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Immigration, The BNP and Political Cowardice.

Coming To Your Town Every Day

"Britain's body politic has been shocked to the core by this week's election of two British National Party candidates to the European Parliament.

Their success is described as 'the ultimate protest vote'. It has been attributed to public disgust with MPs of all parties following the expenses scandal.

Few, if any, Parliamentarians of any persuasion admit what is self-evident to the rest of us: that many thousands of voters back the BNP because it opposes further mass immigration to Britain.

We live in an age and a society allegedly committed to openness as the supreme virtue. Yet our politicians show themselves no more capable of frankness about the massive problems posed by immigration than about the future of an insolvent NHS, the absence of any sensible energy strategy for the future and the gradual collapse of pension provision which will soon start hitting the state sector as well.

In the face of deafening silence about migration from Tories, Labour and LibDems alike, some desperate people vent their bitterness by backing the only group they think willing to speak up for them, even though its character and attitudes are repulsive.

Polls show that most BNP voters are male and working class. More than one-third of them are manual workers. This means that they live among migrants, in a way that the liberal middle class does not.

Some 77 per cent of BNP voters believe that white people in Britain are now victims of discrimination. Many are former Labour voters and think their old party has betrayed them.

Only about half of BNP supporters explicitly admit to being racists. The rest are simply people who believe that their traditional communities are being destroyed, jobs lost or put at risk, by uncontrolled immigration.

Before considering how much of this is true, we should acknowledge that the perception is now widespread. It extends far beyond those who brought themselves to vote for the BNP.

The main parties, and especially the Tories, believe that by saying little or nothing about immigration, they escape the charge from the Left that they are promoting racial hatred, going back to their bad old Powellite ways.

Instead, however, there seems a powerful argument that they are thus failing in their duty as an opposition, to lay bare the failure of government policy.

They ignore a matter which deeply troubles voters. Some 80 per cent of people questioned in a YouGov poll for the independent think-tank MigrationWatch say that they are 'concerned' or 'very concerned' about levels of immigration.

Many thoughtful, educated people who would not dream of voting for the BNP nonetheless daily use such phrases as 'It's not our country any more', and 'I don't feel I belong in the place where I grew up'.

Only a tiny handful of people, notably the brave and impeccably liberal figures of Labour MP Frank Field and Equality and Human Rights Commission chairman Trevor Phillips, have shown themselves willing publicly to acknowledge the huge social and political strains which immigration imposes on our society.

Scarcely one of Britain's mainstream politicians is anywhere to be seen in a debate of vital concern for our national future.

The figures show clearly that this Labour Government has sanctioned and promoted a vast increase in migration, and thus in Britain's population, without the most tenuous mandate for its policy from the nation.

For 20 years before Tony Blair became Prime Minister, immigration averaged 54,000 a year. It then rose steeply to 97,000 in 1999. In 2007, the last year for which figures are available, 333,000 more foreign nationals entered Britain than left.

In addition, there are estimated to be 725,000 illegal immigrants in the country, 518,000 of these in London.

On the Government's own, almost certainly understated, numbers, our population will pass 70 million by 2028. It could reach 80 million in the course of the century.

We are the most overcrowded country in Europe, save Malta. Some 24 per cent of all births in this country are to foreign-born mothers.

Asylum-seekers now account for only 10 per cent of newcomers - though still 30,000 a year. Nor, contrary to popular myth, are most migrants East Europeans, the fabled Polish plumbers. Only 87,000 of the 2007 intake came from Eastern Europe, less than a quarter of the total.

Most new arrivals come from the Third World, at a rate which is increasing the national population by almost one per cent every two years.

How has this state of affairs come about? First, since 1997 the Government has quadrupled the number of work permits issued to foreigners. After five years here, permit-holders have a right to apply for permanent residence.

Second, Labour greatly eased restrictions governing the rights of anybody married to a resident to enter Britain. Numbers of those entering with a certificate of marriage, real or fixed for the purpose, have doubled.

Finally, there are students - 360,000 a year. There are no effective checks, first on whether they come to attend bona fide places of learning, and second upon ensuring their return home after completing their courses.

