Saturday, 6 June 2009

The Puppet Master.

A new look for the Brown Gorgon.

In this post, OH speaks of Count Mandelson's new post as First Whatever of the Whatnot, effectively deputy PM even though no such post exists. Commenters concentrate on the 'jewish' reference to the exclusion of the main points. For the record, I neither know nor care about anyone's religious affiliation, skin colour or sexuality. Not in the slightest. So, no easy distractions here.

I have speculated that all the Count now needs is a psychiatric assessment of the Gorgon, requiring him to take a 'bit of a holiday' in the Shady Oaks Rest Home for Weary Minds, and the Count has control. I thought we might be one move from checkmate.

Guido spotted an alternative interpretation. In his scenario, the Dark Lord is in the position he wanted all along. The Gorgon has lost all support. His Cabinet is falling apart. Far from Blair's 'cabinet of all the talents', the Gorgon is stuck with 'the cabinet of all I have left'. He is desperate to hold on to the job but all around him are people who want him to leave.

So the Count has a broken man as a puppet. The Gorgon will say and do anything to stay in No. 10 and now is the time for the Count to start suggesting good ideas. Once a few of those go through, the Gorgon will do exactly what the Count says.

Paranoia and conspiracy theory. I know, I know, but consider. When did things really start to go wrong? When the Gorgon took over from Tony the Teeth? No, he was a bit of a bumbler but he was doing fair-to-middling at the time. He was never going to win the next election because there was nothing inspiring about him but he was bearable.

All the real chaos started when he brought Fangs Mandelson home and gave him a seat in the Lords. Since then, the Labour party have never been out of the news for any 24-hour stretch and it's always bad. Now, at their lowest ebb ever, the Dark Lord has taken his place behind the throne and whispers in the ear of the deranged and desperate Gorgon. He has broken Labour and he's about to remould it to his own specification.

If I'm wrong, I'll be glad to be wrong.

If I'm right, the Gorgon will suddenly say and do something sensible, or at least coherent, starting on Monday when the Backstabbers Brigade march on his office. Something to turn them away, stay their hands and have them cheering instead of baying for blood.

If Guido's scenario is right, if Mandelson is exactly where he wants to be, then he can wield power with no comeback. The Gorgon will take the flak if anything goes wrong.

If Guido is right, then the game is already over. The Gorgon is now the Mouth of Mandelson.

And we are in big trouble.


Old Holborn said...

Leg Iron

You may want to check out the owner of the yacht Mandelsnake was caught on last summer.

It ain't pretty.

Delve deep. Very deep.

K. McEgan said...

Do you mean like when Himmler declared himself leader at the end of April '45?

Gigits said...

K.McEgan - That is a great point. Manhandlebum will inherit nothing because they'll be out of power very very soon.

Gareth said...

Whoever owns the yacht Oleg Deripaska entertained Mandelson on it probably isn't Oleg himself.

It's more likely to be Dobby!

I'm more concerned both Mandelson and George Osborne merrily had meals and jollies with a Rothschild.


Before Mandelson there was the bottled election Labour spent £1.5million preparing for in the autumn of 2007, and far more reprehensibly, played politics with the Army over reducing troop numbers in Iraq. There was the outbreak of foot and mouth that was pinned on a private firm until it was shown to have come from the Government lab next door. There was Brown having no real answers to the financial crisis beyond 'a big boy did it and ran away'. There have been a number of major 'terror plots' that weren't and the one that was. The snub from the US administration by inviting the Pope on the same day.

From day one of Gordon's premiership he has been scratching around for assistance and assistants. He has spent his time as PM on the back foot and had all kinds of problems, many of them of his own making such as the 10p tax farce.

From being Chancellor to becoming PM, Brown hasn't changed one bit. He is still as deluded as he was at the Treasury. He is still as hopeless as he was at the Treasury. He is still as arrogant as he was at the Treasury. He still has to come up with (or allow others to come up with) convoluted plans in which he has to get one over someone and it usually ends up being himself. For a politician he is terribly thin skinned and unable to compromise to get a result. He is also unable to articulate his message and his vision because he hasn't got one. He saw Tony Blair peddling snakeoil so he's going one step further by peddling the promise of snakeoil.

I hope Brown takes Mandelson down with him.

Fausty said...

OH, please post your deep diggings on the yacht?

Roger Thornhill said...

*** WARNING LotR knowledge required.

Mandy is the Mouth of Sauron? Wormtongue might be a better parallel, whispering twisted counsel into a weak mind?

On reflection, no, you are right. Gordon is no Theoden, but Blair is Saruman, he of the silver tongue but bewitched by Sauron, the EU. Mandy is thus the Mouth of Sauron (EU), speaking for the Darkness.

Mitch said...

Lamp posts and wire then if that's what it takes.
Name the day and I will bring my pliers and step ladders.

Anonymous said...

Mitch, lets hire an open top bus for the day. It will be much more productive.

Anonymous said...

Very succinctly put Leg-Iron. If either scenario is true (and either could so easily be) we are in deep do-dos. And it all started because someone of weak intellect & peculiar personal habits (Gordon)deluded himself that he had what it takes to become King......
Bringing back Mandelsnake has certainly not helped Gordon - he (Mandy) always reminds me of the snake in Jungle Book singing 'Trust in me, just in me'.

T' Old 'un said...

Bilderberg keeps coming in to my mind whenever Lord von Mandelstuff heaves into view.

Ron said...

owner of the yacht?

Chalcedon said...

I saw exactly the same scenario happen to a company I was a non exec director of......except we foiled the impending coup!

DiscoveredJoys said...

...and then once the IMF loan and conditions are settled late summer...

Antipholus Papps said...

Delve deep. Very deep.

And yet you call those who question the official narrative of false flag 'terrorist' attacks lunatics? Welcome to club pal! We are the Conspiraloominati.

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