Tuesday, 16 June 2009

NightJack Outed

In a fit of spite because bloggers are stealing their customers, the Times has decided to name Nightjack the blogger.

In a similar fit of spite, if anybody has any dirt on Patrick Foster of the Times, I will create an open thread for you to leave your completely anonymous comments. Write what you like about the cunt, I won't stop you.

If I do not moderate comments, I am not responsible for them - in the same way that if I happen to own a garage wall, I am not responsible for what gets written on it by vandals at 3am.


Chalcedon said...

Funny how old Justice Eady is so keen on privacy for perverts but not for bloggers.

CryBaby said...

I'm sure there's plenty of dirt on the wanker Justice Eady as well. The Times are getting quite a bit of grief for naming him in the comments and I've sent them my thoughts on the matter too.

Bastards are quick to take polls for political reasons, but before saying its in the public interest, did they do a readership poll to see?

Hypocritical spiteful cunts.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Cock-sniffing fuckmonkeys, all of them.

Anonymous said...

Is he the paedophile?

Guthrum said...

Foster is a bit show bizzy


So how does outing a blogger fit in with his other triumphs on Jade Goody and Eastenders ?

Man in the Street said...

Looking at Guthrum's articles link it would appear the arse hole is an empty-headed cunt. He feasts on the detritus that is 'celebrity' culcha in this festering shit hole of a country.

As such shooting would appear rather too kind.

Fidothedog said...

Well said man in the street, a daft judge who knowledge of matters internet start and end with dubious porn in with a past its sell by date paper.

Henry North London said...

The blog has gone down.

There goes a decent piece of writing

Google cache anyone?

Chris said...

NightJack > Pat Foster (who?)

Looks like someone at the Times got a bit jealous of an amateur flying too high. Fvcking spiteful, envious little hack.

"The Orwell Prize, going to Mr Plod? Unthinkable!"

Anonymous said...

His site's gone but not yet lost.

Copy the address of Nighjack's former site into Yahoo. Now click on the 'cached' link which appears next to the first hit...

VotR said...

Man down! Cunts!

Heh, word verification was 'shoot', very nice.

The Times Are Changing said...

What a tosser.

Add his name to the list of lamppost 'owners'.

Anonymous said...

Spiteful vindictive cunts.

Never mind that the country is well past the u-bend, the criminal justice system is a joke and more people are concerned for the rights of the detritus of society, let's shut down the blog of someone who might shine a little light of truth.


Man in the Street said...

(O/T sorry, are the 'West' saying the Iranian elections were rigged or not? I don't understand.)

Anonymous said...

Stupid thing is that NJ was actually putting a human face to plod, so now they'll be even more unpopular, thick twits.

Rightwinggit said...

Earlier, I said I'm not buying The times again, but I've changed my mind.

I'm not buying ANY newspaper again, ever.


David Davis said...

The Libertarian Alliance would like Nightjack to write for them.

I have decided that.

We can't pay him anything as we have no money.

I do not know how to contact him. Please could anyone who can help, advise?


if anyone could put us in touch, my mobile is 07764 204065

David Davis (not that one)

Old Holborn said...

I have his number

Email me

Anonymous said...

OH,if you believe that it was his job that got him out then you are a prick.Watch your back. Whan the establishment is fucked it fights dirty. Trust me I know?.

manc_ill_kid said...

Just how much traffic does The Times get from the blogosphere and how much would it suffer if this traffic was withheld?

Old Holborn said...

Sod it


Tell him you care


woman on a raft said...

"Jack Night's identity is known to The Independent but we have agreed not to reveal anything apart from the fact that he is a detective constable, aged in his mid-40s. His force area and his real name remain a secret."

Thursday, 21 May 2009,

I might have to start buying that paper.

Anna Raccoon said...

Will Eady protect the identity of a paedophile when the paedophile turns out to be a blogger as well?

Anonymous said...

Anna Raccoon. wtf?

lilith said...

Thanks OH, I have dropped him a line.

PS. How was the pig?

Mummy x said...

I don't think there is anything to be had on Patrick Foster. He is such a shit writer and such a sad arse lazy fucking loser that the height of his career will be ousting a blogger. Patrick Foster is a fucking cunt.

Mummy x

jonty pryor said...

Patrick Foster has an 11-inch cock.

He loves a bit of ginger.

I should know!

hangemall said...

@ Man in the Street 1910

Two articles from the Washinton Post (not noted for being a hotbed of radical Islam)




The first was written by people who conducted the poll. There is a link in the article to a

pdf file giving the results of the poll.

The second article is a commentary on the first and mentions that 27 pecent expressed no

opinion and 15 percent refused to answer.

You pays your money and takes your choice.....

Or over here you makes your choice and pays your money........If you have enough.

This post,


says that Mousavi knows some very naughty people.

Now I'm getting ready for the pub.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Patrick Foster like abusing little boys? Now where do I report that?

Anonymous said...

I think he may have touched my 8 year old daughter too.

Best report him to THE POLICE to be on the safe side. I'm sure they will treat him well, no matter what Nightjack says.....

Anonymous said...

So, what's Patrick Foster's email again?

Anonymous said...

Not the first time the Times have outed a blogger. Girl With the One Track Mind too.

Anonymous said...

I left a suitably uncomplimentary comment about the article and I have written a letter of complaint to the Times. The journalist is a cunt of the first order.

Trough Mixture said...

What a fucking liberty!

This Foster fellow needs to be made to do the chicken. I shall fire off a missive when my keyboard comes properly into focus. I hope OH has a fitting jape in mind for the chap

Rogerborg said...

The Beaks are doubtless miffed that NJ kept schooling that ditherer Bystander on all matters of substance.

There's nothing that makes the law act like an ass so much as tweaking its ears and tail.

M de Plouquenet said...

Wear the uniform, pay the price. All together now "We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when...."

1969_Charger said...


Joe Public said...

I wonder how many times Patrick Foster will be selected as a “White-but-clearly-non-terrorist” example ‘just to balance racial statistics’


JD said...


Anonymous browsing

Anonymous said...


Wonder what else is out there in the public domain? Patrick the Perv?

What comes around goes around.

Anonymous said...

I would like to congratulate The Times on their latest scoop - the outing of NightJack. As a result another copper blog has just shut down: http://sheepdogsandwolves.blogspot.com/2009/06/endex.html

Anonymous said...

loads cached

"The Evil Poor
2008 April 29
tags: Dickens, Feral, Hogarth, Police, Policng, Policy, Societyby nightjackFirstly apologies for the blatantly sensationalist and sweeping title of the post. It’s just that I could think of no better way to put it.

Throughout the years there have always been chroniclers and documenters of the worst of London life. In 1751 William Hogarth shone light into the dark corners with his studies of Gin Lane. He set down the worst behaviour of the indolent poor by drawing them sprawled, thieving, prostituted, numbed even to the suffering of their own children. His was a very urban decay caused by alcohol, peopled by characters devoid of the ability or ambition to climb from the gutter. Nearly 90 years later in 1837 Charles Dickens was writing vividly about the mores of the workhouse society. He knew there were packs of feral children in thrall both to the malign father figure of Fagin and the local gangster heavy Bill Sykes. Sykes seems to have become a role model for modern times in that he came complete with devil dog and long suffering battered other half. If you were a London centric person looking at your city today, you might think that there is nothing new under the sun and that nothing has changed.

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