There were dramatic revelations last month about the major industry of phoney 'colleges' which teach nothing and exist solely to enable economic migrants, at a price, to enter Britain.

David Blunkett, as Home Secretary, was one of the villains of the piece. He is one of many New Labour standard-bearers who both proclaim the value of large-scale immigration to this country, and greatly eased the path of those seeking to come here.

In 2004, he asserted defiantly: 'Migrants don't just come to fill jobs - they also create jobs, helping our economy grow and giving us a more vibrant culture.'

These arguments were brutally dismissed last year in a report by the House of Lords' Economic Committee, one of the very few political bodies to have dared to conduct a serious review of policy. The peers concluded that, contrary to New Labour propaganda, immigration has had 'little or no impact' on the economic well-being of Britain and offers 'insignificant' benefits to the existing UK population.

The argument that we need masses of immigrants to compensate for our ageing domestic workforce is nullified by the reality - obvious to all except Labour ministers - that immigrants, too, get old and become pensioners.

The social impact of migrants on existing communities is enormous, of course. Almost all choose to settle in England rather than the Celtic fringes. Anyone who walks the streets of London or any major English city today hears 20 languages spoken as readily as English.

This may be 'richly culturally diverse', as New Labour-speak puts the matter. But it causes many English people to feel deeply disorientated in their own home towns.

Because we are vastly less assertive than the Americans in imposing our own culture on migrants, many newcomers resist learning English.

Today, there are 300 primary schools in England where more than 70 per cent of pupils - nearly half a million children - use English only as a second language.

It is unlikely the virtuous liberals of any major political party send their own children to such schools. I doubt that they would be happy if they had to do so.

It is sometimes suggested that migrants offer useful cheap labour. But there is no really cheap labour in a welfare state. Each new arrival represents an additional burden on policing, health, education and infrastructure which must be paid for. Many police forces have expressed concern about the pressures and costs imposed by the huge influx of migrants.

Police officers in Cambridgeshire, for instance, must deal with cases in almost 100 languages. The county's translation costs have risen from £220,000 in 2002-3 to £800,000 in 2006-7. Its drink-drive figures show a 17-fold increase in arrests of foreigners.

Of the 94,200 people predicted to move into Cambridgeshire by 2016, 69,000 are expected to be foreigners. And this is just one county.

There are also heavy health costs - which seem especially relevant in a week when new figures show the NHS heading for a major financial crisis by 2011.

A few years ago, tuberculosis was all but extinct in Britain. Today, there is a striking increase in reported cases, 65 per cent of them involving patients not born in Britain, with 21 per cent Africanborn. Hepatitis B cases have almost doubled in six years, to 325,000, 96 per cent of these involving patients born outside the UK.

Even the Government halfheartedly and unconvincingly acknowledges that too many migrants are coming to Britain. Yet nothing effective is being done to check to the flow.

Ministers have committed themselves to what they call 'an Australian-style points system' for assessing candidates for entry. Yet this will lack the indispensable feature of Australian policy - a defined upper limit on overall numbers.

Scrutiny of visa applications at British embassies abroad has become less rather than more stringent, because much of the work is now handled by local rather than British staff.

The Government lies again and again about its real commitment to address immigration. This is partly because it fears to tangle with its own Left-wingers, who are viscerally committed to the ideal of open borders.

The Government's carelessness on this issue can scarcely fail to be influenced by the fact that ethic minorities vote pretty solidly for Labour.

In some constituencies, socalled 'community leaders' of minorities exercise significant influence, because they are able to deliver a block vote at elections which can amount to 2,000 or more ballots.

The Tories have raised the prospect of introducing a specified upper limit on migrants, but have given no hint of what this might be. Most Conservative front-benchers maintain a trappist silence on an issue which the leadership fears can be used by Labour to raise once more the spectre of themselves as 'the nasty party'.

In a pitifully mute Commons, one of the boldest and most reasonable initiatives came last September from Labour MP Frank Field and Tory Nicholas Soames, who together published a pamphlet calling for a policy of 'balanced migration' - allowing into Britain each year no more people than leave - in 2007, some 96,000.

