Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Now they squabble

With the writing on the wall for Labour after the EU Elections and the mass resignation of most of the cabinet, we are seeing a new fight breaking out.

Who is going to cut what?

Watch them squabble. Watch them try to scare the public, reassure the public.

Fuck that.

We are skint. The public has listened to the 646 telling them they have never had it so good. They have watched their house values artificially inflate, borrowed against it for hot tubs and 4x4's and now the 646 are squabbling over who is going to break the bad news.

I will. Public debt is going to explode for the next seven years. It will reach 80% of GDP without cutting it. We're fucked. Bust. Kaputt. Skint. The last 12 years have been a sham. We have borrowed against our childrens future and now we have to pay it back.

So. What to cut. Something has to go. Blue Labour or Newlabour cannot or will not tell us what, so here are a few suggestions:

1. The Welfare State. You will no longer be paid to sit on your arse. Get out to work. If a million illegals and two million Poles can send money home, so can you.

2. Take responsibility. If you cannot afford to feed your family, then say goodbye to the Skybox and the car. Get the fucking bus or get a job that pays enough.

3. Stop spending your money on SHITE. Save it instead

4. Eat less. The whole country looks like a pod of Whales washed up on a beach. Useless, bloated and doomed.

5. Mongs, spaccers and flids - No more mobility cars, no more handrails on Everest, no more aromatherapy. Sorry, we're skint. Pay for it yourselves.

6. No more Albanian Lesbian single mum drop in centres

7. I'm sorry Sir, your child is a thick, ill mannered little cunt. No more teaching assistants for him. He's bone idle, arrogant, dangerous and out of fucking control. Oh, and it's YOUR fault. Not mine, not the States, not his astrological star sign or an invented "syndrome". Sort it out at YOUR cost.

8. You work for the council. You are now redundant. Go and get a proper job. All 7 million of you.

9. Sort your heroes out. David Beckham is not a role model. Neither is some 17 year old Jamaican Gangsta with 12 kids by 12 women driving an Audi TT on drug money. They are the enemy.

10. Do not believe a fucking word a Politician tells you. EVER.

SLASH public spending. No wars, no Rieki head massage, no tax credits, no minimum wage and no fucking disabled parking.

Live without the State. Be free of them. They have brought you nothing but debt. Debt is chains. Debt is slavery. No wonder the 646 do NOT want you free of it.


Anonymous said...

Exactly why labour will get in next time. The whole country is in hock to them. They owe, for being allowed to be idle.

No one dare vote anything else.

Your doom scenario is secure. The more you advertise it, the more likely it will happen.

The only way out is to let Labour take the country to ruin, but that is what the EU is waiting for. There is no political solution.

Old Holborn said...

The Russians managed it

So can we

Thud said...

Best post in awhile.

Phil McVile said...

Some of the spending cuts would make life much more pleasant.

Imagine no more threatening Government ads about car tax, smoking and booze. No more cunts from tax payer funded fake charities whining on about speeding and junk food. No more jobsworths snooping on our every move and fining us for anything and everything. Get rid of those fucking idiots from the Highways Agency that close the motorways every time someone chucks a fag out of the window. Close down the Think Tanks and Quangoes that dictate to us etc. etc..

A good proportion of all that has got to go so there is a silver lining.

T England said...

Brilliant, you for prime minster :o)

I agree with all you said except the bit about disabled parking, although I would say it’s fair to crush any car using it if the driver isn’t disabled.

JD said...

I agree with every single word of this post. I have also had years of dodgy reactions to the suggestion that we would all be better off without the welfare state, some of it surprisingly unpleasant. It is past time to say farewell to the welfare state. I can't see us getting any money back, short of actually taking it back ourselves somehow.
Well said, sir.

Anonymous said...

And no more BBC please. Unless it pays for itself. That would give us £140 a year each to get pissed.
And get out of Afghanistan and Iraq and the EU. And scrap nukes,NHS computers, PFI, House of Lords. Tell asylum seekers from 3rd world shitholes to gtf. Scrap funding religion. Especially the Islamic tossers.

caesars wife said...

interesting manifesto Old Holborn

no more money for sob stories!!

news report today britain may be first to emerge out of recession Hoooray

News report it wont matter has debts will make groth figures null and void

anonymous too said...

Assuming the Tories do get in:

1. Cut or renegotiate (by force of legislation if necessary) the smallest number of public sector jobs that save the most money and have the least impact on "normal people".

