Monday, 15 June 2009

Open Government As Long As It Is Behind Closed Doors

The Iraq War was fought in the name of the United Kingdom, it used our treasure to finance it, and wasted the blood of our young men and women.

We know that Blair and his sofa cabinet lied to Parliament over WMD, we know it was an illegal war, we know that it was not fought for national defence, we know that it was a war of aggression that others went to the gallows for at Nuremburg, we know that there was no contingency planning what to do after Sadaam Hussein was deposed,we know disbanding the Iraqi Army was going to create a power vacumn, we know the army was starved of equipment andhelicopters to such an extent that the British Army was known as 'The Borrowers'. We also know that the wounded have been treated with utter contempt by HMG, whilst Ministers and MP's were lining their pockets.

We are now not going to be able hear the evidence, nor are the families of the lost and Blair and his cabinet colleagues who bear collective responsibility will not be held to account.

So much for 'Open Government'


Cold said...


The Penguin said...

Yet another spectacular fucking own goal by Jonah. This will add to his demise and help ensure the end of the Liebore Party.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

Its going to get interesting don't you think McBroons enquiry into this fuck up. I hope Saint Tony and Imelda don't lose any sleep or money with the result.

Anonymous said...

Does it matter? The establishment investigating itself, not a single person will be prosecuted so more money down the drain.

We have our base in the middle east the oil company's are happy and we're still best mates with the US.

The average punter knows we went to war on a lie, another inquest will do nothing to dispel that, all it'll acheive is mock outrage amongst the chattering classes, whilst sqaddies continue to pay with their lives.

Veritas said...

Coming this evening.

VotR said...

Just watching the Live 'event'.

Total whitewash. Typical of this bullshit government.

Old Bag said...

another example of broonwashing..the families of soldiers killed in iraq deserve to know the truth, but it will be sugar-coated if anything is revealed (which it wont). need i say broon is a cunt and doesnt give a flying fuck?

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