Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Jury Team and TPA to prosecute MPs

As the Police won't prosecute our corrupt politicians, it appears that both the Tax Payers Alliance AND the Jury Team are going to instead.
Good for two reasons.
1. The corrupt bastards will be held accountable by the people
2. The Police are being told by the people that they are useless political puppets.
Interesting times indeed. Political life is changing at breakneck speed. Party politics is being shown to be the agenda driven sham that it is, democracy will be restored and we, the people will end up running our own Parliament and our own country.
Vive le Revolution!


Anonymous said...

You're kidding, right ? You really, really believe that we'll ever get back to a grass roots political situation where real people have a say ?

That will never happen as long as special interest groups exist and have money.

Anonymous said...

It's got to be an improvement on how it is currently.

The Penguin said...

Maybe, maybe not - but right now any change has to be an improvement.

The Penguin

Henry North London said...

Maybe they heard you yesterday

Chris said...

"That will never happen as long as special interest groups exist and have money."

Quick fix: mandatory declaration of *all* outside interests, lobbying, hospitality, etc. of public servants by any organisation, body, or interest group.

No bullshit 'no compete/confidentiality' exceptions allowed.

They've shown they can't be trusted, so now they have to *prove* to the electorate that they're honest.

(yes, I am holding MPs to a higher standard of required proof. No, I don't see a problem with that)

hangemall said...

O/T but from


"Jacqui Smith is expected to stand down as home secretary in a reshuffle, Whitehall sources have told the BBC."

etc etc

Richard said...

Doomed to failure I fear.

I believe private prosecutions can be taken over by the government and stopped at any time. Better educated readers than me may be able to confirm or refute this.

The International Criminal Court might be an option if the state blocks prosecution of MPs. How many deaths have there been in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Anonymous said...

How's this for a radical plan, cut MP's wages, a ban on second jobs, and private work over which you once had some say as a minister,limits on the number of lawyers, salesmen and businessmen and lastly abolish the whips, secret ballots only, properly supervised of course

Dreaming ain't I

Fausty said...

Good political stunt by the Jury Team. I hope it works for them.

Echo Anonymous & Penguin.

K. McEgan said...

From the Great Duck House Book of I told you so. Photo of Knight & Govt of the dead & a 2 second clip on TV last night. Lots of plod push these folks out of the way of ministerial Mercs. Qoute du jour "Fuck me". Has it struck anyone in Resistance HQ that "Direct Action" might mean breaking a few nails sweetie?

last days of Britain said...

The Penguin said...
Maybe, maybe not - but right now any change has to be an improvement.

The Penguin

02 June 2009 13:42

You will find that any change will most certainly not be an improvemnt, a pointless smokescreen perhaps - remember these are the people who sold us out to the EU constitution without our consent, any change will be for the worse, to even question this is insanity itself.

You do know that the European constitution gives the EU the right to overide and rewrite ALL our laws and political structure?

Now I will repeat that for those not paying attention or cretins like the Jury team and the Conservatives who think they can reform it from within - The EU can overide ALL British law and democracy at any time it chooses.

The army, the House of parliment, ALL will be under EU control to do as it wishes, when it wishes.

Gordon signed up for that knowing this, to think you have any form of power to regulate what happens in this country within the EU is crass stupidity.

The papers won't tell you, the BBC won't tell you, they are all part of the system hollowed out by the EU and it's corporate and polical tentacles.

Once that EU treaty is ratified, the country is gone - no ifs, no buts, no shaping from within the pointless and powerles EU parliment - GONE.

VotR said...

Good luck to them.

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