Friday, 12 June 2009

History lesson.

"Alan Johnson? I wasn't expecting you."
"Nobody expects the Home Office Inquisition."

The radical part of Catholicism, in the sixteenth century, resisted the Protestant Reformation by repressing new ideas, curtailing education and resisting any form of technological advance. Anyone deviating from the ideology was punished as a heretic. Merely saying the wrong thing at the wrong time was enough. In Spain, the Inquisition was set up to dispose of those who did not fit the mould - specifically protestants, jews, and muslims - ideally by frightening them into leaving the country. Even those who converted to the accepted ideology were never trusted. They were watched all the time in case they reverted.

If you were denounced to the Inquisition, you were arrested. No evidence was presented because there was no trial. You had no idea who had denounced you or why. You were not told what you were accused of. You were kept until the Inquisition decided what to do with you and once arrested, you were guilty. If you were lucky, they might let you off with a minor penance but then they might never let you go, or maybe they'd get a confession from you and then burn you as a heretic.

With no accusation it was impossible to defend yourself - how can you defend against a charge unless you know what you're charged with? Since no evidence was put before you, you could not even guess at what the charge might be. All you knew was that you had been deemed guilty of something.

That was five hundred years ago. It's still happening now.

Our government are not 'using methods reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition'. They are using exactly the methods employed by the Spanish Inquisition.

Alan Johnson, the latest skin worn by the Home Secretary lizard, claims that these are dangerous terrorists and their movements must be controlled. If there is evidence that they are dangerous terrorists, put them on trial or deport them. If there is not enough evidence to suggest that they are dangerous at all, leave them alone. As it is, they will never do anything to justify arrest because they are controlled. The only thing they can do wrong is break the control order. Is that what the Home Office is waiting for? Arrest and imprison them for breaking a control order that was imposed without evidence or charge? That looks like a setup to me.

The UK courts have decided that detention without even being told of the charge is illegal. The government ignores it. The EU courts decided that keeping the DNA of innocent people is illegal. The government ignored that too. This government, now filled with unelected ministers, operates outside and above the law. The Home Office operates without regard to the judgement of the courts. They are a law unto themselves and answer to nobody, but have the power to detain anyone, any time, without saying why.

Just like the Inquisition.

Watch out for the fires.


Basil said...

There have been people, a few, bandying words like 'treasonous' when describing the present government. I suppose many people (including me) thought those folk were probably just raving. But more and more voices are being heard, saying much the same thing. Who knows? Maybe this 'duty to rebel' idea has something going for it.

Lord Turdburgler of Cesspool said...

You can't make a New World Order without breaking a few eggs.

Sugar Tits said...

Fuck the old world order!

Anonymous said...

It isn't just terrorist offences. If you were accused of say a sexual offence, maybe not charged or acquitted, the incident would appear on your enhanced CRB for the rest of your natural. Same would apply if a neighbour for example reported some gossip to the police or social services. You would never even know about it (let alone defend yourself) but you may start to wonder why you could never get a job!

hessee said...

Like with so much our politicians say, the reverse of their words is what they mean.

Harperson wants gender equality by making it legal to discriminate against men.

Countless Ministers wanted racial equality through having made it legal to discriminate against the white majority.

The welfare state wants to help people back into work... by making it more comfortable claiming benefits and worsening the welfare trap.

When the Government says 'we respect the rule of law' it does not. Just as the Operation Ore debacle Anna Raccoon has written about.

There is law for us and no law for them. We are expected to respect the law. That was fine when they were our laws written by us and for our benefit, to be enforced by us. In the last several decades the State has shifted. Shifted from merely being a few of us to being 'them' in a very real sense. The Police are above our law and they are no longer just members of the public who are paid to give upholding our laws their full attention. Politicians have abandoned consulting the people via Parliament, but then it wouldn't matter if it did because Parliament has abandoned representing the people. Local Authorities are largely just as bad - keen to take our money and provide few services in return and having a telephone directory of rules, regulations, standards and guidance to hide behind.

I watched They Live last night. A very apt film even if it is fiction. A class apart plundering our society of it's riches in terms of culture, productivity and money. A majority unthinking, asleep, consuming.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Fucktards all. Either they, or we, will live to regret it.

VotR said...

Labour are imploding.

Johnson's going to interrogate his own side soon. What next?

Fausty said...

It's a given that Cameron will be PM.

As PM, the country will be watching him; he won't have an easy ride. If he does not repeal the repressive legislation brought in by Labour, the public will crucify him.

I wonder if he realises the extent of the black, murderous mood the public is in and what it means.

caesars wife said...

If Stanislav wouldnt mind i wish to borrow from his idea as "the chronicles of the ruin" continue, but perhaps for another day .

The inquisition was an attempt to enforce the powers of the church when we had a Roman Catholic Theocracy , it is difficult to describe as Iran is perhaps the nearest modern day equivalent .The church was politics alpha and omega. In part you can see how the protestant idea was formed and its devloved word "protest".

