Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The Right To Speak

Historically, one of the most common reasons to use a pen name was to separate an author from his or her works. Authors who wrote exposes, for example, often wrote under a nom de plume to avoid jepordizing their jobs, public standing, or lives. This practice is still common today, especially with books which are meant to criticize political administrations or social trends. Some very famous authors including C.S. Lewis and Charles Dodgson, better known as Lewis Carroll, wrote under pen names to protect their careers.

The average blogger has a real life, has a family to support, is a member of a profession, has a business to run, is a member of the armed forces, or is an employee of a company.

The High Court Judgement of Justice Eady, a public figure who likes to protect his private life, has driven another nail into the practice of free speech in this country that has some of the most draconian libel laws, that in the hands of rich and powerful men like Maxwell and members of the Government and the outgoing speaker, can use the Courts as a weapon to silence their critics.

The only people able to practice free speech are the members of the Houses of Parliament who can pretty much say what they want under 'Parliamentary Privilige'.

The actual fact that 'Parliamentary Privilige' exists at all is a tacit admission that the rest of us are condemned to impotent silence about the venal rottenness that we see around us on a daily basis. Foster of 'The Times' is fairly typical of the low lives that infect the Street of Shame. There was no story here, other than exposing a man who had real life experience,cared about his job and had a far greater talent for writing than Foster and his pathetic human interest stories about Jade Goody and Eastenders 'stars'.

Without the independent minded writers of blogs like Guido, the corruption of Draper and McBride would have never been exposed, certainly the expenses troughing, the loss of £3Bn of public money in Iceland been exposed for the scandal that it still is.

The Street of Shame that employs people like Foster, have been bought and sold by successive Governments. The 'Thunderer' that exposed the shortcomings of the Crimean Campaign with correspondants like William H Russell have been reduced to fawning Mandelson and his unatural tribe, and employing the likes of Foster. The Thunderer is now The Snitch.

The blogosphere has given me the opportunity to write on things that I have know that has gone on for years with time servers in successive Conservative and Labour Governments.

I have kept silent because I have a family, I have employees, I have contracts to fulfill that employ British workers. I have created jobs with my colleagues, Governments cannot create jobs, not real ones at least, that produce things or provide a service. Government Jobs are about monitoring things,prohibiting things, controling things and people.

I was heavily criticised for registering my business in another jurisdiction as being 'unpatriotic', I have been at loggerheads with Mandelson's department for the last three years, I know the lies, the thugs they employ and the corruption they indulge in abroad and at home. There is a progressive march towards corporatism, corporatism married to the State is the first stage of Fascism as Mussolini once said.

Believe me when I tell you the Corporatism is already engaged to the State, and the bans are being read. Literally.

The British people are being slowly reduced to acquiescent slaves to work without a murmer as drones in the factories and offices of this country, whilst monopolies like Tesco determine the price of our food, and destroy farmers, whilst monopolistic incompetent Banks destoy businesses on a daily basis, whilst helping themselves to Taxpayers money, and the ultimate obscenity of the Labour Party, 'the party of the people' forming a Government with unelected Barons and Baroness' sitting round the Cabinet Table.

Nightjack was right, treat with contempt everybody you come in contact with who 'deal' in the Law. They have an agenda and they are not your friends they are not there to protect you.

They are like the Kinnocks, spout Socialism and Equality and have six State pensions, whilst old people die in poverty in this country.

Like Nightjack this blogger will eventually disappear either through a need to protect my business and employees, or be exposed by some moral vagrant working for BERR or whatever Mandelson's Empire is called this week.

This is what England has become under Welfarism since 1945, Left Authoritarism


The Penguin said...

Well written. And sadly so very true.

The Penguin

Constantly Furious said...

Two large and vicious giants - the Labour Party and the Dead Tree Media - are in their death throes.

We'd all be wise to stand well back, and watch from a safe distance, lest we get caught by their flailing limbs or splashed with their vile body fluids.

Not long now, and they'll both be gone for ever..

Fausty said...

You make excellent points, as usual although it could be argued that Guido's appearance on the BBC and his youtubings on Draper and McBride helped the momentum of his quests to out them.

Should you ever be forced to abandon your blog, I'm sure many bloggers (like myself) would be more than willing to accommodate you as guest writer on ours. It would be a shame if the government won - stilling the voice of common sense.

(I began blogging at OH's suggestion in various threads on order-order).

Old Holborn said...

