Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Mandelsonia- Its a Parallel Universe

I could not believe that Mandelsonia has its own youtube called BERRTUBE, how much is this flying fcukwittery costing, to get down with the kids ?

And this one about salt ! www.salt.gov.uk

H/T Dizzythinks

Mandelsonia - Where all of your socialist dreams come true

One aide recalls the recent humiliation of a junior member of the cabinet: “We were called into Mandelson’s huge office. Peter said to my minister, ‘You look dreadful, poppet, take one of these’. Peter produced a bottle of painkillers and gave [the minister] two pills. He meekly swallowed them with a glass of water provided by Peter. It was all about asserting psychological control.”

Jonathan Oliver- Sunday Times


Ron said...

More like Beria-tube.

Stuart said...

There was one thing missing from salt.gov.uk so I've asked the following question: "Please can you direct me to some peer-reviewed medical evidence or studies that show a causal link between salt consumption and poor health outcomes?"

Am very much looking forward to the answer!

Ampers said...

I only got as far as the berr youtube page.

I have bookmarked it in case I get insomnia.


Cold said...



What a complete cunt. I don't think Mandelson could've been any more of a cunt in that anecdote if he changed his name to Lord Morpheus.

Anonymous said...

Don't take it too hard chaps, they know you are all mentally deficient and living in an NHS-induced daze. They also know there is very little business, not much enterprise, but loads of regulations that require a huge staff to make more complicated and bizarre so that more small businesses get sold abroad (like mine) and all the former utilities like gas water sewage electricity are soaked up by foreign state corporations 'owned' by their mates.

You know it makes sense to employ more and more people on your taxes and this 'flying fcukwittery' is just make-work for the meeja studies mob who can't get a job anywhere else.

And salt, yes, Jesus wept, dangerous stuff. Did you know that the sea is 3.5% salt? YES 3.5%. Three and a half tons for every hundred tons of sea, and there is one hell of a lot of it about. Keep away for Chrissake, its lethal. Should be banned. Don't touch it. Needs a new government department to alert you to the dangers of the sea. Fish crap in it for starters, never mind blue whales.

It only hurts when I laugh.

Anonymous said...

I started flagging the videos as repulsive content :-)

Anonymous said...

Having given him the tablets he fucked him up the arse. :-)

black hole sunset said...

If the reference to the junior minister ingesting tablets/capsules is literal and true, the implications are very sinister indeed. Forced medication, for that is what is being described, is not a concept that one should sleep soundly with - however sadated one might be.

There are few moment of original or atypical behavour in the lives of even the most determinedly unpredictable individuals - most are given to acting out a relatively small number of well rehearsed parts and themes.

I would venture that the scene described, if true, is one that Mandy has witnessed or performed before - albeit with variations in cast, location or dialogue.

The upper ranks of ZanuLab have had to look of a pharmacological wasteland for quite some time - it's nice to be offered indirect confirmation of what was previously only a strongly held suspicion.

black hole sunset said...

Just had a thought.

Wonder if anyone could get hold something that had been handled by McBrooon that would provide a suitable basis for a broad-spectrum drug test?

The Great Leader can't be more than couple of brand names away from a full set.

The crazed, raving imbecile.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 16:57
Does the 3.5% diluted percentage actually correspond to 3.5% dry weight too?

I think we should know.
In fact I think Lord Meddlewithmybum should also be appointed King of the Seas so he can find out.

Anything, and I mean anything but have to read another single word of the endless piss taking of this 'government'.


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