'Our concern,' they wrote, 'is not the principle of immigration, but its scale. This rate of arrival is 25 times higher than any previous influx of immigration in nearly 1,000 years of our nation's history. Nor is this influx due to globalisation. It is largely the result of government policies.'

Yet there is no evidence that, since the publication of Field's and Soames's report, the Conservatives are any more wiling than Labour to grasp the issue with conviction.

Sir Andrew Green of MigrationWatch, whose relentless, but calm and objective, barrage of statistics is often criticised but never plausibly disputed, says: 'The Tories decline to discuss immigration at all. The LibDems have no policy except for an attack on illegal immigration. The Government gives an appearance of activity, but has not yet taken effective action.

'We have been warning until we are blue in the face that if the major parties fail to address this issue, extremists would start to gain public support.'

And thus it was, this week, the repulsive BNP gained more votes in the European elections than Sir Oswald Mosley's fascists dreamed of in the 1930s Depression.

Whether Britain's mainstream politicians admit it or not, a major cause of public disillusionment is their bland, frankly craven refusal to address an issue about which a vast number of British people care deeply: the perceived alienation and transformation of their own society.

The latest YouGov poll shows that many voters feel 'insecure' in their own homeland. How could they not? The BNP will only be erased as a force from Britain's political landscape, as we should all hope that it will be, when those parties which seriously aspire to govern Britain present coherent, realistic immigration policies; when they address an issue about which much of the country cares more than the recession, health, education, Europe - the cultural identity and population stability of the island in which we live. "

Max Hasting in the Daily Mail.

The Penguin


microdave said...

Good article, and from reading the final paragraph I would say the BNP aren't going to disappear anytime soon...

Anonymous said...

The only surprise about the BNP gains is that the weren't on a larger scale and occured this late. Mainstream politicians have for years ignored mounting concern or pretended they were just "out of touch". That being the easier option.

Anonymous said...

Second, Labour greatly eased restrictions governing the rights of anybody married to a resident to enter Britain.

Not if the partner is white and comes from a developed country. If that's the case, you can look forward to paying upwards of £6,000 for the pleasure of a marriage visa which may or may not be turned into Indefinite Leave to Remain (depending largely on the whim of some Sri Lankan at the visa office in Newcastle).

If your life-partner is a Pakistani who doesn't speak English and whom you've literally never met before in your life, you'll have a much easier time than if she's a white New Zealander with British great-grandparents or an American Christian from the Mid-West

Anonymous said...

The real extremists are the collection of communists and far left socialists in the Labour party who are using ethnic minorities and immigrants to try and 'change' Britain. The long term aim is to destroy the nation so as to diminish resistance to the EU.

It is a strategy developed by the Frankfurt school and implemented by the Fabians. Who is going to erase them 'as a force from our political landscape'?

Anonymous said...

On the programme after Question Time (whose name escapes me) that complete idiot Portillo claimed the media "bigged up" the BNP's vote.
I have no idea if his parents are still alive,but if they are they must be thinking what a total waste of money it was paying for thier son's education. They should sue.
There was a non-stop procession of "Nick Griffin ate my hampster stories", Z list celebs and drug-addled "pop stars" were queuing up to plead with people not to vote BNP. All of a sudden the Bolshevick Burglar Gerry Gable became the main source of news for all media outlets.
Most of the protest vote was corraled into UKIP's camp who,lets face it, have done nothing but trough since they got in the European Parliament.
I am quietly confident the two BNP MEPs will do more in the first couple of months than the entire UKIP contingent has done in years.
Watch this space.

T' old 'un said...

I think the BNP party is an asset to the country, and wish more people supported it.
They do what other parties do not do. They force the other parties to worry about their potential.
I would like to see them in opposition. However, it would be a sad day if they gained power.

Paul said...

When they say that the UK is the most densely populated country in the EU besides Malta, that isn't true - the UK includes the sparsely-populated Scotland.

England has about the same population density as the Netherlands.

caesars wife said...

after reading that , I wonder what on earth have labour being doing, we must be nuts to believe all there bull crap about it .

how much do the detention centres cost , that no one gets sent back from??

I bet theres a massive unrecorded mess for the next government, this goverment are such a hoax .

we are overcrowded with a massive benefit client state , try adding that up .

