Wednesday, 17 June 2009


A militant Muslim jihadist in London, yesterday

It appears that because the London Police are stopping and searching black and Asian people at an alarming rate (nothing new there), in order to “balance the statistics”, they need to stop and search vast quantities of white folk too! To balance the books....

"Whilst arrests for other crime have followed searches under the section, none of the many thousands of searches has ever resulted in a conviction for a terrorism offence. Its utility has been questioned publicly and privately by senior Metropolitan police staff with wide experience of terrorism policing," said Carlile.

He added that such searches were stopping between 8,000-10,000 people a month.

None of the many thousands of searches had ever led to a conviction for a terrorist offence, he said. He noted, too, that the damage done to community relations was "undoubtedly considerable".

Examples of poor, or unnecessary use, of section 44 abounded. "I have evidence of cases where the person stopped is so obviously far from any known terrorism profile that, realistically, there is not the slightest possibility of him/her being a terrorist, and no other feature to justify the stop."

We are going to hell in a hand cart

OH proudly displays the wrong copy of a Section 44 handed to him by a thick ginger copper recently


CryBaby said...

Why dont they just put yellow stars on the ones they've already searched to avoid duplication.
Then when everyone is wearing a star, they can start to add another one and so on. Bit like McDonalds. If you reach 5 stars without a conviction, you have proved you are innocent taking about 20 years or so to do.

No point pretending we're not in NaziBritain.

SaltedSlug said...

To be fair OH, the WPC who searched me at the same time can do it again if she likes.

Anonymous said...

Dear God OH, is there no end to the abuses brought in under this despicable (mis)government?

Andrew said...

I have been stopped and questioned twice in the past six months, on both occasions on or near London railway stations. The officers asked me about where I had come from, where I worked, where I was going and why.

I am a white middle-aged, middle-class professional male. I presume this is what is called balancing the books.

If this happens again in the next three months, I think I might complain.

Man in the Street said...

Read about this earlier on. What a fucking crock. How much of my money did it cost to 'balance the books'?


Old Holborn said...

Tell them to mind their own business.

I was Sectioned 44 and told them I was called Guy Fawkes, my date of birth was 13.04.1570 and that I was a Chinese Woman.

Nothing they can do about it.

Man in the Street said...

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair is very quiet. Not to be trusted when in such a state. He's up on the 'high' table conspiring how to completely fuck us right now.

His coronation as EU President will follow shortly.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I hope you had a valid travel permit OH, and that all your papers were in order. Cunts.

ingatain said...

"He noted, too, that the damage done to community relations was "undoubtedly considerable"."

Problem is it's the communities that present the biggest threat from terrorism that are also most eager to jump up and down about being stopped and searched.

All because someone decided profiling was not allowed. If the Police can surmise that particular sections of society are more likely to be a particular kind of threat, be it exploding muslims, knife carrying black youths or whatever else, it is a utter waste of resources to not focus them on the problem.

AntiCitizenOne said...

Yep Reality is politically incorrect so the state must ignore reality.

VotR said...

Fuck the police.

Goodnight Vienna said...

The man in your pic has a dog - therefore he can't be a Muslim. He's probably an extremist of another kind (he looks a bit old so probably up for a bit of abuse, he's got a model sailing ship as well - wtf is that all about? On top of all that he's got a walking cane with which to beat me 'yr 'onour'.)

Look, OH, we all know we're going to hell in a handcart. I'm afraid that after reading the msm today, I give up. The next time you see me I'll be on the streets of London - and I won't be wearing a cissy mask.

North Northwester said...

I'm a blue-eyed, fair haired Zionist who doesn't want to kill homosexuals (though I've been know to get a bit sarcastic about the whole adoption thing. And Bette Davis) or even to stone rape victims to death, and I've never had my collar felt ONCE by the Met.

I feel I'm being victimized.


VotR said...

Pretend you have swine flu.

daft as a brush said...

Man in the Street said... Anthony Charles Lynton Blair is very quiet.

Suppose he could have just been assigned a new Romeo by Mossadd.

I'm no expert on these things but there could be some merit in keeping the video archive up to date to avoid claims of 'youthful experimentation', 'all in the past' etc.

If that is the case, he'll need to pull the bed closer to a window if he wants to maintain a natural tan - they have other people to think about stuff like that don't they? - probably just as well given the circumstances.

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