Blogging is only the medium

Nightjack will not be writing any books, doing radio shows or TV interviews.

He has been told to shut the fuck up. Or else.

They can try the same trick with me if they like. The result would be slightly different.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I still read Guido's blog, but I sense that all is not well. Maybe I'm bored with it, I'm not sure.
All I know is that it aint the place it used to be.

This place however, what you see is what you get.

Clearly, the gummint bastards are starting to fear the blogosphere and a shot across our bows has been fired.

Fuck them. I know my little blog is hardly earth shattering stuff, but it makes me feel like I am doing something. If I open up some-ones eyes to what is going on, great.

If 'they' take it away, I might have to do something else. Like burn down a police station, smash the councils windows, send a box of dog shit to my MP.

Great Big Billygoat Gruff said...

Spot on


M de Plouquenet said...

I've had at least one cyber stalking prick try & "out" my identity. Plod know who I am. I know where they live. "On a long enough time line everyones survival rate falls to zero" (Fight Club).

CryBaby said...

If the blog becomes too influential, someone, somewhere who it bothers will try something.

There are ways around this. They cannot control bloggers like some sort of software program. There are so many people who have nothing to lose - bring those together with the talented bloggers with something to lose and go from there. Eventually, these fuckers will give up.

They cannot and should not win control over the bloggers by using these scaremongers tactics.

VotR said...

Suffering's all around, and Bloggers will be the new witchhunt, the mentality of the masses doesn't change much over the centuries. Except the new 'burning at the stake' is 'exposure to the public'. Great, thanks justice. I can see why anarchy is so appealing, but I guess personal justice and morality will do.. for now.

The harder the lash, the stronger the retaliation. Make the most of the journey while it lasts, eh OH?

JD said...

Rab C,
"I know my little blog is hardly earth shattering stuff, but it makes me feel like I am doing something. If I open up some-ones eyes to what is going on, great."
You do yourself a disservice, sir. You are doing something. Do not underestimate its importance. It is infinitely more than all those who just moan, don't act, and leave it up to people like you. Each time you speak out it adds a little more.

Ayn Rand rote a superb essay 'What Can One Do?" I recommend it.

"Intellectual honesty [involves] knowing what one does know, constantly expanding one’s knowledge, and never evading or failing to correct a contradiction. This means: the development of an active mind as a permanent attribute.

Philosophy: Who Needs It “What Can One Do?”
Philosophy: Who Needs It, 201.

Keep at it. Our time will come. JD.

jailhouselawyer said...

Sorry OH I am not with you on this one. Remove all the emotive aspects and the law is plain and simple. But, by the same token those judges who have erred should also be exposed and not be allowed to hide their misdeeds behind an official cloak of secrecy.

I feel a bigger issue is

Chief Constable who claimed he was above the law should resign or be sacked

Newgates Knocker said...

I have been unable to link to Guidos site at all for the past three days. Anyone else having probs. Have the men in grey coats taken him away for a walk in the woods?

Anonymous said...

Governments cannot create jobs,"
I beg to differ are you suggesting that I the facillitator of the black single parent disabled lesbian puppet collective of Tower Hamlets is not a proper job?

Geek said...

NK - Nope all well with me. Maybe your computer has a blocking bug.

Try "restore" (in Start menu open Run and type Restore. The machine will do the rest. Just follow the instuctions in the screen) and backdate say 2 weeks when the calendar comes up. That might clear it.

Reimer said...

Rab wrote -

"I still read Guido's blog, but I sense that all is not well. Maybe I'm bored with it, I'm not sure.
All I know is that it aint the place it used to be."

He may get scoops but it still feels like part of the Westminster-fixated goldfish bowl soap-opera in which the country whose life the political establishment ostensibly serves is effectively a backdrop to the (claustrophobic) action.

OH's blog takes a wider view than just trying to get the Tories back in power and masturbating over the prospect of restoring the 80s City boys to their "proper place" at the head of things. OH is a terrible poseur but he does seem to genuinely loathe the ruthless, sanctimonious bastards who dominate so much of our space and wants to hurt the fuckers, which is OK by me.

Onan the Rotarian said...

Hear hear OH. Sombre but still defiant. They are clearly onto the blogosphere in a big way. I wonder how soon we will hear the phrase "enemy within" again. Strength and honour!

Ron said...

Mussolini didn't say that

Anonymous said...

Remember the difference between socialism and facism is one word National

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