Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Sunday Times and Baby P

I am doing some research on Haringey council, Baby P, etc and one thing I am trying to locate is a communication from Cecilia Hitchen to Clive Preece which allegedly says that no further children should be given care orders due to cost considerations. Someone mentioned that you may have had sight of this?
Are you able to help at all?
Thanks for reading this.
Daniel Foggo, senior reporter, The Sunday Times +44 20 7782 7730

Hi Daniel,

Do your own research. Oh, and fuck off.

Old Holborn
An anonymous blogger


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Sweet! The fucking clown.

Ain't payback a bitch said...

I think Patrick Foster has some upskirt shots on his mobile of Sharon Shoesmith use them as leverage.

Paul said...

I would be careful about baiting the press given your hissyfit when you were exposed to a few people on some random forum last time.

Shibby said...

Well done

Dick Puddlecote said...

Oooh, That e-mail. How sweet that one of the Times rags should ask about it.

Should have asked for the head of Foster on a plate before engaging further, OH ... then told them to fuck off. ;-)

The Times Are Changing said...

Foster Times, then Sunday Times dear God. They are trying to 'out' you!

Dazed and Confused said...

Daniel Foggo:

Could you please confirm or deny that Patrick Foster didn't hack into "Nightjacks" E-Mail address.

High Court judge Mr Justice Eady said...

Publish or be buggered.

the man who fell back to bed said...


Plato said...

Round 1 to OH.

Catosays said...

Revenge is a dish..................etc.etc.

Old Holborn said...

He isn't the only one who wants that Email

When the time is right, when the time is right....

Sir David Eady QC said...

Disgraceful behaviour, Court adjourned.

Man in the Street said...

"Mr Justice Eady is beginning to worry me. Is he a friend of a free Press? There are good reasons to believe that he isn't."

Dick the Prick said...


Henry North London said...

I think OH is waiting for the right time

The time is when we need to sink Lynne beneath the refuse of the voters whom she never doorsteps

The Times can go wee wee wee all the way home

Man in the Street said...

Paul 18:38

They bait shit loads of people 24/7.

Sauce for the goose etc.

Onan the Rotarian said...

Ole! A very palpable hit on the craven arseholes at the Times.Who are these hoons working for then? Do you smell McBride?

Ampers said...

OH, I wonder if you can help me. I am trying to find an email from Camelot giving the next roll-over numbers. Can you help?

A former journalist

nun said...

Classic, you couldn't make it up.

caesars wife said...

Knock knock

whos there ?

state authority to remove all dissention to ensure the great leader lives for ever and ever

Gordon Ahmajidenhad

Paul said...

Man in the Street @ 20:28:

I don't dispute that for one second. These people are still much more powerful than he is though no matter how much bloggers would not like this to be so. It would be easy to unmask OH if they wanted to. Enough people know who he is in any case. OH might wish to bear that in mind. And this is from someone that usually approves of OH's actions.

All I'm saying is that he must be prepared to accept this as a very real risk, especially as he's one of the more popular political bloggers at the moment.

black hole sunset said...

All I'm saying is that he must be prepared to accept this as a very real risk

Threats, explicit or implied, are things that certain types of people usually get around to carrying out eventually anyway.

In assuming that everyone else, like themselves, is a coward, they just give a useful forewarning of where things are likely to be headed in the long run.

Don't give them any fucking quarter or you just lash your credibility to your easily sunk anonymity.

Better to come into the light with a clear conscience at not having vainly sucked their gnarly cock to prolong what is probably inevitable AND largely irrelevant.

Paul said...

So anyone who cautions against certain plans of action are working for the Establishment? Charming. And this is the problem with parts of the blogosphere.

I hold no brief for the Fosters of this world, bastards that they are. I don't know who OH is - to be honest, I have no interest in finding out either. I just remember that some found out and his reaction. If it were me I'd be making contingency plans but that's just me. We don't live in Iran. Yet.

If less than anonymous bloggers are willing to take this risk, all credit to them. They are braver men and women than I and you won't find better writing anywhere else. I haven't paid for a newspaper in what must be years for that reason.

As OH implies, it's less likely to affect people as badly who don't work for the Government in any case but the nuisance of it all might be quite a shock.

All the best,


black hole sunset said...

Paul said... So anyone who cautions against certain plans of action are working for the Establishment? Charming.

Was that directed at me? Assuming it was, please accept my apologies for not stating my position clearly - I can now see how what I wrote might be interpreted other than as I intended.

I didn't mean to convey the impression that you personally were making any kind of threat, I never thought that for a second.

The threat I was speaking of is the same one you were referring to when you advised OH to go a bit more lightly because an MSM journalist could 'out' OH, or any other anonymous blogger, if sufficiently provoked.

My argument is that there is no point trying to step lightly around the MSM - they can reveal your identity and presumably will at some point if there is anything in it for them (revenge, or otherwise). We might even see a rash of 'outings' in the near future because it's almost the only way that the MSM can get back at anonymous bloggers who are stripping them to the bone.

Why not stick to your principles and come through with your dignity, if not your anonymity, intact.

This is not advice for OH, he doesn't need any, and certainly not from me - it's just my argument against your caution, which I think would be in vain, especially for a blogger like OH.

Chalcedon said...


And I did too, when I read your reply. Lazy arsewipe. Especially after what the bastards did to Nightjack.

Grex. said...

Wild applause from from the Grexcave.

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