This goverment is however not doing god , and the more I see of mandelson I ponder if Satan is in charge , not much debate with Satan , no referenda, just the price of your soul , for what ever your desires are limited to. The self serving , bogus morality, that this goverment has harboured over its many years of , infighting and socilaist flavours .

we now hear mandelson is waving the euro idea round as success , throwing down his satin evening glove , to the lines of the pumped Eurosceptics , perhaps shimmering his ostritch fan and a small show of thigh from the daring side split red satin number designed by the house of Barroso , revealing a garter imploring the finance to fill there desires !!.

Alan Johnson as home secretary main input to the wellbeing of national life , will probebly to be a call for a postal strike to reduce the number of postmen and women getting injured. Criminality after 12 years of labour is the harvest of there governance , prisons are now full of there political sucesses , but of course we dont really have crimnals anymore , we have physcotics, cleptomaniacs , and a whole host of with varing mixes of drug and mental health problems, and let us not forget labours promotion of petty crime as everyday as a cup of tea .

The whole nation is having a mental health problem in the socialist prison camp, symptoms useually start off with disbelief , followed by fits of anger and uncontrollable debts, eventually seeking only avaiable cure of going right and admitting it was a huge mistake ever voting for them.

It isnt a revolt in the sense of undermining law and order , getting rid of labour is a matter of restoring some accountability back to government . The socialist construct is in many ways as unaccountable as the theocracy , not many would have blamed the pope back then , for serfdom , he couldnt have said "it all started in America"

They are spending our money on there own vanity , desires and stupidity and whoa betide those who speak against it, confess , confess , you dare to question the will of labour . Bring on the stasi and if that doesnt work britains got talent , pain or pleasure , you will soon find home.

From representaion to repression in 12 years , ladies and gentlement I give you modern socialism , tad ahhhh .

Hold firm only 11 months to go , even Satan makes errors of judgement , in this goverments case the ultimate one that is the origional one , in that we belived a lie that they told us.

word verification: doupe , i kid you not LOL

wisnaeme said...

Uh Huh.

The thin veneer of respectability and decency slips and is torn asunder when regimes are exposed for what they are.

.and when that is combined with a Westmidden, rotten from the core out; it has little of worth to recommend the having of.

Vested interests and patronage from those who buy their services are apparent of primary concern in that shite strewn,cretin inhabited, gathering place of failed ventures.

Of so called, working for us parliamentarians who sell themselves for enrichment and advancement to the detriment of community and society which they allegedly serve and give lip service.

Westmidden is no longer fit for purpose, nor of best practice nor of best value.
It is incapable of reforming its self and that is apparent to all but themselves.

Others are in control, others direct Westmidden's agenda.

Democratic? Dream on.

Accountable? Dream on.

Transparent? Dream on.

Competent? Dream on.

Trust worthy? Dream on.

Westmidden has merely become an indoor market. A knocking shop where goods, services and whores with a price tag are bought, sold and exchanged.

Whilst the State within the State, tightens it's control over it's citizenry by stealth in the name of whatever without let or hindrance. Leaving us naked and despairing, without recourse, without hope, without expectation of salvation of good governance.
Greed and self, governs Westmidden and this land. Hatred, suspicion and anger grows unchecked and unreconcilable amongst us and our communities, yet still they bicker and diseminate like knunts of an endangered species. So presumptious in their arrogancethat Westmidden and it's traditions will endure.

... and Westmidden continues to fiddle whilst the country and it's common citizenry burn.

What will rid us of this burden of corruption and incompetence?

Who will rid us of it?

Poor England, what has she done to deserve such neglect of her citizenry's concerns, needs and aspirations?

Thank Christ, Scotland has a worthwhile alternative to reach out for, grasp and succur for it's sovreign citizenry's concerns, for it's citizenry's needs and for it's common purpose, interests.

There is nothing worthwhile in further dalliance in that discredited and corrupt Westmidden shitehole.

Oh, let us begone from it and it's tainted influences.


...and you can keep Broon and the Westmidden dross and dregs when you've finished with them.

We have no further purpose, use or need for their 'services' in Scotland. Ta verra much.


wisnaeme said...


Whit are ye on, Caesars wife?


caesars wife said...

I dont hold out much hope for the scottish scoialist experiment wasnaeme , and I prefer the UK union , but I appreciate that you dont have much time for corrupt government , even when they use the saltair like a symbol of trust for bankers .

As for what am I on??, best decription, a belly full of all that this government is doing to bring about a national tradgey.

For now wasname you can claim its working in Scotland , but I dont think you will avoid , whats happening or the debts .

cut-and-paste bot said...

