Friday, 5 June 2009

Libertarian Party Guest Spot

Did you vote in the European Elections Yesterday and are avowedly anti the European Union as a Political Entity. The question has to be why did you do it ? I know why your party of choice did it, because there is oodles of cash to be had for the representatives elected, and money 'filters' down to the Party.

The LPUK debated standing in the EU elections last November, the plus side was the publicity,the money and the high profile- the downside and the very distinctive downside was that to stand for office in an institution that has no legitimacy in English or Scottish Law is to give legitimacy to that institution. By overwhelming vote it was decided not to stand.

Despite putting up candidates for the local elections, it required some pretty tough banging on the door of the BBC, to even get a listing on their website.So this is going to be a long process. Candidates will be forthcoming at the General Election, we shall see if the same process repeats itself.

The basis of the Libertarian Party is the sovereignty of the individual, from this everything else flows. Not Race,Not Class Not Wealth forming the basis of political affiliation.

To belong to the 'State' there has to be consent, currently we live in a coercive elective dictatorship. You get to vote once every five years in a rigged electoral system that gives a 'landslide' victory to one of the two major parties with about thirty five percent of the votes cast. Once elected and our only constitution is 'Parliament is Sovereign' the 646 can do anything they want to you, your family, your home, your business and worst of all your Liberty.

The State is about the worst delivery system for any service, the State always requires a burgeoning army of bureaucrats to do anything, now estimated at over 52% of the working population.

The State will always align itself with big business and the economically powerful. The Bank bailout with our money being the classic example. The Banks continue to be powerful, incompetent and interested only in their own importance, when in reality they produce absolutely nothing.

Small to Medium sized Enterprises provide the bulk of employment and innovation in this country, yet the State is always talking about 'creating' jobs. The State cannot create one job outside of its own bureaucracy to service its ever growing list of Laws and Regulation.

Most of our social problems are caused by the State being prepared to tolerate lowering standards of education and personal responsibilty, and to give handouts and 'compensation' to the feckless and irresponsible, this benefit culture has attracted large scale immigration who have made the logical economic choice to move here rather than live impoverished lives at home.

The State is not even pretending to defend our hard won Liberties, the State will use every modern technology and device to protect itself and its servants.

Classic Liberalism, defines that capitalism (as opposed to Corporatism) has been the only force that has lifted popultions out of poverty. Communism has failed,Socialism has failed, Fascism has failed, Theocracies have failed, usually with wars, death and pestilence in attendance.

The Party is committed to Root and Branch Reform of the Constitution on the Swiss Model, enshrining the Liberty of the Individual over that of the State in a written Constitution. However before Reform we must of the Repeal of every Draconian Law passed since 1997.

The Libertarian Party will grow organically and as its membership is largely under thirty it is not carrying the baggage of parties whose sole aim is to exercise power over the individual to the benefit of State and Party.

There has always been conflict between the individual citizen and the State. Our aim is to ensure that the Individual wins.

Choose Liberty instead ! Not a new slave master.


Henry North London said...

Hear Hear

Jack Maturin said...

Crikey, Guthrum.

More please.

Tomrat said...

I did vote...

Anyone reading this please join up- every member we have getting the message out - that there is an alternative to the mixed bag of kleptocrats in whitehall rend power from them. Better yet donate.*

*=I have a vested interest in this - I plan on standing in the general election (whenever that is) under the LPUK flag (if they'll have me); entrants are (rightly, I would argue) charged to prevent frivolous claims but the real cost will come from advertising against a political system that does not want us, a media that will ignore us and a nation that has been deliberately lied to about the nature of freedom, democracy and our individual parts to play.

Anonymous said...

Don't fight the state (i.e. a corporation)... replace it. At the same time, don't fight the corporation that defends the 'state' (the 'Police')... replace that too.

Unfortunately, they will both use violence to protect themselves... what will *YOU* use? Harsh language on a blog like this? That will get you nowhere very fast.

Please see the bigger picture, as actions speak louder than words. If only most people would realise this chilling fact.

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