Monday, 15 June 2009

No election 'til Lisbon

There will be no General Election until Ireland ratifies the Lisbon Treaty.

David Cameron has made this perfectly plain. The Irish are being forced again to vote in the Autumn due to not voting the right way before and the Czechs and Poles will be told to do the same by the 27 unelected Commissars who run the EU Politburo.

A vote for Cameron and the Tories is a vote for the unelected EU. Ken Clarke is making fucking sure of it.


BNP guido refugee said...

Bingo !

The number one reason I vote BNP.

Anonymous said...

You seem to have made the mistake that we live in a democratic nation, we don't, the electorate is just the rubber stamp the politico's look for now and then to give themselves a veneer of respectability.

Dazed and Confused said...

Question: - What are the chances of British troops on British streets, firing on their own peoples, in any Civil disorder caused by the Policies of one James Gordon Brown?

Answer: - Slim to unlikely! - Which is why they're currently posted in various Isalmic toilet Nations, and being killed an maimed without proper equipment.

Question: - Would Turkish soldiers imported onto British streets under current E.U. directives, fire on the British peoples, on the orders of Mandelscum or Cameron?

Answer: - Its not rocket science! - Which is why Kinnock and Mandelscum are back (unelected), to ensure this future "democracy" goes sailing through, and without a hitch. Then of course it can never be pinned on Cameron's Tories.

Anonymous said...

This of course is the sort of reason that people are starting to vote for "fringe" parties. They really don't listen do they.

JD said...


Join the group, swell the numbers, encourage the Irish to vote NO again. The vote yes propaganda has begun. Even though the Irish people stood up to the British Empire they are in danger of surrendering to the Brussels bureaucratic machine. They failed to stand up to the bullying over the Nice treaty, and, if apathy prevails this once proud, independent country will demean themselves again by doing what they are told. Despite the record unemployment, bust and bankruptcy facing Ireland there are still people here so brainwashed that they think the EUSSR has been good to them, well, at least those whose big fat cars and fancy houses have not yet been repossessed.
Tell all the Irish people you know to save themselves, and forever earn the gratitude of the rest of europe by voting NO, should it come to a second, insulting, vote. And do it now, before it's too late. JD.


Anonymous said...

Foreign troops fighting us on home soil will make the troubles of Northern Ireland look like a Vicar's tea-party. Can't see our security forces or senior military staff allowing this to happen either.

Anonymous said...

It was the standard practice of the roman empire.
Troops recruited from a region of the empire were deployed in regions far away to ensure that when needed the troops had no real ties to the local population.

of course it doesn't work when the stationed troops have been their long enough to feel like they are one of the locals.

democracy has never been about the people, it has always been about who gets to fleece the population.

another centuary, another fascism rising.
if the people fight once again they shouldn't stop until the job is fully finished, unlike last time.

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