Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Shafting The Country

Today the Banks make their final appeal against the Office of Fair Trading on unfair charges, you know the scam £2.5Bn a year for going £1 overdrawn then getting £39 of charges, which puts you even further in the red, which then incurs interest on interest. Then the inevitable threatening letters

I recently helped out a student friend of my son's who had this problem, a swift vicious letter back drafted by somebody who was not intimidated by these arrogant bastards swiftly got a £210 refund of charges for going £1.87 overdrawn.

There is no such thing as 'free banking' it has a cost, the cost of that service should be published and charged quarterly. If the Banks offer 'free banking' to impoverished students that is what it should be free until they stop being students.

The Banks have stopped being Banks, they have stopped lending to business, they have lost at every level in the last three years, they are now trying the unelected House of Lords.

They are the other twin pillar of this corrupt Parliament


Ampers said...

Wouldn't mind seeing a copy of your letter mate!

Shibby said...

Too true.

Also, what Ampers said.

Anonymous said...

when banks and financial advisors sell investment products to the public,there is a "commissiom menu" whereby the seller can select the amount of commission he or she receives. The more commission the advisor gets the less allocation the investor gets.
I have yet to see a case where a bank has selected anything less than the maximum allowable. If there was one piece of financial advice I would give it would be
"never,ever,buy any financial products from your bank."
They are especially ruthless with widows.

bofl said...

they are greedy and corrupt?....well what a surprise!

the bankers have out-manoeuvred gordon brown at every turn........and as usual in our UN-EQUAL society they have the law on their side..

i wonder whu hattie madperson isn't screaming about equality here?

my parents just asked hbos/lloyds.......remember gordon brown came up with the merger idea..
for a loan to have some double glazing...........considering they are getting around 1 % on their savings they were a little bit shocked when they were quoted 15.9%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so well done everyone.......the banks bought worthless junk bonds..and we bailed them out.....only for them to increase their margins exponentially.......

after all of the £ BILLIONS that has been pumped in not ONE SINGLE JOB has been saved in Halifax or Jockistan.......surely it wasn't about rescuing the 'hard working families' but saving mc mental the cottager himself?

i have said it before-but as usual the Brits are happy to get shat on-

take your money out of the banks-you can put it back later.....
waste their time........take your money from a cash machine.then pay it in at the counter- waste more time.........do not buy their worthless shares!

do not get loans-most of the crap we buy are just vanity items!
yes-face it! don't buy that new car..it won't make your cock any bigger!

dont 'improve' your house........it will be worth f/a in a year or two......

cut off their easy money......
every bank, utility,train+bus company is a legalised racket......time to fight back..

Ivor Bigot said...

My bank appears constantly bewildered by my outrageous fiscal system of saving up for things before buying them. I recently managed to gather enough for a car (six year old Ford, before anyone turns green with envy). Cue daily phone calls from assorted Mumbai-robots sounding almost frantic that I should dare to have so much sitting in my account.

On one occasion I tried to explain I was about to spend most of it on a car. "A car? In that case Mr Bigot, perhaps I can interest you in some of our finance deals..."

Jesus wept.


VotR said...

The banks are a fucking mafia, and should be treated as such in the courts.

Hang the fuckers, I hope they go bust for being so nasty, the con artists, especially after getting the huge chunk of tax payers money they conned out of the government to fund their bonuses and pensions. Gordon's got to go for that, as well. Put them in a field and press the button.

Chrysippus said...

My mother, who has been with her bank for over 50 years, is beginning to suffer from senile dementia. Last year, for the first time in her life, due to confusion, she wrote a cheque for some £30 for her newspapers which the bank 'bounced' as she 'had no agreed overdraft facility'. She was in floods of tears over what she saw as the humiliation of a local tradesman thinking that she had no money. (She has a number of tens of thousands in a separate account). The bank also charged her for this 'service'. The bank manager was in receipt of both a written and a verbal diatribe from myself and withdrew the charges and appologised. Whilst my mother refused to change banks I personally will never have anything to do with Barclays in future. This is what happens when bank managers are replaced by call centres and the whole scam run by bean counters.

Anonymous said...

Hello? When you take out an overdraft, you sign the terms and conditions.

Those terms and conditions clearly state what will happen if you go over your limit.

The assumption is that the banks are dealing with adults who can read, write, add up, and appreciate that actions have consequences.

So stop whinging when you trigger the penalties, it wasn't like it was some sort of dirty secret. If you don't like the fines, don't take the money that doesn't belong to you and to which you have no right.

I keep my account in credit - or within my overdraft. Why the hell should I subisidise these lazy thieves?

If there's any fault here, it lies with the agencies of the State, who are - as usual - far too ready to overturn a legally and voluntarily made agreement, if there's a bit of publicity to be grabbed.

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