Found a 17th century road side gibbet the other day , a bit of wood worm , but still perfectly servicable.

labours new election slogan "face bothered , the claw aint talking "

If that article had gone out on election day , the pen may have put its X in another box

Ampers said...

Max Hastings wrote: "Some 77 per cent of BNP voters believe that white people in Britain are now victims of discrimination."

Ampers said...

I'm not one of the 77%, I KNOW!

Anonymous said...

Strange that the European Union was not mentioned as a source of immigration. Aren't most of our immigrants from other EU countries? After all, as an unskilled worker, it's hard to emigrate here from the Third World, but no paperwork is necessary if you're from Eastern Europe. Just turn up, claim your benefits and start work when you feel like it.

Sue said...

That's why I left. It doesn't feel like my country anymore. I didn't vote BNP, but I was tempted to, for the reasons you state.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

No, Anonymous - about 73% of all incomers are from Africa and Asia. And most of those fuckers just turn up too - with even less paperwork than the Europeans, having burned their passports before they arrived.


And the Europeans do tend - tend - to go back.

Chalcedon said...

I live in Cambridgeshire. You would not believe the hostility there is amongst the English people I know regarding new immigrants. I heard of a campaign to burn down a new mosque mooted for Peterborough (which is full of Pakis). The anger is visceral and I can quite see a scenario of ethnic cleansing in a few years time. Isn't it telling that the apathetic, overly tolerant average English person is now saying "ENOUGH".

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'm sick of hearing foreign bloody accents and seeing fucking arabs, asians and fucking africans everywhere. Absolutely fucking sick of it.. where the fuck has London gone? Don't even start me on East European fucking scum and I'm not racist. I just want fucking England back!

Paul said...

That's the other thing - but the scale of immgration from the former British India has been immense. They constitute 3.5% of the entire population now.

I don't remember us sending 40 million of our own to go and live in British India during the days of Empire.

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't be so bad if they integrated, but they don't. They turn whole communities into little versions of where they have come from. All the white people move out and lets face it, that town is then fucked! The crime goes up, kids start to stab each other. These people come from countries where being tribal is a way of life.

Most of the criminals in British prisons are now immigrants and terrorists have more rights than we do. The white man is last in the fucking queue. That's why I voted BNP. I don't agree with any of their other policies but we have to chuck loads of these people out of the country.

Why have we got Iraqis and Afghani's in the UK? Our boys are over there fighting for their freedom and they come over here to ponce off us instead of helping to win the fucking war.

We should be chucking the illegals and bogus asylum seekers out and anyone that commits a crime should be deported. No Sharia Law (we have our own laws) and no fucking hijabs. That is not our way.

I would sincerely love to preserve our culture and to be honest, anyone that doesn't want to integrate into it can fuck the fuck off!!!!

Old Bag said...

let it be stated for the record that i fucking hate immigrants..all of them. send them back to theyre own country the bunch of scrounging ragheaded cunts. send them back or shoot them. either/or, i dont care.

uncen said...

Max Hastings sad: "The argument that we need masses of immigrants to compensate for our ageing domestic workforce is nullified by the reality - obvious to all except Labour ministers - that immigrants, too, get old and become pensioners."

It's not just the aging workforce they are here to replace, it is also those rendered almost unemployable by the State through welfarism and a crap education system.

Max Hastings said: "Because we are vastly less assertive than the Americans in imposing our own culture on migrants, many newcomers resist learning English.

Today, there are 300 primary schools in England where more than 70 per cent of pupils - nearly half a million children - use English only as a second language."

Ann Cryer has tried to point this out for years and has consistently been shouted down as racist. Why are WE spending money on something the immigrants should be paying for?

Anon 17:49 said: "The only surprise about the BNP gains is that the weren't on a larger scale and occured this late. Mainstream politicians have for years ignored mounting concern or pretended they were just "out of touch". That being the easier option."

For years any argument against the multi-culti open doors policy has been derailed with 'racist!', outright denied or brushed aside by saying 'We're in the EU, they set the rules'. All three are facades that are rapidly crumbling. Any future race riots can be squarely blamed on our political class and the gross indifference to immigration, welfare (which is a major reason why immigrants come here) and failing to tackle enclaves of immigrants, presumably all in the name of having a cheap cleaner/driver/maid and to curry favour with the Euro elite.

