Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Shitting in our faces


JD said...

That is an incitement to violence - a smack in his mouth.
I suppose he thinks a £1,050 tv is essential to carry out his 'job'. As for reference to Cameron, obviously his mum & dad forgot to tell him two wrongs don't make a right. What a prick. JD.

Glyn Evans said...

What a cunt!

ranter said...

why won't Gorgon release the report? He protests too much.

I think the TV is OURS!

More importation of third world values by third world people.

Anonymous said...

Cunt!! Thieving cunt!! Thieving, lying cunt!! From his accent, I don't think he's 'third world' - just a home grown, thieving, lying NuLabour cunt! Did I mention I think he's a cunt?

The 'new, full of humility, wishes to be transparant' Gordon has morphed back into his normal persona of thick, ignorant, bullying, arrogant, lying, thieving cunt now that he thinks the heat is off. Did I mention, I think he's a cunt too?

Anonymous said...

Local good causes? what mosque will that be you thieving no good cunt?
P.S. Cameron is also a thieving cunt,but you sort of expect that from conservatives. But Cameron is not a conservative,I'm getting confused here!

Dave H said...

Stop jabbing your finger you humourless thug.

M de Plouquenet said...

The ad at the beginning was better. Wouldn't mind driving my train into her tunnel.As to the more substantive charge, have the said MP hanging by the couilles from a lamppost.

Chris said...

Blow: Shahid Malik (trougher and betrayer of public trust) bathed in whitewash and rose oil
Counterblow: BNP elected

Solution: general election NOW!

Anonymous said...

if you would do things differently with hindsight then you're a cunt

Ampers said...

Good point, Malik was directly responsible for the BNP getting elected.

He may be born and bread in the UK, but I can understand him being confused over the "HONESTY" thingy. It may be difficult for Muslims to grasp that just because an organisation which makes its own rules, and makes dishonest rules, if you follow a dishonest rule, it doesn't make you, in any way, honest. We all understand this but should be tolerant towards those who don't have the same Western Values of honesty and of always trying to do the right thing.


My tongue aches, I thing it is to do with the angle in my cheek.

Man in the Street said...

When will the transparent prime mentalist release the report then?


Harri said...

I was sure he was innocent all along !

In fact i was so so sure, i was "one million percent sure"?

What a cunt!

Maturecheese said...

Is anyone surprised that a muslim was cleared of any wrong doing in sharp time. Just look at that **** Lord Ahmed. Appeasement I tell you.

Harri just let me at the em! said...


Well said.

To expand on that, and working on the basis that ' appeasement is the worst form of cowardice'? it is now more than apparent that Mc Dooms yellow streak is contagious, and is rampant amongst the yellow bellied , spineless fucks at Westmonster.

And to think Mc Doom actually penned a book on ' courage ' ! FFS, he is really, really taking the piss.

One Mr Oaten has missed a trick, i do believe, that charging the tax payer for someone to shit on a member of parliaments face, was a tad extravagent?

My guess is there are millions of ' citizens ' who would have willingly carried out that particular service for fuck all?

I would have thrown in a golden shower and a dam good thrashing for the the total sum of fuck all?

CryBaby said...

"The telegraph are picking on me coz I'm black innit?"

Stupid arrogant little wanker! He should join the UAF.

Anonymous said...

What happened about the second mysterious office Shithead Malik is supposed to have financed on expenses? It was on the Telegraph website last night but has now disappeared. It would be highly amusing if this clown were running some mad mullah meeting hall and the security services had him under investigation.

Old Bag said...

utter, utter CUNT of the highest order.
that is all.

Anonymous said...

What is the true relationship between Mozzies Zaman and Malik?
Bears a very close look.

Anonymous said...

listen to this cunt,he is only intrested in his kind and wants to infect the parliment with his brotherhood.

Wonder where the money will go,no doubt to some minority group.

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