First published around 1878:

#473: Socialism with regards to its means. — Socialism is the visionary younger brother of an almost decrepit despotism, whose heir it wants to be; thus its efforts are reactionary in the deepest sense. For it desires an abundance of executive power, as only despotism has ever had; indeed, it outdoes everything in the past by striving for the downright destruction of the individual, who it sees as an unauthorized luxury of nature, and who it intends to improve into a useful organ of the community. It crops up in the vicinity of all excessive displays of power because of its relation to it, like the typical old socialist Plato, at the court of the Sicilian tyrant; it desires (and in certain circumstances, furthers) the Caesarean power state of this century, because, as we said, it would like to be its heir. But even this inheritance would not suffice for its purposes, it needs the most submissive subjugation of all citizens to the absolute state, the like of which has never existed; and since it cannot even count any longer on the old religious piety towards the state, having rather always to work automatically to eliminate piety—because it works on the elimination of all existing states—, it can only hope to exist here and there for short periods of time by means of the most extreme terrorism. Therefore, it secretly prepares for reigns of terror, and drives the word “justice” like a nail into the heads of the half-educated masses, to rob them completely of their reason (after this reason has already suffered a great deal from its half-education), and to create in them a good conscience for the evil game that they are to play.— Socialism can serve as a rather brutal and forceful way to teach the danger of all accumulations of state power, and to that extent instill one with distrust of the state itself. When its harsh voice chimes in with the battle cry “as much state as possible,” it will at first make the cry noisier than ever; but soon the opposite cry will be heard with strength the greater: “as little state as possible.”


Probably a bit optimistic at the very end. Still, gotta cling to some hope, however forlorn.

Mitch said...

How long before "control orders" are extended to include other offences? where you can just be denounced by someone and you fall into this inquisition.
Didn't the Russians try this on for size?

Or are control orders just the result of this governments lack of ability to make decisions so they have a 3rd way. They punish you but cannot convict you properly.

Anonymous said...

You’ve forgotten the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) who will lock up anyone they don’t like in psychiatric wards for an unlimited time with no human rights. No evidence required, just a couple of co-operative (Labour voting, or sympathetic at least since many are not British) doctors and off you go.

It is almost impossible to get released as the doctors will contrive any lies they like and they all back each other up. Of course, “anyone who would dare to criticise the Labour government must be delusional” in their ‘professional’ opinion. If by a miracle you do get released then there is no means of gaining access to treatment for the trauma suffered, redress for false imprisonment, or any form of after care.

Having been through all of this I can assure you that it does go on. The mental wounds continue; it will be the death of me.

wisnaeme said...

Ah'm not for wanting a Scottish socialist welfare state experiment, caesars wife.
...and ah'll not be thanking you for thinking so.

But ah would like to walk down any street you care to name, and on passing a stranger give a nod, give a good day, give an acknowledgement of their existance on this fucked up society of ours.
...and to have myself acknowledged too.

Now ah don't know this stranger, but ah do know he/she has the same basic fears, needs, hopes and expectations for themself and their loved ones as I do, for me and mine.
...and my neighbours, my community and the society that I am a small part of. Be that middle England or the far reaches of the Outer Hebrides.

Scots and English, and what ever within this fucked up island have more in common than they have agin.

But for the last thirty years or so, this Westmidden shitehouse, in one form or another has conspired to destroy our local communities, our local services and our consideration for others by their greed is good for you and 'self' agenda and free market, free enterprise policies.By this neglect of local in favour of the big and beautiful, centralised control whilst deregulating and turning a blind eye to the concerns and needs of it's citizenry.

...and in doing so they've ripped the pride and the heart out of our local communities.

Now in Scotland and to a lesser extent elsewhere, they still have a sense of community. They still have a sense of belonging to something and of popping along to auld Mrs so and so to see if she's alright.

You can't turn back the clock. Nor can you preceive that it's the football terraces and the BNP that are representation of every decent English person. In Scotland they've made a start in their parliament after some dubious interludes.

Time English folk did the same and reclaimed their local communities and their local authorities and organisations.

But above all else, reclaim your parliament by having a clearout and by demanding a general election not on Westmidden's terms and conditions but on yours.

If you don't, the union will be fucked for decent folk north of the border will turn their backs on Westmidden and not just aspire to better ways of doing things but demand it be so done in another place, far from the influences and decision making of that corrupt,incompetent, self serving, squabbling, cretin filled, shitehouse they call Westmidden.

They've made a start in Scotland.
Time you got yer act together in England and fucked the useless cunts out, too.
...and the Tories will not be yer salvation, by the way.
Remember them, a nod and a wink and beezness is conducted.
A nod and a wink and a say so and on foreign adventures we will be a going.
A nod and a wink and the asset stripping and the de regulation went ahead with out propah scrutiny, debate or a calling to account.

Whether Tory or New Labour, in, out, shake it all about; it will be more of a sameness of beezness as usual in Westmidden.

A pox on both their houses, ah say. Let other folk represent you.
Pay attention to what yon MP Shepherd said in a debate recently and act on it. Organise yerselves and create holy fuck, instead of girning about it on blogs.

Ah did my bit with other folk in Scotland, organising, arraigning, doing this and that, arising from small beginnings.
...and it sure as fuck did make a difference, influencing public opinion, demonstrating, gathering like minded folk, dispelling apathy and getting things sorted.

...and help change the way things were done in Scotland.

So gerrup aff yer arse England and bluidy do something about it.

Don't hang around waiting fer the cretins in Westmidden to fix it themselves, on their terms and conditions.

Ye'll be greviously disappointed and aff tae hell in a handcairt before ye have satisfaction from yon. That's a certainty.

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