2. An end to public sector fat cats, Quangos should be approached with just a hint of the Witch Hunt.

3. Severly cut public sector employment in affluent areas - not in poor or deprived ones.

4. Business tax breaks in poor or deprived areas to create real jobs to replace public sector non-jobs in that area. Better to subsidise/redistribute this way than via outright public sector "employment".

5. Don't cut public sector employment in poor or deprived areas until the (real) job market has picked up.

5. Keep the most people "on board" at all times, even if they are not natural Tory voters and even if the local Parliamentary seat is not held by the Conservatives.

6. It's taken decades to get into this mess and it seems likely that it'll take a long time to get out of it too.

7. A change in "the culture of employment" is more important than balancing the books in the short and even in the long term. Change the culture and book balancing will follow naturally.

8. Always think one or possibly two terms ahead when considering new actions or evaluating the outcome of previous/ongoing actions. Trying to balance the books or cut public spending in a way that gets you booted out is pointless and will just open the doors to Socialism.

Run up debts if that's what it takes, it's the outcome that matters, not the dogma.

Fucked up, benefit dependent trolls aren't going to vanish overnight and they get to vote too. Piss them off and they just might be bothered to do so, then the Socialists are right back in there.

If the Tories can't get two of three terms, I can't see how they have a chance of setting things back on course.

It's a fucking tightrope.

Shibby said...

"7. I'm sorry Sir, your child is a thick, ill mannered little cunt. No more teaching assistants for him. He's bone idle, arrogant, dangerous and out of fucking control. Oh, and it's YOUR fault. Not mine, not the States, not his astrological star sign or an invented "syndrome". Sort it out at YOUR cost."

I can see where you're coming from but this is pretty harsh, there are plenty kids who need the extra effort through no fault of their own or their parents'.

JerryD said...

Live without the State. Be free of them. mean live without the Government? i.e. Anarchy?

We can live in a state without government, yes? The state being England - a geographic area where Anglo-Saxon people and culture exist?

the man who fell back to bed said...

shibby - and plenty of out of control little sh1ts who beg for a fcuking good hiding.
I can only surmise the 'wayne and waynetta' culture isnt that prevalent in your neck of the woods.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Anon 00.25 What is a 'poor or deprived' area? No such thing exists in this country. Perhaps the areas you refer to are the ones filled with drink/drug fuelled bone idle cunts who think the height of sophistication is a piss stained mattress lying in your front garden.

Dark Lochnagar said...

I agree with all you say apart from Mobility Cars. Mine cost me£212 per month, you don't get them for fuck all even if it is a good deal. If I didn't have it i cvouldn't get out the house.

Anonymous said...

We're all fucked when this ponzi scheme of an economy collapses. Double fucked when the oil starts running low.
And you're all talking about work & jobs?
The only work there will be is growing veg so you don't starve to death.

anonymous too said...

... Anon 00.25 What is a 'poor or deprived' area?

Such areas, and their inhabitants/inmates, can be described in the terms you have suggested. I am not even slightly averse to doing so myself.

They still get a vote though, and will not, turkeys that they are, vote for Christmas.

It'll take more than harsh cuts and indifference to successfully unwind Labour's decade-long expansion of "welfare" dependence.

I want the Tories to win *and* be successful. The former seems to be in the balance, the latter seems most unlikely, barring a realisation on their part that they need to move slowly and carefully enough to stay in power.

Anonymous said...


This post is just crying out to be turned into a 'V' Speech Video.

In fact, now I come to think of it, there's an idea - Old Holborn 'V For Vendetta' YouTube rants.

You know it makes sense :

V Speaks

Mitch said...

Listen for the chorus of ....I agree but what about........
every little special interest group claiming exception.

Protect our borders,ensure the rule of law and fuck the hell away from everything else.

Scrobs... said...

Good one OH!

Anon's back a few hours said: -

"2. An end to public sector fat cats, Quangos should be approached with just a hint of the Witch Hunt."

I think this is next on The Telegraph agenda. Luckily, these are not so different to hide, and I can see lots of these unelected groups being taken out and shredded in public soon.

Can't wait actually...

ranter said...

Abso-fucking-lutely! Spot on OH and also to the anon about Quangos.

As if to back some of this up on the Today programme this morning the government proposes to ensure registration and regular inspection of children that are 'Home Schooled' BECAUSE it 'MAY' be a cover for child abuse. They can't stop wanting to control everything!

Anonymous said...

That Uber cunt Mandelscum's new department is costing a million quid in letterheads, new email addys and other unecessary shit to set up.

Cut that fucker. (Up, into little pieces)

That'd be a start.

Oh, and as Nigel Farrage has been baninging on, the EU costs us 40 mil. A DAY ?????

