Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Le corps politique est une ‘corpse’ qui est ventilé artificiellement.

Labour MPs watched in silence as Gordon Brown was returned to 10 Downing Street after PMQ’s today.

William Hague said yesterday that the government are ‘a row of political corpses now’.

If that is so, then someone somewhere is artificially ventilating the Brown cadaver, for by all the laws of putrification he should be decently buried by now. His Home Secretary, His Cabinet Minister, His Communities Secretary, His Children’s Minister, have fled - not fired, which might have reinforced his authority, nor reshuffled, which might have restored his credibility, but simply run screaming out the door - ostensibly for reasons, which have been valid for some weeks, but which suddenly proved irresistible two days before an important election.

The rolling news is reminiscent of listening to the football results on an old valve radio……Backbenchers 2, Cabinet Ministers 4………Hurrah! we all shout, as we fill in another cross on the coupon. We should cease feeling so elated - for these are ‘own goals’, handed to us on a plate - we, the electorate, have no power to insist that any of them leave until next year. The Queen has no power to insist that any of them leave until next year. The Labour party has no power to insist that Gordon Brown leaves.

The convention is, that a Prime Minister, so patently mistrusted and disliked by his own ‘team’, never mind the electorate, would do the honourable thing, and step aside out of embarrassment. PMQ’s today was an atmosphere of pregnant expectation, street theatre as Cameron and Clegg played to the gallery, knowing full well that they were suffering from ‘Constitutional Droop’ and firing verbal blanks.

The loyal troops - Toynbee advising her devotees not to vote Labour, the Guardian helpfully publishing a ‘wish list’ that involves Gordon Brown being forced from office by June 9th, have deserted him, even the party political broadcasts cannot find anything positive to say in Brown’s favour, they leave him out of their broadcast altogether and focus on the ‘terrible alternatives’.

‘Better Brown than Dead’ seems to be the message.

Is it a case of the oft hinted autism that leaves the man able to deliver his wooden message of ‘it started in America’, ‘hard working British families’, parodied to such ruthless effect, without hint of appearing to notice the anger around him, or is someone, somewhere, stiffening his resolve, persuading him to hang in there, for some greater good - theirs for instance?

I had even started to wonder whether Mandelson was on that ill fated flight 477 from Brazil, so quiet has he been.


CryBaby said...

Harpy Harperson sitting in PMQs today nodding and kissing Brown's ass from behind. She needs a slap as well. They all need a good old fashioned kick-in.

Gordon (I'm staying fuck you all) Brown is fully expoliting his position which is infuriating!

Even a chav who gets rejected knows when to call it quits! The shameless fucker.

Kill them all said...

McDoom hung himself weeks ago in a sudden terrible attack of self-knowledge brought on by a bad combination of largactil, ketamine and crack cocaine. Balls found him even bluer and colder than normal, swinging from the rafters clad only in his nappy beside the shit-encrusted rocking horse from which he had thrown himself to his death after writing his suicide note on the wall in his own faeces: "IT WASNAE ME"

Terrified at the possibility of the inevitable election should the death become public knowledge, Balls called in the Ponce of Darkness, who arranged the reanimation of the stinking corpse through an obscene combination of voodoo blood rituals, taxidermy and animatronics - hence the inch-thick morticians' panstick applied to the Prime Mincer each time the grotesque thing has to be put in front of the public.

Soon, very soon, some vital piece will fall off in public - probably that ghastly drooping jaw - and the ghastly sham will be brought to a gruesome end.

Rest in Piss

Anonymous said...

New election placard for Labour?

Gordon Brown - once a cunt - always a cunt'.

Watched PMQs on iPlayer - Brown & his Speaker SO in control of the HoC - NOT! What a shambles, is this going to be the scene every Wed for the next year? Amusing initially but then it gets bloody boring. Assassination is beginning to look an extremely attractive alternative.

K. McEgan said...

The return of the legions from Parthia (I'm sorry troops from Iraq) the Civil Contingencies Act. All we need is a slave leader called Spartacus...

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