This is not fair dealing.

I think there is also an element of having such intellectual pygmies in Parliament and Government that they have crafted a little world for themselves devoid of morals and insulated from the consequences of their decisions and indecision.

Tory Poppins said...

Excellent article! Nothing more to add, except, I agree whole heartedly :-)

Guido's redundant blog moderator said...

You lot would get moderated to oblivion if you were on Guido's blog or Guthrum's.

Thank fuck we are not.

Fausty said...

Anonymous at 18:07

Who will erase them as a force?

We will. We can use their own methods - infiltration by stealth.

The Campaign for Liberty (US) is encouraging its supporters to do much the same thing - in every organisation in the country, including the media, schools, clubs, judiciary, councils, etc.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately ,there will be an inevitable conclusion. Race riots on a scale never before seen in the Western World.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the above posters - and I'm married to an immigrant.

paulo said...

Absolutely spot on piece of writing.Good on you for quoting it Penguin.

Hastings' analysis is right in the mark.

Anonymous said...

Our society is now some mad pyramid scheme, requiring ever-greater numbers of immigrants to supposedly prop the whole thing up. Just what all these immigrants are meant to do work wise in a post-industrial society that doesn’t require a massive work force is anyone’s guess.

We all know it can last forever; that at some point the whole charade is going to come tumbling down.

Britain and other western welfare states are now just unsustainable in their present form.

VotR said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

'It's not our country any more', and 'I don't feel I belong in the place where I grew up'"
One of the reasons I live in Thailand.Here it doeasn't matter how much money you have "aliens" as we are called will always be second class citizens to even the poorest Thai. I am married to a Thai the government guy in charge of the land registration said last week if any Thai woman married to an alien used his money to buy land the state would snatch it back.
The government is making it more and nore difficult for us aliens to stay here.They tolerate illegal Burmese here as they work cheap less than £2 a day. To get a non immigrant 1 year visa you have to show that you have 800,000 Thai baht in the bank brought from your own country about £16,000. For a retirement visa you have to show an income of 65,000 Thai baht a month with the collapse of many western currencies they cant do this so no 65,000 baht a mont , no visa so sod off till you can show it. Many people here used to do whats called the visa run every 30 days and have been doing it for years. Not any more reduced to 15 days you can do this 4 times and then you have to arrive at an international airport then you get 60 days then four lots of 15 day visas abd off you go again.Why who knows as there is no welfare here at all. Back to the UK where all the immigrants tell you that the country they come from is wonderful and they would do anything for their country except 1 thing and that is to go back to it. I have travelled the world and seen poverty on a grand scale any wonder the UK welfare paradise has become for immigrants is so popular with them.I was married to a Thai woman in the UK when we decided to seperate the plan was to wait for 2 years then divorce until some kind sould informed her about legal aid. Muggins here who was working had to do it without a lawyer. She had welfare rights "wimmin" advising her this went on for 18 months and you have one guess who got caned finacially?
She is still in the UK free house, on welfare and thinks the UK is very nice thank you very much. In my opinion the worm there is very slowly turning and about time to. by the way next time your talking to one of these very tolerant muslims ask them how many churches, bibles,priests etc. there are in Saudi Arabia in case you don't know you can count them on the figers of one foot an in none

VotR said...

The UK is going down the pan, and is at the u-bend.

The BNP gains are no surprise. Shitty immigration policies and positive discrimination, which amazingly has still not been scrapped, are going to change the political landscape permanently.
Mandy's plan to kill the pound is the icing on the cack for the biggest pile of shit unelected government this country has quite possibly ever seen.

Ron said...

Why are we told to celebrate diversity all the time? Do they celebrate diversity in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan or China or India?

Thud said...

What an angry bunch here today..pleasant fuckers too,it's almost like a ...a...a rally,thats it.

peter said...

Never mind the ethnics, there are too many fucking faggots round here.

Why are our children being told its ok to b gay?

No it fucking aint! We should fucking drive out the lot of them

Reimer said...

