Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Its Not Just The Banks Getting Our Cash

It is not worth my while stating that I fail to understand why a multi millionaire who does not do a stroke is deserving of Taxpayers money, because I will get some dribbling Royalist telling me he does a lot for tourism.

Since when did the Duchy of Cornwall become a Private Business


Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

Wales, Queenie are the least of problems.

They piss the left off too - so they must have something going for them.

CryBaby said...

Compared to what the government are doing, I see this as a minor.

caesars wife said...

Bit too revolutionary for me OH, still think its cheaper than the presidential system , besides i still have warm feelings for the wolsley motor car . proper walnut dash and on the van de plas rear picnic tables , very handy !!

Man in the Street said...

Perhaps the hike in raw ingredient costs are hurting the profit margin on his Duchy Originals.

Angry Exile said...

Handing more ammo to republicans again? Nice one Charlie boy, did the plants tell you to do that? Never mind good for republicanism here in Oz, you'll end up being king of a few hectares of central Windsor. Jug eared twat.

cyclops mccottage's heavily fisted rectum said...

kicked off the whole troughing industry, the royals did.

Uwinsom Ulosum said...

"The two foreign trips cost just over £2 million "

WTF? What effin travel agents are milking this one??? Is there such a thing as Gold-Class or ten-star?

My next holiday to Madeira is £500 (and thats all f*cking inclusive!)

And for my 'word verification', what the bejesus is a "malowbat"? Does that describe the unique prefrontal haemmorrage I get when hearing news like this?

Ron said...

Off topic, but what happened to the 166 unmoderated comments on Nick Clegg's blog?


Anonymous said...

Wales, Queenie are the least of problems

I hope your joking; they're the cause of it all. We live in a Freemasonic/Royalist dictatorship. Do you really think they'd give us democracy?

Anonymous said...

Watch all they sycophants choose their corrupt oligarchs.

pylant said...

Caesar's wife,

Problem is we have a presidential system without the president being directly elected. Blair got a thumping majority for the Labour Party not the other way around - and he milked that for all it was worth. Then we had the coronation of Brown and his filling of the cabinet (and beyond) with chickenshits, toads and loyalists utterly craven to him and his merry band of miscreants.

That is not how things are meant to be. MPs should have a tenuous loyalty to Party and an over riding loyalty to their constituents and to the nation. Our problems are legion and much of it can be traced back to MPs simply not doing as they are supposed to do - mostly to do with handing our sovereignty to completely unaccountable bodies.(Though perhaps Parliament is now also just another unaccountable body...)

Carswell and Hannan's plans to block the power of the whips would help matters a great deal.

In a perverse manner, Brown's taste for Lords and Ladies ought to help Parliament hold Government to account - if fewer of the Government are MPs there are more MPs to question what Government is or is not doing. Sadly for Brown, this constitutional creep is through neccessity not electorate led demands for reform.

Fausty said...

At least the monarchy is not trying to destroy this country.

Still, I'd prefer to have a republic, with a simple, well-defined set of constitutional principles, as per the US.

Let Them Eat Cake said...

He's still a cunt and married to an ugly pig that we all pay for to feed. Glad I don't have to swill her out though

Old Holborn said...


"At least the monarchy is not trying to destroy this country."

The really successful parasites in nature NEVER kill their hosts. I have actually met Prince Charles. The pompous dwarf really did ask me "and what is it that you do?"

OH: "Twice as much as you. I do fuck all for half the price"

There was much flurry of activity, much tweed running around and much tugging of forelocks. I was in Cornwall at the time.

Peasants. Rise up. Throw off your chains.

Anonymous said...

See how deep the rabbit hole goes.



caesars wife said...

plyant and OH
As we have seen you can make parliment into an unaccountable , town council and foist european rule ,by decietful means .

you just need to create the illusion of a mirage of money , induce the politics of envy and everyone in power sees troughing as everyday as a cup of tea .

Holding the goverment to account is not what a corrupt regieme wants , i dont know if you recall but the prince of wales wanted to speak in parliment as he was incandescent with how it was working , his advisors told him he should not do it as at that time he would have been set upon by the PLP , despite him having the legitamcaey to adress parliment .

he speaks up about a a pice of archtechture (somthing he knows a bit about) and he gets flak , he stands up for class 2 carrots pointing out why waste them , he advocates organic farming as he has some theories that there is collateral damge on broad use pesticides and fertilisers .

now if he was launching the prince charles duchy III long range missile on the usa , you might then call him a bad person . As far as i can tell hes fighting against the corruptions of nature of beauty of form . We get to see the art works and treasures.

I do not see any more intricate and organic form of governement on the planet , so before you start saying its rubbish , look around the globe , do you want an ayatohalla , a president that becomes a prime minister and then a president , or family dynasties forever wasting loads of money and corrupting just to get to be president.

Its really not as bad over time as the left screams about , its stable and can command if necessary , its respectful and organic .

Anonymous said...

Charlie Saxe Coburg Gotha(has a nice ring don't you think?)As to them bringing in tourists, as the vast majority on UK nationals have never set eyes on these parasites what chance has the Japanese family on a 2 week stay and having to see scotchland and all?
My suggestion is shoot the fucking lot of them and have them stuffed, put in a glass case outside buck house then we can all se them.

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