Thursday, 25 June 2009

Let the fun begin

Now that Harm man wants us all to be equal, the fun can commence

No more Jews only Schools

To discriminate against a person on the ground that they were or were not Jewish was therefore to discriminate on racial grounds.

This is going to be fun


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

In Scotland we have Catholic schools, paid for by all the tax payers. Although pupils do not have have to be catholic to enroll, the teachers must be catholic.

Paid for by ALL the tax payers.

SaltedSlug said...

Right now, a Mossad agent is breaking out his funny umbrella.

Old Holborn said...

I would prefer to see all faith schools closed but Jewish schools won't take you if you are not of the Jewish RACE.

You can change your faith but you can't change your race (Michael Jackson is proof of this)

VotR said...

The race discrimination laws just don't work and should be repealed, OH.

Political correctness literally gone mad.

The government might be preparing a lot of crap against whites they might be able to conceal or spin. But not the Jews. Own goal there. If one group of faith schools doesn't work, they should shut the lot down, get the kids in a state secondary school regardless of religion. A secular society? We should be so bloody lucky.

CryBaby said...

I see nothing wrong with faith schools which have become an issue with multi-cultural integration. There's roman catholic, jesuit, christian etc. Now with this integration, muslims want their own schools, so do Jews and there's even a Sikh school for kids thats popped up down the road from me.

The government are putting this country into a world of shit.

Old Holborn said...

Lee Jasper has been proposing Black Only schools as well.

Sauce for the goose....

Norton Folgate said...

i'll bet the new Harmen laws won't be applied to anything even remotely muslim related.

Maturecheese said...

Harman can take her equality laws and shove them right up her stinking left wing arse. Any hope of Blue Labour repealimg any of this shit when they take power? I won't hold my breath.

dewomplo said...

OH said: "Lee Jasper has been proposing Black Only schools as well"

I wonder if that is the race relations industry definition of 'black' which is actually just 'non-white'.

There should be no faith schools or race schools paid for with tax pounds. Conversely, privately funded schools should not be subject to the National Curriculum.

The only selection criteria in state funded schools should be skewed towards ability and perhaps location.

Anonymous said...

Jews a race? I thought it was a religion. Bollocks to faith schools.If we are to aviod racial conflict/civil war the last thing we need is
1) faith schools
2) more immigration.
saying that, I put my kids into Catholic schools,for a number of reasons
a) didn't have enough money to send them to private school
b) discipline was supposed to be better,as well as standards
c)didn't want them to be swamped by pakis (lived near Hounslow)

Anonymous said...

The Jews have been happy hiding behind laws the decriminated in their favor, not so fucking happy now that the worm has turned.

Wesley Groves said...

Oh dear. Have we read "Ladybird Book of genetics"? By Wesley Groves. Jews form a faith community. Like Sikhs. Due to exogamy and endogamy Jews also equate with a particular group which can be self ascribing (or not if Frum).

Nearly Headless Nick said...

What about the Muslims and their Muslim only schools they demand?
Just try THAT argument on them and the bombs will explode here again.

Newgates Knocker said...

I wonder if muslim girls schools follow the national curriculum of sex education. Can't see the Imams being too happy watching the girls placing condoms on large plastic cocks, like my daughter had to. All those lovely equal gay relationships they learn about too!!

Roger Thornhill said...

The Jews should all apply to attend Madrassas or whatever the Islamic religious schools are called in the UK. Then see the CRE get their fairtrade, organically grown with no depletion of groundwater knickers in a twist.

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