2 MEPs is small beer (but very welcome anyway) given the crazed condition of some of our society and its attendant political culture. The recent convulsions within the governing faction of the Political class and the MSM's soap-opera-storyline-style precis of it all merely serve to reinforce my sense of a quiet war being fought whilst the rest of us are told there's nothing to see, move along now. The upheavals in the likes of the old Eastern Bloc, Iran etc don't seem so foreign in the light of the last few years.


Katabasis said...

Immigration and Intelligence

Part two to follow soon....

mario said...

Nice article but it missed a couple of points: Why the 5/6 millions British people living abroad do not came back here as well?
How we can ask to stop people coming if we're going abroad to live?
On my point of view the problem is in the behavior that most immigrants have, they should learn the culture, the custom, the language and be proud to be in UK, instead most of them are spitting all the time on the plate...
I know some immigrants that are more British than some born as indigenes, but as well I know some immigrants that feel to be rejected by English people and they act consequently. It's very difficult to get the right balance... For sure it's a problem that most of European countries have...

Nearly Headless Nick said...

Look at this and despair!

defender said...

OH, this is well woeth a read
Sunday, 14 June 2009
Transcript of The Independent interview with Nick Griffin MEP

Anonymous said...

Hey, Peter (23:58)

Go fuck yourself.

What people do that doesn't affect you is their own fucking business.

Note: 'offending' you isn't 'affecting' you. You have no right not to be offended. If you believe you have a right not to be offended, then you also must believe in all the anti-racism anti-free-speech, anti-hate-speech laws. Which means it must be alright if I get offended by your post and call the law on you.


Ignorant fucking prick.

Anonymous said...

I am a thinking middle class individual and I vote for The BNP and it ain't no protest vote,better than the gang of 4 delusional; genocidal maniacs of the establishment

BNP guido refugee said...

I read forums all the time where people are moaning about immigration, but also say they couldn't possibly vote for the BNP.

I used to think the same, until I came to the conclusion that if I didn't start voting BNP, nothing would ever change.

I checked out the BNP website and gave it a close inspection........and was shocked by how much brainwashing by the anti-BNP media I had undergone !

Everything I " thought " I knew was wrong. Just sensationalised crap and scaremongering. The people who vote BNP are just average human beings who do normal things and live normal lives.

I hate it when the know-it-alls in the media carry on as if BNP voters are some sub-human horned creatures, not fit to wipe their self-righteous arse.

We are human beings with rights.Not scum, nazis or racists.

Old Holborn said...

The BNP thinks the State has the right to execute its citizens.

I do not and never will. Everything else in their manifesto is irrelavent to me.

Governments should be afraid of their people. People should never be afraid of their governments.

Anonymous said...

OH, this is your blog & we need to respect, even if not agree, with your views, For example, I can think of a number of people in the Uk who would be much improved by a death sentence - I give you Ian Huntley, Rose West, the Yorkshire Ripper, the mother, the lover & the lodger of Baby Peter Connelly,

Reimer said...

OH wrote -

"The BNP thinks the State has the right to execute its citizens.

I do not and never will. Everything else in their manifesto is irrelavent to me."

Does the State have the right to deprive us of our liberty by imprisonment?


Old Holborn said...

When the State has the power to restore life from the dead, it can execute whoever it likes. Until then, my life is mine.

Now fuck off

BNP guido refugee said...

But what about traitors ?

Surely most of the Labour government have more than qualified for the noose ?

Anonymous said...

@ Nearly Headless Nick
The English particuallry the three of them ;lleft in Haringay council, are bonkers! French government websites make no attempt whatsoever to provide information in anything but French. If you want to live in France you better get on a learn the language and what's more forget nijabs and the rest of the Mozzie shroud, in school you wear what the class does normal clothes and no religious symbols at all. Common sense you see.

kiapura said...

I like immigrants. What gives us the right to put up prisons around a mound of dirt rising out of the ocean and say which humans can and can't enter. We don't own this planet, we're just fucking it up..

You blame foreigners for our problems when we just let bankers cause a mess and then gave them a massive bail out for it?

You've been warped, blame is always manipulated towards the weak members of society, the immigrants, the working class, the foreigners, whilst the rich get away with whatever you want.

