Monday, 15 June 2009

Pay for it yourselves

I see Boris has decided not fund the 353rd Celebration of Jewishness in London (even though it only started in 2006). £50K saved. Labour are in uproar of course. How very DARE an elected official SAVE public money.

Likewise, the Mayor of Hull has said that if a bunch of screaming irons want to have a gay pride march, they should pay for it themselves.

More of this please. If you are a minority and wish to celebrate something, then fucking pay for it. I am not being racist, sexist or homophobic. I am being tight fisted with MY fucking money.

Current ideas for Old Holborn Celebration days that I might fund include:

Real Ale & Hog Roast outside East London Mosque. Fridays only. All welcome, regardless of religion, sexuality, disability or race. ( I just might try this, seriously)

"Choirboys with Pickaxes" Reunited. Westminster Roman Catholic Cathedral, Westminster. All welcome.

"Sinn Fein Knee Tappers and Arse Shunters Festival", Aldershot barracks. Bring extra Guinness and Balaclavas.

"Slightly disabled, limp a bit, but got a blue parking badge" association BBQ - Scafell Peak, Lake District

"Welsh Dyslexics Eisteddfod" - Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch village hall. Written invites only. Plaes Apli.


Martin said...

Hell yes. I don't want the state paying for my holidays or anyone else's. If I want a gay/straight/muslim/scientologist parade, it's my job and the job of whatever other idiots think such a parade is a good idea to fund it, and I don't give a shit if it's celebrating a minority or a majority.

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

Did you know there is a problem with the layout of the East London Mosque? It’s supposed to face Mecca, but the builders couldn’t find one so made it face the Ladbrokes over the road instead.

Paul said...

I'm up for the real ale and hog roast festival.

Pity we can't invite Geert Wilders too.

Bill said...

The solution to mosques facing Mecca is to always build them on roundabouts.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

My neighbourhood has the 'So drunk I've managed to shit myself and not even know it' festival.

Held between June and September, weather permitting.

Menelaus said...

I'll be with you at the Ale and Hog Roast event, seriously. :)

Man in the Street said...

Hog roast sounds great.

caesars wife said...

Like it OH , do you know how much the rover inquiry has cost , and now Gordon is trying to keep us entertained (or knife blair) with an iraq one .

Its like Time team but with far more cash , put tranch in hear , hows it going west country accent bloke that looks like Bill Bailey "no crap trench no cash here suggest we move over to anomly geo-phis found and put a massive trench under cover in there that way if find anything cameras wont see it"

gordon "yeah public will love it , like they do everything else I touch"

Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown & his (ex) buddy Blair are a pair of cunts. Would contribute to watch those two doing the Tyburn Jig. Also Manderson. Short & to the point.

Charcoal said...

I think you may mean the mayor of Doncaster. Check him out, he's about as big a fruit loop as you are:

Arnold Spencer Penis said...

Fuck you, you complete and utter cunt, you discriminatory mother fucker, some people like cider and girls only drink ale after they've been fucked rigid

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