Thursday, 18 June 2009

I'm Spartacus!

Following the demise of Nightjack, I'd like to introduce our readers to Inspector Leviathan Hobbes.

Can you silence them all, Mr Creedy? Mr Foster? Sir David Eady QC?

Bookmark him now


Man in the Street said...

Thanks for the link.

Curious said...

Who gave Eady a 'sir' and why?

Chris said...

Planet Police. All the copperblogs with one easy link. Easier to keep 'em where you can see 'em that way. ;)

Anonymous said...

Read Leviathan - what a useless lefty cunt ! Won't be sacked for blogging - just for being a tofu munching, spineless twat - hope he emigrates soon !

Anonymous said...

Indeed, anon.

What a whinging fucker.

I'll bet he's common purpose.

Anonymous said...

All senior officers are common purpose trained.

The left's answer to the 'old boys network'.

I gave up on plod years ago, it's very clear they follow a political agenda and gave up following the public's actual needs.

xenophon19 said...

"And so, over the next couple of days, I am to give some consideration about whether to continue blogging or not."

Sounds like he may be jumping before he gets pushed like Nightjack


The Economic Voice said...

They probably all got some confidential memeo with their pay slips telling them not to blog - or else.

The Cartoonist said...

Read what this douchenozzle Finkelstein had to say today about Nightjack:

Also, read the comments. He really doesn't get it.

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