Monday, 8 June 2009

Incompetent Champagne Socialists

The signs were there all along

And people still Vote Labour !



JerryD said...

Hmm....I hear the Grey Squirrel is to be exterminated as its has been a disaster for the country and are now just considered vermin which must be removed for the good of the country.....sorry OH, wrong site.

barionve said...

Was that a health and safety blanket on the bottle? FFS Hold cork with one hand and bottle with the other, give it a twist and the pressure pushes the cork off.

It wasn't just Labour celebrating with champagne in 1997. The BBC were too.

"I do remember... the corridors of Broadcasting House were strewn with empty champagne bottles. I'll always remember that" - Jane Garvey, BBC Five Live, May 10th, 2007, recalling May 2nd, 1997.

Dave T said...

I've got a new soundtrack for that champagne clip, it should be dubbed over Gordon wherever he appears:

"King of Catastrophe" from here:

bottom of the list on the player thing.

"....we've all lost control of our lives, I can't understand all the lies..." Excellent.

Recording deals/ Tory party apply here.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to be clever with hindsight - I can remember bursting into tears of joy when I heard Blair had won in '97. I still cry when there's a Labour win - but it's no longer with joy.

black hole sunset said...

Milliband was correct'ish by accident, not by any gift of prescience on his part.

It is merely his habit/fetish to, metaphorically speaking, rim TB's poorly wiped anus at every possible opportunity.

Being, as he undoubtedly is, a font of worthless, hackneyed drivel and a depressingly third-rate human by all available measures.

wv: shnostic (blimey)

Anonymous said...

Champagne socialists was/is exactly right.

The labour party was taken over by this half-wits due to the real socialists being occupied with how to pay their fuckin' rent.

Anonymous said...

"Things Can Only Get Better..." Bloody good song though, time to claim it back.

Dick the Prick said...

Fuck - the cunt's made it thru the PLP - what a bunch of absolute mutherfukkers.


Anonymous said...

"Things can only get better"

Yeah i remember that.

What the fuck happened?

Anonymous said...

Politics, particularly on the "left", is full of Jews, Muslims, West Indians,queers,luvvies and other assorted scrotes.
An unholy alliance to destroy this once great Nation.

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