Friday, 12 June 2009

Paying For Mandelson's Empire

There isn’t much to be said for Nicholas Ridley, the most desiccated market fundamentalist in Mrs Thatcher’s cabinet, but at least he was aware of the government’s contradictions. When he took over the Department of Trade and Industry in 1989 he asked, “What is the DTI for? I’ve got bugger all to do, and thousands of staff to help me do it.” Thatcher’s government had spent ten years preaching that people should stand on their own two feet and that the market should be free from meddling by the state. But it ran a large department whose purpose was to nanny free enterprise.

The name has changed, to Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, but the department’s policies have not. I think, however, that I have an answer to Mr Ridley’s question. BERR, now run by Lord Mandelson, functions as a fifth column within government, working for corporations to undermine democracy and the public interest. Since he became business secretary in October, Mandelson has been quietly building a bonfire of the measures that protect us from predatory corporate behaviour.........

Business is perfectly capable of making its own representations. It does not require a cell inside government to ensure that its voice is heard; it should compete, like the rest of us, for the attention of ministers. Mandelson’s department has one legitimate function: simplifying and clarifying regulations. The others - the trade missions, the lobbying, the feather-bedding - achieve the rare distinction of undermining both social democracy and free markets.

BERR now has a budget of £1.92 billion, £460m bigger than it was last year. The government is looking for savings. It should close this department down.

George Monbiot

Baron Mandelson has a Departmental Budget of £1.92 Bn for the BERR. He has not been elected by anybody in this country, he is a political appointee.

£1.92 Bn is a lot a patronage to dispense, friends in large Corporations to employ, small favours to be called in. This is the largest Quango going, it is destroying enterprise whilst organising Jollies abroad in the fleshpots of the Far East, giving prizes to foreigners who are successful in importing to Britain, at the same time as shafting British Industry.

Last night the hapless Peter Hain sat squirming in front of Brummie Engineering workers on Question Time, who are now under threat because Mandelson and the BERR are incapable of understanding that making things and selling them is basic to the survival of this country, not playing at being a TV producer, sucking up to Russian Oligarch and bailing out bankrupt monopolistic Banks.

A furious Car worker said- You may have forgotten about us, but come Election Time we will not forget you- Hain was visibly shaken and the thought must have been how am I going to get out of here without being lynched.

£1.92 Bn of your money is in the care of somebody who is a stranger to the truth and has not been elected by you. The BERR produces nothing, absolutely nothing, why in Gods name has the lunatic been put in charge of the asylum ?

Monbiot's article is called Mandelson's Fifth Column

I don't agree with a number of his conclusions, but the central premise that this Quango should be closed down and Mandelson thrown out of Government.

This man is personally wrecking British Industry, whilst vamping it up with titles and honours and personal greasing for deals that appear to benefit nobody but himself.

What Mandelson has got on Brown I shudder to think, but thanks to everybody who have been sending and emailing snippets on the character and private life of Mandelson, especially the ones from former members of the Hartlepool Labour Party. Was a man never so hated by his own side.

The file is getting quite large, and some journalists appear to be quite happy to pass on stories that their editors have squashed for fearing to offend the Noble Baron. Have I got News For You has apparently has been embargoed from mentioning The Prince of Darkness' Private Life, 'allegedly'.

Does anybody remember that HIGNFY had to say 'allegedly' every time it mentioned Maxwell. This apology for a man is effectively running the country now, and everybody is terrified of mentioning his name in a critical manner.

It is only months before he is going to be dismissed from office in a General Election- you can be sure that he is already negotiating another sinecure in the EU,IMF, World Bank.

I think his time would be better employed appearing before the Bar of the House of Lords to answer for the last twelve years, that has made him a very rich man indeed.

I cannot think of one positive thing he has done for the People of this Country, and as an apologist for Stalin in his younger years, he is a positive security threat to the economic security of this country.


nomyea said...

It is an enormous shame and a black mark on Parliament that George Moonbat is doing the very work the opposition should be.

William Hague got a few laughs at Mandelson's and our expense on Wednesday afternoon but no one in Parliament quite seems to care enough to get angry about it. And they should. It is a naked contempt for the people.