Point your guns the other way.

More foreigners means I can hang out with more open-minded people and don't have to hang out with small-minded bigots such as yourself. Woo.

Anonymous said...

Kiapura, nobody's blaming the immigrants, including the BNP. They're as much victims in this as we are. They're being cynically used and manipulated by the real extremists in our midst.

Join the dots and you'll find those in control of the banks are the same ones behind mass immigration. It's all about destroying national identity so as to make the move towards world government that much easier.

OH and others on this site see the solution to mass immigration as the removal of the welfare state. It certainly needs reforming but do we really want to see the queues for bowls of rice that Japan is now witnessing (Peter Hitchens discusses it in todays Mail on Sunday)? Dished out by 'philanthropists'.

BNP guido refugee said...


the immigrants are weak ?

They have more organisations giving defending them than the British do !

Of course, If I want to support the ONE organisation that wants to defend me and my kind....I'm evil ?

peter said...


pervert 11:10, go suck some cock you in-bred faggot fuck.

how dare you talk to me like that


Anonymous said...

There are a few people on the Left who have desperately tried to change - start - the debate on Immigrants and Immigration, and it is like pissing in the wind. All that you have said runs wide and deep amongst the white working class across England - and boy it is deep.
Black Flag (Anarcho mag irregularly published) tried, and so has Red Pepper, but is to no avail.Thankyou for raising this.

Anonymous said...

Just love this site, it seems to be the the only one with balls enough to say, and allow people to say what they really think, but I wonder how long it will be allowed to last by the powers that be?

British Indigenous said...

Labour deliberately flooded the country with immigrants to destroy the traditional white working class council house Tory vote.

It was Labour policy to disenfranchise their own people from a viable future in their own country.

They did this on purpose.

Labour hate the British - especially the white working class British - that much is obvious when you weigh the net result of their policies for the past 12 years.

This has been the systematic stripping away of ballot box influence by the indigenous peoples of this land.

Call me a racist if you like, I am not only voting for the BNP I am going to help them leaflet & canvass.

They are the only party that represents my views on immigration & addresses my fears for my childrens futures in OUR country.

I am going to be as tribal in my voting as the immigrants are in supporting Labour - sticking with my own & fighting for OUR rights & country & heritage & culture & history & language in Great Britain - it is the only way for us to regain what has been stolen.

Anonymous said...

Yes we all agree a 'solution' must be found to the population problem that has now been created on the British Island. It is clear that only a thoroughgoing and utterly definitive solution will do. And be in no doubt I am personally ready to ensure that those who share my continuous links with this Island through their and my shared male ancestors, prosecute this task to the bitter end when the time comes. Just as I have sworn to bring the traitors and judas men in our midst to meet their swift and unalterable judgment at the hands of our true justice. This last is the most crucial task of all to ensure that the satanic abomination of the policies that have brought us low can never be visited on these lands again for another 1000 years. Such correct and conclusive judicial retribution will signal to all our future would be intruders and their potential apologists amongst us, what fate they truly await. In other words I will watchover those who directly resolve the incursion as that is a simple job, it will be much more difficult and taxing on the soul to deal properly with those who were really the criminals who unlocked the gate on the 'November' night of our grim winter. It is the enemies from within who must be grasped and not a single one must escape. That is really the most important task. In this regard I cannot look upon
5IMon Darby or Nick Gri££in as anything but the lowest political creatures. These persons are controlled. These persons are controlled by the worst enemies of freedom and accordingly they are nothing but the enemies of all free and fair thinking men of these lands. If you do not like this conclusion then do your research and by turns eventually you will find I was right.

Anonymous said...

Without ranting..

Easy this one.

Make the system "hard".

No free point-of-entry health care for none passport holders & people who have not been in th UK for less than 10 years.

Do this with income support/housing benefit etc etc

Take away the ability to live for free and give bothing back, nothing left but to go home!

Anyone stepping off a boat/plane back of a lorry etc would be screwed.

Those "students", if genuine would need to get mummy and daddy to take out medical insurance for there offspring before coming to the UK.

Proof of a current bank account and funds to take them through there education could also have some legs!

Could write a book on this but whats the use!

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