Monday, 29 June 2009

The Lord President Speaks

The man with forked tongue addressed the nation this morning (Yea truly he is in charge) we are all being very silly, there is going to be growth, there is going to full employment, and porcine pilots.

You will all have rights, thats doublespeak for the State will be the guiding light in all things, and you will be serfs.


Dick the Prick said...

They all treat us like we're thick as fuck, after that Telegraph article highlighting that the workshy & genuinely unemployed are taking more cash than income tax - I really couldn't give a fuck what this sex pest says. It really must all be about Lisbon - the utter utter cunts.

phoebe said...

OT .. but important: Britain has 85 sharia courts: The astonishing spread of the Islamic justice behind closed doors

phoebe said...

... and some people want to reclaim their country:

Fausty said...

Tractor production is up.

Anonymous said...

Following Mandelstalin's announcement, spontaneous celebrations broke out across Britain.

VotR said...

He's laughing at the nation. He's sitting pretty in the Lords if Labour get melted down in the elections, which is pretty likely. He doesn't need to say a thing and he knows it, which leads me to think it's all for show. But for whom?

It does make me wonder if he's getting ready for a leadership role during Gordon's holiday. The tv spot could be softening the public up for that. Harm Man will be displeased. What a crying shame. Perhaps there will even be tears. How laughable this little pantomime is becoming.

Anonymous said...

The slimwy bastard

Man in the Street said...

Muslim cunts and their sharia law. What the hell, who the hell, Jesus wept.

UK gross debt set to hit 90% of GBP next year.

We're a 3rd world country, will be run by a 3rd world religion and we're broke.


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Broon is spouting anything in order to stay in power, the cunt.

Yokel said...

Rab, Broon is nowt but a sock puppet mouthing the words of his puppeteer: Mandelslime.

See Dan Hannan recently for Mandelslime's real agenda - keep Gordon in power until after the Irish have been bullied into voting "Yes" to the Lisbon Constitution. He knows that Cameron will NOT go for a referendum once the constitution has been adopted (30 seconds after the Irish vote is announced!). In Dan Hannan's view, the corresponding trade off, that Labour will be trashed for a generation, is one worth paying. Getting us bound into a nation state called Europe at any price is what is going on now.

Anonymous said...

@anon 10:13 - Yes, bonfires with guys resembling Mandelsnake rather than Fawkes were hastily build & set alight to the loud cheering of the onlookers.

Dave said...

I saw him on BBC Breakfast this morning.
His eyes are dead. I'm starting to believe that David Icke was right.
He's a lizard in a suit

Anonymous said...

OH, I've got this message twice within the last 10 mins - your icon on my ??Task Bar (the bar along the bottom of the screen) goes red/orange & this msg appears in a blue edged box - is it me or you? Anyone else getting the same msg?
'Windows Internet Explorer

Stop running this script?

A script on this page is causing IE to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer might become unresponsive.
Yes No'

Ivor Bigot said...

All he cares about is getting safely into the Lords, watch how fast he pulls the Labour party eject lever after the next GE. I suspect he cares even less about Labour than he does about UK industry.

Money & influence. That is the bottom line for Mandelson and his ilk. Nothing else.


microdave said...

phoebe said "Britain has 85 sharia courts"

Man in the Street said "Muslim cunts and their sharia law. What the hell, who the hell, Jesus wept."

Here's our local version: Bouncers in Norwich are to be given the power to dish out "on the spot" fines.

This quote is rather alarming:
“A member of the public commits an offence if they fail to comply with any authorised request or fails to provide their name and address when required.”

Full story here:

Man in the Street said...


Truly bizarre.

Completely unenforceable too. I'm not from Norwich and therefore wouldn't be aware of this 'rule'. If I were to visit and be asked my details by a door gorilla I would very politely tell him where to go and walk away. With no powers of arrest, if he were to try and stop me I would sue the cunt for assault, making sure any friends with me took pictures.

It's just a sop to the masses of Norwich. Alarming too though. Another assault on civil liberties. State sponsored 'mission creep'.

Old Bag said...

well, if it helps broon sleep better at night, let him say those one believes it, the deluded cunt.

fausty said...

There is surely a bullet with his name on it.

banned said...

Why hasn't Mandy had Gordon killed yet ? He must have a reason, time will tell.

curly15 said...

Help me compile a list of NuLabour's cuts.

Are they cutting or deceiving in the marginals?

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