I think a real part of the problem is that the public view Mandelson as 'twice disgraced', dodgy and a stooge of the EU and industrial magnates but few in Parliament would, especially the man himself. They have lost their sense of shame and perspective.

As well as what does Mandelson have on Gordon Brown, what might external interests have on Mandelson?

Lord Turdburgler of Cesspool said...

Listen to me, you little worm.

All my dealings have been above board.

The people of Britain love me and are grateful for what New Labour has done for them over the past twelve years.

In any case, democratic elections are an anachronism and will soon be a thing of the past.

I shall then be Lord Turdburgler of Everywhere and Everything for life.

Anonymous said...

Mandelson the unelected at it again


Any rent boys willing to do the deed and rid us of this pile of shit in the most painful way ought to get a royal pardon and the keys of the city

Anonymous said...

It was I who mentioned the Stalin thing; because this is the sort of accusation that Mandelscum will wriggle out of, I should clarify what I mean by this.

Mandelscum is a former member of the Communist Party of Great Britain, whose cold war policy was alliance with the Soviet Union. This puts them in the same category as the British Union of Fascists during WW2, ergo anyone subscribing to the CP must have either been ignorant, or accepted the actions of Lenin, Stalin, Khruschev etc. as entirely necessary and appropriate.

Ivor Bigot said...

The collective penny must really be dropping if George Moonbat gets quoted (supportively!) on OH.


Aye We Can ! said...

good stuff. If you aint heard him yet, watch Hague on Mandleson during Wednedays dissolution debate - on the moeny , and hilarious

caesars wife said...

That is such a good Photo shop OH

Tom said...


I've already contributed once to a Mandy departure whilst engaging in total war against bent beeznessman Geoffrey, years ago.

If you think what 'Cuddles' is doing now is bad enough, wait until the sordid details of his dealings whilst representing Beezness in Europe come to light.

George Monbiot wrote a book a few years ago,entitled 'Captive State'.

Folk should have took action then at the contents of that publication. What was written then has come to pass and then some.

I knew the truth of it for I am one of the 'players' written about.

Skye Bridge PFI, Corporate takeover of the NHS, How to buy planning permission, etc.

Aye, ah know the knunts for what they are and I have the measure of them.

Total subverion of our communities, our hard earned freedoms, rights and individual liberties by stealth are their stated intention.

Whether of a right, left, cental or whatever political persuasion, it's time we reasert our right to claim back oor parliament from the lobbyists, 'consultants',vested interests, carpetbaggers and privateers with their letters of mark.

Folk don't the half of what them knunts have done to our country but they're feeling the pain and penury of it,now That's for sure.

That Shepherd MP chappie hit the nail on the head with his speach the other day.

Time we had a complete clearout of westmidden or a revulution, one of the two.

tinfoil hats all round, me thinks said...

A furious Car worker said- You may have forgotten about us, but come Election Time we will not forget you.

Well then, they'll be keen as fuck to avoid that won't they.

Roll on McBrooon-style voting "reform", a perpetual socio-sodomaniacal-corporatist coalition of all the boy-buggering, arse-fisting, sperm-guzzling, bribe-taking, talking-head NWO shyster front-drones.

They are all, with few notable exceptions, engaged in one last great anti-democratic push.

Welcome to the EU.

subrosa said...

I've linked to this Guthrum as I'm impressed with your argument.

So the extra thousands of hits you're getting today are coming from Scotland - just thought I'd let you know!

Hague is a traitor said...

Aye We Can ! said...
good stuff. If you aint heard him yet, watch Hague on Mandleson during Wednedays dissolution debate - on the moeny , and hilarious

12 June 2009 14:52

Don't laugh too soon, Hague is on the NWO B team.

Rember hague telling our workers to get stuffed along with Boris and Dave as he supported EU workers taking British jobs, yes the people who pay his wages.

If you think for one second the Tories will save you, then you are insane.

Anonymous said...

My God has it come to this! I feel nausea at the thought of this slimeball Mandy in charge of anything other than a gents toilet in Luton.

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