Wednesday, 3 June 2009

So long Hazel

And good fucking riddance, you evil bitch.

UPDATE: Rumours abound that Flint and Burnham will quit before the end of the day.....


Custard said...

These last few days just get better and better.

Dick the Prick said...

So long, farewll, auf wierdesen you cunt

The sun has called you a cunt and so do I

Fuck you,
Fuck you

Err - that's about it.

Anonymous said...

The red dwarf has exploded. My only wish is that she has to queue at the closing down job centres.

Dazed and Confused said...

Many of his corrupt regime are jumping into political oblivion. The public are about to pour scorn on what they've seen. Yet still we cannot remove this one eyed, unelected, imbecile from the corridors of power, and he'll cling on regardless, no matter how much he's utterly despised, because that is the constitution in twenty first century Britain.

And all the time the Irish government are thinking up ways to bribe their peoples into rectifying the Lisbon treaty, from the NO vote they delivered just last Year, into a YES this, - So that the constitution goes through with out the British peoples ever being allowed to have their say.

British Democracy? - I shit it!

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Love the photo!

Anonymous said...

Blears etc have a gameplan, remember these people are self serving political cowards.

This will be orchestraited around a person, they wouldn't have the guts to go it alone, but who?

Postman communist?
The Anglophobic strawman trot?
Harriet marxist the hatemonger?

Please don't say wet biscuit hilariously sad Ben?

rubber Johnny cruddyarse - don't all Stalinists have at least 2 houses?

A goverment Of all the traitors!

Jesus wept.

The Penguin said...

From the Telegraph:

Miss Blears told Mr Brown of her decision to quit at a face-to-face meeting this morning.

The spokesman added: "She will be replaced very shortly."

Fuck, we get another DWARF???

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

OK I just worked it out, there is no leader challenge - here's the deal...

The postal votes indicate that Labour are going to get hammered tomorrow and that the BNP are on for several seats.

Gordoom to save his own skin has set it up to sack almmost everyone around him and in particualr those involved in the expenses scandal, Brown thinks bringing in a whole new team will clear the air - other than leave he has no other option.

Some of the creeps got early warnings from fellow creeps and decided to screw Gordon up BEFORE the election and quit rather than be pushed.

In many ways this is actually down to BNP potential gains making these creeps accountable.

Anonymous said...

That cock-gobbling bumboy Iain Dale has put up a paean up to Hazel. She must be his faghag.

Anonymous said...

Is it the Sun or the Times that are saying that not only did she not pay Capital Gains on ONE property,she also failed to pay it on a second one too. Handcuffs, no bail, prison sentence for fraud please.

JD said...

That's a very nice picture. I have been enjoying the news today, more so than usual. JD


Anonymous said...

"Miss Blears told Mr Brown of her decision to quit at a face-to-face meeting this morning."

More like a face-to-paunch meeting unless they gave her a stool to deliver her rant from...

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