Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Taser Taser Taser FFS

Looks like all of those thousands of Tasers bought by Jackboot Jacqui are being put to good use, plus some good old fashioned, but a lot cheaper, punches to the head.

This is Julia Hodson, Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire,responsible for the above, she has all the qualifications, but not actually been elected to dish out this sort of punishment on the good burghers of Nottingham. Perhaps Julia would like to pop round and give this bloke some counselling on his devient behaviour (the one landing punches to the head and shoving passers by.)

You can see why the Police get so shirty about being photographed and filmed.


Old Holborn said...

Are they giving him cardiac massage at the end?

Never have anything to do with the Police. Ever. They are not your friends.

Old Holborn said...

Get your own taser HERE

€29 plus postage

Anonymous said...

You can make one, best test it though. I was once messing about with an old flashgun, the capacitor discharged around 300v!

caesars wife said...

for the purposes of balance in case anyone missed the longer report :the man being tazered had shortly before being filmed hit and injured a police officer !!

Knowing a little about these things generally speaking if you dont do as your told you get the batton and cuffs , if you dont do as your told and hit a police officer, you get the full armoury and a call for mates to come and help .

not good hitting a police officer , the much used hollywood moment "come out with your hamds up" is a hark back to putting down your weapon and surrendering , so dont put down and make your move and police think its a shootout , just common sense rules of engagement, between law and lawless

Fidothedog said...

Cue the excuses.

Within the rules, done nothing wrong, acceptable behaviour, we will look into what happened.

Thankfully we have some standards among our MP's, oh hang on.

Anonymous said...

he hit a policeman, that does not excuse the totally disproportionate response to his actions by 4 paramilitary thugs

Guthrum said...

Don't worry they will 'learn lessons' from this in future.

Two blokes to kick the crap and taser the bloke on the floor, another two kick the crap out of the bloke with the mobile phone.

bofl said...

this is what happens when you employ morons....

automatons who like to dish out pain-but hiding behind a badge!

i have known loads of them-all the same.

being in the met pays quite well nowadays.......they will take anyone.....

if the guy hit an officer then a bit of rough stuff would be justified...but tazing him twice on the ground?

then punching?

this is what happens next!
free speech? do you really think brown and camaron and other assorted pigs really want the proles to be free?


america? land of the free?

coming to a town near you!

caesars wife said...

i wonder what he was on to defeat the tazer ?? perhaps he had just heard gordon brown was still pm

doesnt anyone think its a sort of standard if you hit a copper you really get it ???

M de Plouquenet said...

Pensees. You can fuck up a taser by wrapping tinfoil round you. This may look suspicious, however. Do not punch AT plod but THROUGH them. I suggest a follow up ap chagi/bit chagi. There was supposedly a race riot in the next street last night. This boils down to half a dozen spideys (chavs) effing at half a dozen romanies (pikeys).

Maturecheese said...

How much softer does the public want our police to become? Already the feral youth of this dustbin of a country show no fear of the police. In my view( and I am no fan of the police) if you mess with them you should get shit and you should be wary of them or they might as well not be there.

The nightlife in our towns and cities has become so violent that the police busting a few heads should be compulsory. Cue Liberal backlash. The only thing that would worry me about the police getting stuck in regularly is their leadership. That needs to change.

Anonymous said...

Who is Chief Constable Hodson accountable to? How do you get rid of someone like that, who I presume condones her employees behaviour?

john in cheshire

Guthrum said...

Who is Chief Constable Hodson accountable to

She works directly for The Queen , but is 'appointed' by the Prime Minister using the Royal Perogative.

So thats Mandelson on both counts, as Lord President of the Privy Council and the Puppetmaster to the deranged Brown.

Unbelievable is it not

Anonymous said...

How much softer does the public want our police to become

Yeah- lets arm them as well with RPG's and sort out those speeding motorists as well

What sort of dickhead are you, if we elected Miss Goody Two shoes- on the basis of crack a few heads and we all signed up for that policy- Fine

But the point is we did not elect Miss Goody Two Shoes and she is pretty much free to police us how she sees fit.

Nearly Headless Nick said...

Ooh - I do love a lady in uniform.
I'd give her a jolt!"

suigmypiel said...

What's the common denominator here between the roozers & the politicians?

"oink" describes them both professions to a tee,.

Anonymous said...

Any of you got any suggestions on how you should affect an arrest of a violent and resisting suspect, bearing in mind you have responsibility for your own, your colleagues, bystanders and the suspects health and safety.

Anonymous said...

Resisting arrest is a mugs game, they are not going to change their mind and let you off.

Some people really deserve the VIP treatment in the back of a black maria. I'm sick of pissed up cunts taking the piss and turning the streets into cesspools.

This isn't the best example if you want to highlight police brutality, he deserved it.

Chalcedon said...

Have you ever been to Nottingham, Mansfield et al on a Saturday night? It's like being at the drunken moron zoo. Those TASERS don't look much good really do they? A little tap with the night stick might have been more effective. The footage doesn't capture the beginning of this event.

Maturecheese said...

Anon 11:50

No need for abuse. I did mention that a change in leadership is needed. This is so the motorist and other PC targets are not picked on and scum that deserve it are. This later group deserve all the tazering and beating they can get.

Anonymous said...

All rozzers are scum. You get to know that when they're kick in your head in just for fun.

Anonymous said...

fuck the police

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