do in my blog, but due to the possibilty that some cunt fucking twat little ponce wanker journalist may 'out' my identity, I could get in trouble with my force. Fuck it. Still, I;ve ordered one of your burqas so the fuckers can't get a shot of my face.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Inspector, may I recommend a splash proof key board.

Old Holborn said...

Woman on a raft..

"OH Update: Labourlist are going for the Jugular of Guido. This is going to end in tears."

And then some....

Old Holborn said...

Inspector Hobbes

I've added you to my "Cockwaffle" sidebar. You can be sure 100,000 a month are going to be reading your shite.

Make it good

microdave said...

I could do with some "‘Well-being’ support and advice" as I can't take much more of Nu Liebores crap.

Anonymous said...

I received a spreadsheet with their expenses detailed. Anyone want a copy?

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