Fuck me.

Anonymous said...

I'm in complete agreement, I'd only add one more.

11. No bailouts, ever. It doesn't matter who you are, how many people you employ in key marginals, how many friends you have in the government: if your bank/insurance company/tractor factory goes bust then that's it, you don't get a penny from the taxpayer. No exceptions. Hopefully realising that will encourage you to take better decisions next time. The state doesn't tax your business, the state doesn't save your business, that's the bargain.

Anonymous said...

You seem to have covered most of the important points there OH.

JD said...

And swap the pay rates of soldiers with the pay rates of all those useless parasites at your local council. That should get the bloated council workforce down to size.

Anonymous said...

Well said (written) OH. We would save millions & soon have the country back on its feet. On the basis of 'turkeys not voting for Christmas' should the right to vote be overhauled? Benefits as a way of life=no vote? Voting, when it first came in was considered a privelege, not a right - maybe we need to go back to that. Most of the fuckheads don't know enough even to sign an 'X' & don't bother to get out & vote (too boozed up, too drugged) anyway. I'm not suggesting only the rich should have the vote but there could be some criteria like being in paid employment or proof of voluntary/community work (NOT as an outreach worker for one-legged Albanian lesbian mothers). Mothers wishing to stay at home to bring up their kids (which is actually one of the most important 'jobs' in the country) could win voting points via the community work route, pensioners' right to vote could be gained via proof of previous employment. For everyone with the requisite voting points, voting should be compulsory - with huge fines for those too fucking lazy to get out of bed. Cut local authority staff to the bone, disband all quangos, cut back, drastically, on the numbers of MPs. Make the House of Lords membership 50% elected, Queeny - and only Queeny - to select the other 50%. Her 50% only to get a new member when an existing member shuffles off the mortal coil. However, there would have to be some sort of welfare for the genuinely disabled & carers need to get a much better deal than they currently do. Way to go OH!

Ivor Bigot said...

Now that's the sort of post that first got OH on my radar. Well said.

5. Mongs, spaccers and flids - No more mobility cars, no more handrails...

Too bloody right, I live next to a whole house of "special" kids. Every morning there's a procession of taxis to take them all off to various "special" schools. Their overly fecund yet curiously jobless father hasn't once thanked me for picking up the tab. And he owns a fucking minibus.


Anonymous said...

And pull out the EU,shut almost all quangos down,starting with the Potato Marketing Board. Why the fuck are they spending my taxes on that crap ?
Overseas aid can get the order of the boot also,starting with failed states that spend huge amounts on defence (attack)

Ivor Bigot said...

Actually, that was a white lie. It wasn't posts like this that first caught my eye, it was a hilarious comment about the sex lives of fat people on Emerald Bile. But hey!


BNP guido refugee said...

I'd go the other way and make it compulsory to vote.

I'm sick and tired of government being elected by the minority.

It would also make people think about the politics of the country rather than ignore them until it affects them and then start moaning about it....but still not vote !

Anonymous said...

%Ivor Bigot - yes, that's a funny one isn't it? One would think that having had one disabled child would make one very careful about breeding again - for one's personal wellbing, for the wellbeing of your existing children & for the wellbeing of any possible future children. Not so, seems to be 'we've produced one child with disabilities, shall we see what other sorts of cripples we can produce'? Bloody unfair on the children in my view. Stop paying extra benefits for kiddies like that & see it stop as though the plug had been pulled.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

All agreed.

Plus, could we please execute Bob Crow?

anonymongy said...

"The Russians managed it"

Excellent point.

As is killemall's at 9:43. Only you didn't hear me say that, OK.

Custard said...

A song for Bob Crowe

killemallletgodsortemout said...


EXCELLENT - should be made into a TV advert.

Paul said...

"The Russians managed it"

Russia has become increasingly police statist since Putin came to power or have you ignored that?

Mr. A said...

Fuck the Potato Marketing Board. It's the likes of ASH, Alcohol Concern and Brake that I want to see dissolved and their members flogged in the streets until they tell the truth.... if they can.

Captain Swing said...

I was only thinking the other day that spacker and spastic is not heard as a term of abuse any longer.
Brown is a spastic sounds good to me.

Paul said...

'Spastic' is an excellent term of abuse but it surely has been replaced by 'mong'. Anonymong, mongbox, Intermong, etc.

1969_Charger said...

The people are sheep. For the most part, they are uncultured, and they only think only as far ahead as to where Friday's beer money will come from.

It's sad to say, but we're fucked because the only thing they need in their life is reality TV.

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